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Guest mily2
Latest Announcements/Sub Updates from Soompi's Subbing Teams
withcome2yy.gifThank you armanigurl for allowing us to create this thread.. muah.. :) This will serve as an update as to which drama we ( or any other subbing group) are subbing or will be subbing. We will post all updates / info regarding the subs here. ************************************************************* http://withs2.com/about What is Fansubbing? Fansubbing is a phenomenon that began with anime, and has now spread across all different genres, notably Asian Dramas. As the name implies, fansubbing is the process by which a video is translated and subtitled by fans. There is no funding or profits in fansubbing, just the pure desire to share a common passion. Who are WITHS2? WITHS2 members are Korean Drama fans who are willing to put in countless hours to help share the great Korean Dramas we are all crazy about. The more people there are to watch and understand the dramas, the more people there are to gab, laugh, criticize, and gush with! What is the WITHS2’s fansubbing process? Most people who download fansubs have very little idea of what goes on to make them available. It’s quite an operation, and a time-consuming one at that. For WITHS2, the general process is a drama gets selected, a team of translators, timers, and editors gets recruited, and as episodes come out, each episode is translated, timed, spotted, edited, and released. How does this process all work? First and foremost a fansub group, as all groups do, essentially needs a core infrastructure, consisting of people, processes, and systems to make it all run. Coordinators The coordinators and admin create this core infrastructure system, which must include some online community component like a bboard or forum where the fansub group can communicate and collaborate. The coordinators and admin recruit the rest of the staff, both in general for the team, and one by one for each drama episode. The coordinators also act as project managers, managing the entire lifecycle of a drama subtitle project, collecting all the info about a drama, setting up forum threads, and managing all the staff involved to make sure the process continues to move forward. The coordinators resolve stalls and disputes, and facilitates communication within and outside the group. Finally, the coordinators post the completed subtitles on this website for you to enjoy. WITHS2 coordinators also step in from time to time when needed as editors or to sync a subtitle to a different video version. Translators Translators translate the drama episodes into flat lines of text. Translators are both Korean speakers translating the raw drama episode and Chinese speakers/readers that translate Chinese subtitled versions of the Korean dramas. It’s a tedious exercise of play-pause-type, and more typically, play-rewind-play-rewind-play-dictionary-type. For Korean speakers, it’s often a challenge to make out quick, slurred, accented, or quiet speech and quirky idioms. For Chinese speakers, the challenge is to translate dialog that’s already been translated with varying degrees of accuracy. Ever play the game of telephone? It’s tough. For an hour long episode, the average translation time for a translator is 6 hours, though it has been as short as 4 hours, and as long as 12 hours. The difficulty of the vocabulary has a big impact. Timers Timers take the lines of translated text, and using specialized software, must time the subtitles to display in sync with the actual dialog of the episode. This is much more difficult than it sounds. The timer must anticipate the timing of the next line to be spoke and click accordingly. In many cases, a timer may have to watch a scene before timing it, and ultimately re-time it over and over again if it is a difficult scene. Think about the overlapped screams in car chases and fights. Another challenge is having to adjust line breaks if the timing doesn’t work with the lines or if lines are overly long. WITHS2 offers timed versions of the subtitles to sync with the most commonly available raw videos of the drama episodes (usually Ental, and HAN). For an hour long episode, the average time to time subtitles is around 5 or 6 hours. Editors Editors ensure that the subtitles make sense. With many different people providing translations, editors attempt to provide some consistency in naming and titles. Editors look at grammar and punctuation to ensure the lines are understandable. Editors make judgement calls when a dialog doesn’t seem to make sense in context. Editors will also make certain lines are of an appropriate length to display properly, style the lines to distinguish between