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[sitcom 2007] The Unstoppable Marriage 못말리는 결혼

Guest angel2nyt

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Guest angel2nyt

[KBS2] Seo Do Young, Park Chae Gyung, Kim Dong Wook, Jung Da Young



Start: 2007.11.05 (Monday) KBS 2

Writer: Ma Suk Chul

PD: Lee Kyo Wook

Cast: Kim Soo Mi, Im Chae Moo, Seo Do Young, Lee Jung, Kim Dong Wook, Lee Jae Jin, Park Chae Kyung, Jung Da Young, YooRi, SooYoung, Kim Hye Na

Kim Dong Wook, Jung Da Young will be co-starring in KBS2 "Unstoppable marriage" 못말리는 결혼 which is adapted from the movie which stars Eugene and Ha Suk Jin.

Jung Da Young will be playing Chae Jung Soo, a very pretty twenty-three year old hotel management student whom Madam Shim's third son (Kim Dong Wook) falls in love with while she was under-studying in Madam Shim's hotel.

F.T Island's Lee Jae Jin will be acting as Madam Shim fourth son which is entangled in a triangle love relationship with SNSD's Kwon Yuri and Choi Soo Young.

Soo Young plays cute and absurd girl who always fails when she is trying to express her love while Yuri always lands herself in difficult situations whenever she makes plans to express her feelings. But unfortunately for these two female students, Madam Shin's handsome fourth son only have eyes for older women.

Kim Su Mi, the original actress from the movie version will be acting as Madam Shim, a Hotel owner with four sons.

credits to yeohweping + jinabingbing



Character Descriptions:



*without the uploaders' permission

The Unstoppable Wedding OST

MU | SS | SB


01. Recently, I - Nam Gyu Ri & Lee Hong Gi (01. 요즘 나는 - 남규리&이홍기)

02. Unstoppable Marriage - Turtle (02. 못말리는 결혼 -거북이)

Episode Downloads are available here:

English Subs are avilable here:


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it has the same title as eugene' movie. tsk tsk tsk.

well, its adapted from the movie.. :)

kwon yuri, and sooyoung from snsd & jaejin from fti? random casting... lol

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Guest dropdeadgorgeous

YAY I'm so excited I love kim dong wook

and lee jaejin and I watched the movie

it was wayy funny especially the grandma and

how she would always curse haha I CAN'T WAIT!! =)

thanks for sharing =)

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Guest tuna_madunna

i thought it was eugene's movie..ahaks!

^LOL me too! I passed by this thread and Why is the folder blue and there's Jaejin's name!

Nice! Wanna watch this!!

Jaejin..acting! teeehee~

Hopefully this will be as good as High Kick ^^,

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So is it going to be aired daily?

i think so cuz sitcoms are useually aired daily..(like kimchee & highkick ) even though this is KBS

it has the same title as eugene' movie. tsk tsk tsk.

wait isn't it supposed to be based on the movie??

cuz it has a similar story but a big twist.

it's a story of two different families and their children marrying which is basically same thing with the movie.

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