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[sitcom 2007] The Unstoppable Marriage 못말리는 결혼

Guest angel2nyt

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Guest silverwingz

^ yeah, that singer is really funny. his name's Lee Jung. He was one of the three funny men on Heroine 6 along with Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Jong Min.

Aww, I wish I could help with the subbing, I can read only but cannot fully understand the language yet.

goodluck! :D

there's still no luck with the subbing team... :( i thought it'd be easier since members of SNSD and FT Island are in it, but I guess not...

any chance you'd give it a try? pretty please? :sweatingbullets:

omg i can't wait for the broadcast~

i'm gonna look for the trailer too ^^



i clicked on the link, but i don't know how to get to see the trailer from there... can anybody help?


nevermind... it works now.

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Unstoppable Marriage Subs~

Hey guys!

As most of you know, Unstoppable Marriage is starting in just over a week's time.

I was hoping to possibly sub this sitcom, but can't do it on my own, especially since I don't know Korean.

So I was hoping that if any of you were interested in bringing subs for this sitcom to contact me.

Let's do it for the Kim Dong Wook, FT Island & SNSD fans out there! It looks like a very promising and fun sitcom.

So yeah, if you're interested in being a translator or timer, please PM me (silverwingz).

Thanks for you time, everyone! Hope we'll get a subbing team up and ready before it starts airing!

i am glad that there will be someone subbing this...i do wish you luck in finding some more people to help out!

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Since it's a sitcom it's bound to be long... any idea how many episodes there'll be? Then again the lenght of one ep is prolly shorter than normal kdramas (30 minutes instead of an hour?).

Anyway it's so good to see Seo Do Young again! I've missed and been on lookout for him since Spring Waltz XD And his new hairstyle look good on him :wub:

@silverwingz: Awesome! I also wish you luck on finding the needed staff for subbing it ^^

@Sanbi: Thank you for the link for the trailer :D

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Guest babymarzy07

thanks to silverwingz for trying to make a subbing team..

i hope u do find translators..

this is a sitcom very long indeed..

but the cast is just awesome so hopefully its possible.. :)

i hope they show this on kbsworld though...

cross fingerz!!

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Guest cookieremix

omo! i'm so excited for this sitcom =]

it's airing in just a few days!

wahh~ i can't wait to see jaejin's acting in this <33

and also, silverwingz. do you have any luck in putting together a subbing team for this?

i'd really love to watch it with subtitles <3

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Guest silverwingz

no translators have contacted me, unfortunately... =(

timers are always a lot easier to find... but translators aren't... AND they're what make a subbing team work.. so it looks like the chances are slim for this one... most likely because it's a sitcom and pretty long...

if any of you could try and help me find translators, that'd be awesome!! i'm having no luck so far >.<

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Guest angel2nyt

Kim Soo Mi as Shim Mal Nyeon



Im Chae Moo as Goo Gook



Lee Jung as Wang Yi Baek



Seo Do Young as Wang Ki Baek



Kim Dong Wook as Wang Sam Baek




Lee Jae Jin as Wang Sa Baek



Park Chae Kyung as Goo Mi Ho



Kim Hye Na as Goo Hye Joo



Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Ock Hwi



Kim Jung Wook as Cha Joon Ho



Choi Soo Young as Eong TTung Nyeo



Kwon Yu Ri as So Shim Nyeo



credits to KBS

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Guest jindarae






Unstoppable Marriage Sitcom Launching, Lexington Hotel, Seoul, 11-01-2007

The press presentation went great, Isak told me a few minutes ago...

Good luck to the whole casts.... :)

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hi everyone, hope this was not posted before ;):)

From the Presscon pics ... me too! cant wait for this sitcom.

silverwingz- hope you find a subber... goodluck

an advance THANK YOU for the subbing team.... i wish i understand korean..










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the story line's interesting! i'm definitely gonna catch this! LEE JAEJIN MY LOVE IS GONNA BE IN THERE! and he likes older woman!?! HAHAHA! SO CUTE!

this is a must watch for me! love all the actors! :):)

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Guest cookieremix

silverwingz - aww haha. i'd love to help out with timing if you're short on timers (which it doesn't seem like you are xD) but i'll help you find some translators if i can.

thanks for all the pictures, btw guys~ ;D

getting me really excited hehe

just 3 more days!

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Guest silverwingz

i am so excited!

i love all the pictures and it is starting soon.

can't wait

i might be able to help with subbing?

:D if u could help translate, that would be awesome! we really need translators at the moment.

i'll PM u. ;)

just two more days until it starts!

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Guest jindarae

Comedic Veteran Actress Returns to TV from Big Screen


Veteran actress Kim Soo-mi has expressed strong commitment to the new challenge of starring in a sitcom.

At the production presentation of the new KBS daily sitcom 'Unstoppable Marriage' (produced by Lee Gyo-yuk) on Thursday, she declared she would make all Korean viewers return home early from work to watch the drama.

Kim said, "It's my first TV gig after years of comic roles in film. I'm enjoying the shoot, marked by laughters and many NGs. One thing regrettable is the early air time of 6:50 pm. But I will make 50 million Korean viewers to head home early to catch my drama."

The sitcom is based on a film of the same title released last year. The film's two leads Kim and actor Im Chae-woo were also cast for the sitcom.

credits: kbs.co.kr

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Guest silverwingz

just a question... do the chinese subbers out there (like from coolky.net, etc...) ever sub sitcoms? or do they just do dramas and variety shows?


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