dialog, written text, voiceovers, and Soundtrack lyrics when appropriate. Editors also check the timing. For an hour long episode, editors can spend 2-4 hours editing subtitles. Spot Translators There are spots within an episode that a translator just cannot tackle. It could be that it’s hard to hear or discern, it could be that a word is not understood and cannot be found in a dictionary, or it could be that the Chinese sub is missing the line or offers a translation that seems off. A spot translator goes through and fills those missing or questionable lines. A translated episode could have a handful of spots, or could be riddled with spots if it were based on a weak Chinese translation or if the characters speak throughout with an accent/dialect that the translator just can’t understand very well. So the time it takes to spot an episode can be 5 minutes for a single line to several hours if there are many difficult spots. How long do I have to wait for subtitles to be released? We’d love it if you didn’t ask. Please remember we are fans who volunteer our time with no pay. We have day jobs, school and family. We do it because we love it. But even fansubbers get dismayed and discouraged when we are continually hounded about when the next sub is going to come out, and in some cases, see outright demands that we pick up the pace. Almost everyone on our team has considered quitting at one time or another (and some actually have) because of the feeling that people don’t appreciate what we do and feel entitled to rush us and make demands. If you read about our process above, you can see all of the hours that go into translating an episode. There is also the lag time in recruiting staff and lag time between each step in the process as the team members communicate and handoff. It is also particularly difficult and time-consuming to find someone who can handle difficult spot translations. And, of course, all throughout, life gets in the way, whether it’s an exam at school, a big project at work, a sick child or parent, a houseflood, the flu, etc. If you appreciate what we do, please be patient with us, and for those that are patient, we promise not to let you down. How can I help? Well, all of your thanks and kind words always help! Then, we know we are doing what we set out to do, spread the enjoyment of Korean dramas. As mentioned above, you can be patient and not rush us, as we are trying our best. You can donate to cover our expenses. Currently, we are not only volunteering our time, but some of us are putting personal money into our infrastructure expenses. Unfortunately, our current rate of donations still require personal expenditure and that is not a reliable or scalable source. Finally, you can join us! Don’t be intimidated, really! We’re all friendly and understanding. We don’t require any minimum time commitments. We know that people have lives and we’re not asking you to give up your firstborn. We appreciate all the help we can get! Email us at withs2team@ gmail.com or fill our a form here- http://withs2.com/join-us if you’re interested. withrules3oc.gif- Absolutely No Subtitles Requests One Person Asking or Complaining About Subs = One Hour Delay of Release Therefore if 24 people whine, the subs will be delayed a complete day Please be patient & refrain from requesting subs here or in the drama thread. We know that everyone wants to know what's going on ( and we will do our best ).. but please know that subbing does take time & efforts.. Please give us lots of support & help.. because the last thing we need is for people to bombard us with requests & rude comments Please visit our website: http://withs2.com ************************************************************* withsource7mn.gifALL AVAILABLE SUBTITLES CAN BE FOUND AT : WITHS2.COM For any questions regarding video/soft sub/bittorrent CLICK HERE (Scroll down to Video/soft sub/bit torrent Trouble Shooting Section after episode downloads) Credit to the Goong Thread Capricious's site More- Click Here If you are confused as to how to use softsubs, refer to this post. Soompi tech thread for playing videos D-addicts general faq FAQ made up by the wonderful beautifulxmess! BSplayer Walkthrough by Saki Subtitle Workshop Walkthrough by Roujin Timing 411- For Beginners- Click Here Excellent Guide for Those who are interested in being an Editor/ QC/ Timer- http://suspended-in-gaffa.com/video/subtitle_tutorial/
