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[ Jyp's 2 Day]new 2 P M Official Pictures **edit** Debut 9/04

Guest i.said.hi

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Guest itrayya

all i know for sure is that Nick Khun is gonna get it!!

woop! woop!!!

he has to, right??



i cant wait for these boys.

i love them already.

JYP always produces to his best ability.


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Guest xXsmilesXx

omg i can't wait

but what..it's not a 13 member group no more..

thats kinda sad i wanna all of them to debut..

umm wonder how many is gonna be in the group

i hope..will actually i know Khun is gonna make it

he seems to be the favorite..but i hope Chansung && JunHo makes it..

gosh they're all so gorgeous..i is gonna feel so srry for those

who didn't make it..gosh can't wait...i call chansung he is mine

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dang they're all so hot

they should take these 13 boys and just make 2 or 3 groups or something...if not one big one...LOL

don't really have a fav yet..

Nick Khun is hot though and a few others

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Guest Yuna N.

jdhfjdsfh Chan Sung! HIGH KICK!

whoaaaa. hello gorgeous boys.

hmm definitely interested to see the turnout (;

i`m psyched already man!

especially from JYP, man i`m anticipating something huge (;

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Guest SweetSerein

they all look cute in their own way..so this is kinda like Making the band...13 members in the beginning..but will be rated etc..at the end there will be only a few left right?? sounds cool..i like it!!! :D

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Guest BoojaeWifey


i suggest that kim junsu shud change his name or rather have a stage name

cause it can create confusion, yah know that power of cassie, it can tick them off...

im not bashing him or anything, its just an opinion.

oh look the twins are there~! JunHO and Junsu~!


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But they're picking members out from the 13. What makes you think it's gonna be 9 [or a similar number] people o_o

I meant people having a negative impression on them even before they can prove themselves.

Hence, the reason why I said it was frustrating to be a fan of a group that people love to hate. :blink::blink:

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Guest Senorita_

Some of them look quite good! ^^

And some people have seen them in CFs etc

Well, if they are different nationalities, won't some of them have visa problems

to perform in certain tv stations?

Can't wait to see them debut.

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