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[sitcom 2007] The Unstoppable Marriage 못말리는 결혼

Guest angel2nyt

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im so excited for this!

I heard this is coming out some time in November?

does anyone know what the date this will air??

gahh~ Jaejin! such a cutie!

im glad he wont be intersted in the SNSD girls, this way i wont be tearing out my hair in jealousy while watching!

LOL. JK Jk:)

so is this a DRAMA or SITCOM?

cuz there's like a huge difference ><;;

Its a SITCOM. So it will be airing everyday.

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puahahahah the names are so funny =PP

KiBaek for first

EeBaek since Ee means 2

SamBaek since Sam means 3

SaBaek since Sa means 4

LOLLS guess they couldnt think of more unique names lolls but im assuming its for the purpose of teasing the characters about their names throughout the sitcom =DD

btw what a talented/hot family (if only leejung were a bit taller lolls)

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Seo Doyoung... I loved him in Spring Waltz, I'm glad he's the lead. I loved Chaekyung in I am Sam, too, even if she was just a supporting role. She looks a lot older with her haircut- seriously, I'm anxious to know how she'll be as an adult when she did such a good job at portraying a high school student in I am Sam. I hope they had good chemistry, like HHJ and SDY did in Spring Waltz... <333 EEE

Lee Jung and Dongwook are in it too! SQUEE <3333 I've been waiting for Mr. Coffee Prince Waiter to star in something <3 AND YAY LEE JAEJIN <3 SO CUTE~ Really random though, but I hope he follows through and proves himself to be a good actor. <3 Ahhhh Sabaek <333

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Guest jindarae

:) Isak is in the cast... and Kim Dong Wook, i like him in Coffee Prince. I wonder what famous line will be coming out from him this time... Remember "My Chan"...

I just wish all the cast goodluck, specially my dear ISAK...


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Guest xia0mayi

F.T Island's Lee Jae Jin will be acting as Madam Shim fourth son which is entangled in a triangle love relationship with SNSD's Kwon Yuri and Choi Soo Young.

Soo Young plays cute and absurd girl who always fails when she is trying to express her love while Yuri always lands herself in difficult situations whenever she makes plans to express her feelings. But unfortunately for these two female students, Madam Shin's handsome fourth son only have eyes for older women.

^ This one made me laugh - can't imagine JaeJin having eyes only for older women. XD but does this mean that he won't end up with anyone in the end?

I can't wait to watch this! Hope the girls from SNSD & JaeJin's acting skills with be good.

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Guest jindarae

from Showbiz Extra 10-24-2007 episode...

Star of "Spring Waltz," Seo Do-young, has been cast in the sitcom "Unstoppable Wedding."

The new TV series is based on the movie of the same title, starring Ha Suk-jin and Yoo Jin.

Seo Do-young will play Wang Gi-baek, son of an overnight millionaire. Despite his mother's strong objections, he falls in love with the daughter of his mother's longtime rival.

Along with Seo Do-young, the upcoming sitcom boasts an impressive line-up of stars, including FT Island's member Lee Jae-jin, Girls' Generation's member Yu Ri, star of "Coffee Prince" Kim Dong-wook and K-pop singer Lee Jung.

A great deal of attention has been paid to "Unstoppable Wedding," not only because of its star-studded cast, but also because of the expectation of seeing Seo Do-young's comedic acting skills.

We hope Seo Do-young, who earned the nickname "Prince Do-young" in Japan in the 2006 TV series "Spring Waltz," will steal the hearts of audiences once more in the new drama.

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Guest inquinn

sorry to suddenly bumping in here.

but can i know what drama/sitcom is Unstoppable Marriage going to replace?

i mean, what is aired before Unstoppable Marriage?

i seriously need to know.


thanks in advance.

anyway, i like all the casts. especially the Wang brothers. LOL xD

and SDY looks good, or should i say better with the new haircut.

i dont know, just an opinion of mine ;)

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Guest silverwingz

i think i'll be following this sitcom. it's gonna be the first sitcom i've watched! loving the cast.

i hope there'll the subs for this. i am always willing to time if anyone's willing to translate ^^

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oh,its broadcasting next week

seriously cant wait!hahhaa(: and i hope some1 subs it

anyway,so the park chae kyung will be in.she's the one in i'm sam right.absolutely loves her.she is so pretty

and not to forget jaejin & snsd

hahaha!& yes i think this will also be the first sitcom that i'll be following up

wanted to follow up unstoppable high kick but gave up

hopefully this stays interesting

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Guest silverwingz

Unstoppable Marriage Subs~

Hey guys!

As most of you know, Unstoppable Marriage is starting in just over a week's time.

I was hoping to possibly sub this sitcom, but can't do it on my own, especially since I don't know Korean.

So I was hoping that if any of you were interested in bringing subs for this sitcom to contact me.

Let's do it for the Kim Dong Wook, FT Island & SNSD fans out there! It looks like a very promising and fun sitcom.

So yeah, if you're interested in being a translator or timer, please PM me (silverwingz).

Thanks for you time, everyone! Hope we'll get a subbing team up and ready before it starts airing!

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Isak announced a few minutes ago that the trailer is out already...

Really? I started browsing for it too, but I can't seem to find it~ TT0TT If you find it could you PM it to me or maybe post it up here?

I'm really glad somebody's already assembling a subbing team for it, too. <3 YAY

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Guest jindarae

If anybody can get into Cyworld, its posted in Isak's homepage. I can't get through, I can't understand that much in Korean. Isak is too busy to post it now on my AF Isak's forum. In fact the whole morning today, she came from the shoot and told the info about trailer. Isak posted it on her cyworld homepage already.

Isak's ID at cyworld: dltkr25

Aww, I wish I could help with the subbing, I can read only but cannot fully understand the language yet.

goodluck! :D

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