credit: Roujin- For viewing these subtitles, here are a few recommended programs. http://www.kmplayer.com/forums/index.php http://www.kmplayer.com/kbbs/ Your safest bet is Korean Media Player (KM Player). It comes already equipped with 99% of the codecs you will ever need. And unlike BS or VLC Media Player, no matter the resolution or quality of the video, the subtitles are clear and readable, along with allowing you to adjust the size, color and most importantly, the time to your liking. To resync the subs, just press the '[' or ']' or you can type in an exact time after pressing 'Alt+Y'. That simple ^_^ It is also able to rip audio off videos or make clips (Something the other two programs don't have either). It is completely free and even has a sleak design that comes in various colors. Only trouble you'll find is that the installation is in Korean, however if you can get passed that, the actual program is in English. http://www.videolan.org/ If your lookin for an English program or just don't want to use KM player, then VLC Media Player is the next best thing. It also can play most files but a little more complicated to use and like stated before, if your video isn't good quality then the subs are hard to read. *Warning*.. The newest "free" version of BS Player contained ads. The last program I suggest is BS Player. The menu and design is very similar to KM Player. Subtitles are easy to read and everything is adjustable. However, BS Player cannot play all video files. And if your downloading off of Solid, Clubbox or BitTorrent, your more than likely to come across a file that will not play in BS Player. But it is a small and simple program for basic purposes. Of course there are many other programs you can use. If you're still looking for a different program check out the Software List in the trouble shooting section of Soompi (CLICK).
************************************************************* withsub4sm.gif 1. Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad ( WITH S2) Info 2. ObSESsed Subbing Team at SES4EVER & SESAlways- Info 3. D-Fansub- Info ************************************************************* withfaq2id.gifWe see that people are still confused on the "no distribution of hardsubs" issue.. hopefully this will help people understand abit of why WITH S2 has to resort to seeking people's understanding on this issue. The problem that we are facing regarding copyright issues is because all the RAW files (* actual video files*) obviously belong to the stations in Korea and they licensed those to companies like YA entertainment to sub them & distribute ( especially in the US). The softsub is our own work.. so we have no problems "at the moment" if we distribute the soft subs. However, when hardsubbed is involved.. it's a different story since the raw file is subjected to copyright issues.. that's the main reason why we don't want people to take our softsubs and encode it to hardsubbed files. Contrary to several inquiries that we received asking us if the reason why we are not allowing distribution of hardsubbed files is because we get compensation from d-addicts and want the files to remain here.. We want to make this clear.. Until today..we have NOT received ANY MONEY COMPENSATION FROM D-ADDICTS for our work AT ALL. We take our free time doing this.. and we would want to focus on subbing drama(s) and not have to waste our time worrying & dealing with copyright & legal issues. We sincerely hope that everyone WILL respect us and abide by our wishes. We know that many kind souls who encode the files and share them are out of goodwill & helping out those who can't dl for whatever reason.. We know you guys won't use those files for commercial purposes.. but the end result...it is a FACT that hardsubbed files of the series we subbed/ are subbing show up on numerous sites that sell our files, offer pay to dl files.. etc.. and these are definitely mind blogging since it does put us at greater risks. The encoder(s) cannot control those files once the files are distributed publicly.. he/ she cannot make sure that those files will only be used for private viewing and not for commercial reasons... just like we cannot control what others do with our softsub files.. hence we are pretty helpless about the situation. We have no intention to make things more difficult for anyone..so please don't make things more difficult for us. Please allow us to concentrate 100% on fansubbing and not have to constantly worry & wasting our time to deal with copyright issues and chasing after the numerous sites that are still abusing our good intentions & efforts. Q: I downloaded an SRT file? What exactly is it? Click here to read and find out. ************************************************************* withsupus8gl.gifIf you appreciate our work, please send a paypal donation to WITHS2DONATION@GMAIL.COM Many thanks in advance for your generosity :wub: Please visit our website at: http://withs2.com/donate/ donate.jpg
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Guest mily2

Over the last few months.. we have formed a wonderful subbing squad .. Our goal is to sub as many dramas as we can and we hope that many people will enjoy our hard work.. ;) We will be more than happy to cooperate & offer our assistance with other subbing groups & projects- so please don't hesitate to let us know if your team is interested in the same project that we're subbing or going to sub.. :P





mily2 , ay_link


-Minna-, angele0487, dizziified , eidolon., guiyeoni,

hellojenn, JANET<3 , JIWON<3[HS], Jaeho, jahye, jina_bing_bang,

~jungee~, KISS:Mint, kitkat_grl22, luvxholic, mikaney330, -Minna- ,

missheruu, moonwon85, nycx1004, pinklegirl007, sgwannabe, snoopy,

sparklinghugs,TWINKLE, wind, xgoody2shoes15x, yaeri, yoojeong


@shley, angeldreams, asiandreamer117, ceph, Devache,

discreed, hot_saranghae, hotaru1203, iluxxx, june_showers, khwy, Leila,

liquidfir, Meiling, neverknew_ , queer, Rainxbubble, rayndrop, sHaziE,

Shion, SnowStop, surreal_ellezier, tomato-chan, xingjing, yeohweping


asianempress, barramundi, CraZyaH, debbii, doozy, innerouter2000 ,

J.lee, jann, Jinnie* , kiss the rain. , ltrang, mangosteen, Nurul, spring,

theunseenwind , upikepik, Victory, wagws, WroW


ay_link , autuymnrain, blitzy, douming, ellegirl19, HUAY,

hugsnkisses, Kim Soo Lea, mangosteen, Miss Bouakham, moose, pinklily,

PowerShota, roujin, schizoar, seirin, thunderbolt


Chinese Subbing Teams: hjrx, yycaf & tsks

imsky, suzziee, purpletiger86, oOheejungOo, dramaok, dorkette, mhugh,

armanigurl, soomp! , Nic-, happy, cfb, pc, xradman




Please check our website: http://withs2.com/projects








We appreciate any help we can get. Please pm mily2 or send us an email at WITHS2TEAM@GMAIL.COM if you can help us with anything ( translating: korean to english/ chinese to english;

timing, editing). Many many thanks in advance.. :-)

At the moment, we really really need translators to help us speed up the subbing

process for our current projects.

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Guest mily2

Note: This is just one of the way to time- probably the easiest way for beginners to grasp the concept of timing.

Perfect Timing Trick: Use Media Subtitler to time first, then go to Subtitle Workshop and set the delay to -00:00:200 & just edit a few of the lines that you couldn't get right in Media Subtitler ( thank you Crazyah for this tip)

Another great resource- http://suspended-in-gaffa.com/video/subtitle_tutorial/

How to make subtitles- Credit: Luv

Okay...first...you need to download a program called Media Subtitler...You can download it here...

Click Here To Download Media Subtitler...Direct Link

That was the direct link to download but if you want to know more information you can click here..

Once you download the program and install...you're half-way done

Okay...now you open notepad or MSWord...copy and paste the translation in here...

Make it line by line...everytime someone says one sentence...it's one line...you'll find yourself clicking enter a lot. You can always edit the text.

Oh...make sure you add some extra lines at the end of the text ...just put "to be continued" or something...Because I discovered a bug with the subtitler program...it will get mess up and close before you get a chance to save if you don't have that extra line... and you'll find yourself crying because you just wasted all your time... After you finish with this step save it as a text file with extension .txt

Now open the Media Subtitler program...Click file - open- then you open the text file you just saved...then you open the video file...then you just click play...as the character speaks...you just click apply...you can see your work right away when you use the preview mode to play back...it's easy to make adjustment if you miss something...

Yeah...just practice a little and you'll be an expert next time I hear from you...hehe... Oh...don't forget to save constantly...these programs are crazy...they keep on closing before you get a chance to save...hehe...


Step-by step Tutorial- by Crazyah

here are the pictures with the steps :

* sorry*- the pictures are down for the moment. We will have them up again soon :)

Hardsubbing Tutorial- http://forum.videohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=272736

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Guest yeohweping

No, we are have no plans to sub that drama and we won't accept any drama subbing requests either.

The dramas that we or the other groups will be subbing will appear in a list stating that those are the dramas going to be sub and the process of subbing. :)

For the people who are going to ask how we choose which drama, this is how we choose:

1) Checking out the drama news of the drama's story and castings.

2) Check out the date of release, confirmed cast and story.

3) Any drama news that I posted on the news thread doesn't always equal to the drama being taken in as a subbing project.

I have to get confirmation of at least the supporting artists of the dramas as well before letting my team mates decide if they want to take in those projects :sweatingbullets:

4) This is for the drama that we are not sure if it's good. We will check out the first ep. to decide.

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Guest charmedjean


Official MBC Site


Presented by the ObSESsed Subbing Team at SES4EVER.COM & SESAlways.COM


We're back!! bigger & better & even more obSESsed!! (not with joon won though!!!!)

Welcoming all the new members!!!

=> ai*, aNToK, lilas, purplexx, shahju, simply_dream + Telly

Not forgetting the existing members!

=> Pegster, *sayuri*, chacha + Springyangel221 sweet_treats1812 + charmedjean



Progress of Episode 1:


Uploaders: charmedjean, pegster, chacha, *Sayuri*, Telly, hanjin90, bebiwinwin & Junior

*Please help seed... or upload ^____^ Share the love~~!


Progress of Episode 2:



Progress of Episode 3:



Progress of Episode 4:


Super Dooper thanks to peggy again...she sure is HARD WORKING! lol..


Progress of Episode 5:



Progress of Episode 6:

Translations: 75%

Editing: 0%

Timing: 0%

Encoding: 0%

P.s. Sorry for big delay, super dooper busy.. work... -_-


[English Title] :

Really really like you

[First Broadcast date] :


[No. of Episodes] :


[Leading Cast] :

Eugene, Ryu Jin, Lee Minki

[Video Format] :

MQ AVI "Hardsubbed" (Why? read below)

[Audio Language]:

Original Korean

[sub Info] :

English from Chinese subs

[Release info] :

4-5 days after the episode is broadcasted

*Please don't ask when the subs will be released, we will post up the links as soon as they are released.

We will try to release them as soon as possible, as we are translating from Chinese subs it take a little longer.

Chinese to English Translations by: charmedjean & pegster

Chinese subs provided by: ChinaEugene & HRJX


Clubbox Links:

All episodes Officially released @



*You will need an ID to join these 2 clubboxes. We cannot post out the direct links because they are MBC files...

Please join the clubbox & PM us using clubbox and we'll upgrade your status

Files will also be uploaded to SENDSPACE and YSI... please help re-upload for everyone~~~

Officially released in "obSESsed forum" @ www.ses4ever.com

Bit Torrent Links:

Episode 1 BT Link - Right click and "save target as" - sesalways

Episode 2 BT Link - sesalways

*Please don't ask for other download methods. If you really want to watch it and don't know how to use these download methods,

please take a few minutes to learn how to use them, they're very easy, there are tutorials everywhere.

Other Links:

None Yet.......


Please help reupload and seed for others~~ Share the Eugene love ^__^

You may reupload to your clubboxes~~ but please do not rename the original video file e.g. Really.Like.You........[Obsessed crew].avi etc~

You can change the clubbox title though :)

Thanks =D


Why hardsubs?:

1) Mainly to "protect" our work, it can take "days" to sub something and "2 seconds" to delete the "credits" on the soft subs.

2) Not everyone knows how to work soft subs.... all the "pro-kdrama fans" will know how to work it..

but I suppose we are trying to cater for everyone (though.. obviously we cannot please everyone in this world)

Special thanks to Peggy for writing this out kekeke :w00t:

and thanks to mily2 for letting me post this here~

Fighting~~ !!


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Guest mily2


is looking for people who can upload non-clubbox links of the CHINESE HARDSUB FILES for our Chinese translators. Please pm mily2 if you can help. Many thanks in advance :)

Edit- to make things more clearly.. we need non-clubbox links such as megaupload, sendspace, filefront or any upload service that you can find for for the chinese hardsubbed files of the dramas that we are currently subbing ( great inheritance, smile again, exhibition of fireworks)..

these are some of the clubbox that have the chinese hardsubbed files... or some people dl them from bit-torrents too.. :)

For those who can dl from clubbox

Chinese Hard-sub






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Guest tjadl6386

Hardsub = When the subtitles are contained in the video.

Softsub = The subtitles are separate from the video. Meaning their are two files. One for the video and the other for the subtitle.

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Guest xosandy

Im quite new here. First of all thank you for the effort you have been doing in putting/attaching English subtitles. Recently, I ve been viewing I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU. My only concern here after downloading episodes 1 and 2, no sound came out.

Can you please enlighten me what's wrong?

Thanks a lot. :)

If you don't hear any audio, that means you'll probably have to download the AC3 filter.

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Hello Soompi!!

DraManiacs - F4 is currently recuiting staffs for future projects (CDrama, JDrama & KDrama)

We are currently starting to sub Love Bond (HKDrama - Our first project since regrouping) and we have in mind to sub the upcoming JDrama "Dr Koto - Shinryoujo 2006" and we may go for KDrama unless we find some nice drama fans to help us.

Please join DraManiacs and help us getting the best of Dramas :D

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Guest femaki84

i have a question.... i have a japanese movie and it's subtitles in SRT file and i was wondering if anyone can hard sub them for me... so i can burn it into a dvd

thanks.... this is no hurry but i would appreciate it if anyone is willing to do it

and i dont know if there are any japanese timers/subbers here tho

u can use vobsub software so that the soft subs get hardsubs when u convert ya movie into a DVD format..but if yours is already in DVD format den I dunno how to hardsub either...

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I'm trying to sub a show. but I dont know how to save it though and convert it into a movie. I have subtitle workshop , && I need help.

if anyone can help ?

you should save it as an srt. file, and that's by going to "save as" and clicking on "sub rip"; but i've never heard of converting it into a movie? :unsure:

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Guest misztrannie

i have the VLC player and the Media Classic BUT for some reason they dont show the right subtitles. does anybody know why?

[[ example: when i try to watch Love Letter or Xman, the subtitles are from the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect. ]]

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Because of this issue http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_44451.htm as of today, Tuesday 01/30/07, WITH S2 will release only softsubs for ALL EPISODES. Please keep fansubbing alive by NOT reproducing/distributing any hardsubbed episodes from our softsubs on YouTube, DailyMotion or any other streaming websites/forums/newsgroups/online hosting services such as clubbox, megaupload, sendspace, yousendit, mediafire, etc. , as that would put our team in greater risks.We will release the softsubs for the previous hardsubbed episodes (3, 7 & last) for some of our completed series. We thank you for all cooperation and continuous supports.

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Guest javabeans

How does one donate to the subbing team? So no special requests right even for donors, like special requests to somehow prioritize subbing of goong s? Just asking. :sweatingbullets: Thanks. Sorry I'm new to these so just want to know more. Appreciate it

I don't know the particulars of the donation process (perhaps someone else knows more than me), but there is a link to that on the WITH S2 wiki page here: http://fansub.d-addicts.com/With_S2.

But as for prioritizing subbing, I'm sorry I don't know if it would speed anything up... I think I can speak for most of the team when I say we do the best we can, the fastest we can, the most accurately we can... We really do try very hard. I know people are very eager to have things done quicker but it's not like anyone's slacking off. It's not a lack of money that keeps us from working faster, it's the constraints of the entire process and people's abilities and schedules... If it makes you feel any better, I'm working on Goong S now as I type (well, I took a break to write this). Trust me, I spend a lot of time devoted to fansubbing and give up many sleep hours to do so, and we're all doing our best.

Thanks for wanting to donate to the team though; if you still want to, we really do appreciate the support!

Cheers :D

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Guest thunderbolt

So no special requests right even for donors, like special requests to somehow prioritize subbing of goong s?

We hope people donate because they are genuinely grateful for the subs, not because they hope to 'push' a particular project along. Donating with an ulterior motive won't succeed anyway because that's not how we work. :P

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