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  1. Ahh haha thanks for reminding me forgot they were at WJ's party.
  2. I haven't watched the latest ep, I'm holding it out until I watch it with my sister >< - but if it's not suicide could it be the nanny in the household? There was this one scene in ep 13/14? where glass was shattered on the floor, and a hand (the nanny) appears to ''clean it up'' - the scene was zoomed in. I hope it's none of the main SKY residents, as much as I despise some characters...man that's dark. If it's Woojoo, we are going on the psycho route I'm not ready for :S
  3. I'm a bit saddened to hear all the negative comments on Yoon Hyun Min too, since he's an established actor - he definitely can act (Tunnel, Witch's Court, Cruel City etc). The particular character he's playing isn't in his favor, but maybe when more is revealed later down the track then maybe I'll come to understand. For the mean time I think I'll hold on until the drama is finished, or at least until I am spoiled on who the husband is. That way I have peace of mind
  4. I think I remembering Daniel recalling on Happy Together that there was hints of romance, and in this interview as well (edit - just watched the interview in full and they are so funny together haha) Anyways this drama is great, it's got the right about of everything and it isn't too scary for me to watch. The main villian is literally like one of those dementors in the Harry Potter series, that gets drawn into people's weakness.
  5. Yeah the drama does have some interesting plot, but it's not executed well at times. I feel like this drama could have been as good as Age of Youth, but the writing and directing duo we have here isn't as great. I'm still watching though haha because there's a good bunch of characters in this drama, and I'd like to see how they go.
  6. When SA said those words mannnn, she's seriously has some sort of superiority complex. Yes thank goodness, Mirae has a good set of friends to protect her . SA reminds me of that character in Kimi ni todoke, who was also annoying trying to befriend the female lead for her own personal gain.
  7. Yeah let's get back to the drama guys! I was thinking if I was on the wrong thread haha. Just watched the latest episode and I'm enjoying the drama, reminds me of the time I actually enjoyed Cheese of the Trap (the first 3/4 that is). I love love that the male lead is actually smart this time, when the second lead is stringing in her dirty tricks and can see right through her. I just finished Life on Mars, so this is a nice remedy from all the seriousness in other dramas I've watched haha.
  8. I couldn't get to watch the show live, but reading the comments I actually quite like the ending (though I wished there was a kiss or even a scene with TJ&NY in a belated cinema date lol). I read though that in the BBC version, there was a sequel. Did the K version speed through the trilogy or was it just the first season? Cause I want more the group dynamic was amazing.
  9. Go Won Hee is awesome. I've only noticed her since Waikiki, and she was hilarious! I feel like she's really killing it in her role, it takes a great actress to make someone that's actually kind of annoying in character that likable. There's been a few times, where I've wanted her to be with Ji Woon :S Putting that aside, I find her romance with Jin Kook adorable. It's great to see Ji Hoon in a main role, he really stood out in School 2013. So far I'm still yet to really get adjusted into Ji Woon's and Dayoung's romance. I like how Ji Woon is the representative Fairy God Mother haha and his cleaning 101s, but Dayoung's story arc feels rather flat compared to the other girls.... or maybe I just don't feel the chemistry and it bewilders me since Ha Suk Jin has chemistry with literally everyone lol. Anyways it seems that they've put more focus on the interesting cleaning tips, and we're getting deeper into the other female housemates story. I already feel sad for the girl that has a one-sided crush on her gay friend , and the girl that's afraid of men..... awwww it was so cute when she met her male junior at the cinema.
  10. There's no choice but to watch it on Netflix (or on alternative unofficial sites :P) since they bought the exclusive rights for it. I actually wrote two paragraphs about it all, but decided to wait and see lol. We're probably going to get a mix of English Indie tracks & Korean OST, and less Korean back ground music - which most won't notice anyway haha. Though if they don't start playing ''The day'' IN the drama, well....
  11. Is anyone noticing the OSTs somewhat feels restricted on TVN dramas (the ones bought by Netflix)? I was thinking why I'm not so emotionally absorbed yet with Mr. Sunshine. There were some scenes where I was hoping for Korean bgm to come through, but there was either no music/filler bgm music/or that English birdy-like song. I guess I'm one of the traditional listeners who enjoys Korean tracks (and how they insert it over emotional scenes) over English ones haha. I dunno it just feels like Netflix has had a play on how the bgm is formed. Not that I hate all English tracks (Age of Youth ost), just for this drama it's awkward having to wait til the end of the show to hear a Korean track. I know I'm salty and it's only been two episodes.
  12. @bedifferent Oh really? That's surprising. I thought there was something going on with Dong Mae & the not yet introduced Hina. Haha if that's the case maybe Yu-Jin is going through the ''My Mister'' route? Actually as long as I don't get a tiresome love triangle, I'm cool with whoever's with who (with chemistry that is). I think that's one of the few things I enjoyed from KES past two dramas - the couples were clear.
  13. Just watched Mr. Sunshine Episode on netflix, had no idea it was going to be subbed and on air this fast - I'm used to waiting a week+ on Netflix. The cinematography is amazing. Episode 1 was pretty much the origin stories of the main cast members, there was this one time where I was thinking ... ''Wait is this Eugene's younger version or is this someone else?''. Also maybe because I'm spoilt from listening to Korean OSTs, I was actually waiting to hear a Korean track throughout the drama - so it wasn't until the end that I was able to hear an amazing song. I find that whenever there's an exclusive Netflix deal, there's less Korean ost. Or maybe there's less ost these days in Korean dramas? Usually I cringe when there's English lines by Korean actors, but cheers to Lee byung Hun for not just speaking it fluently but naturally as well. This time I cringed for the western actors because they were so wooden :S Aside from all that nitpicking, it was a good watch. My only concern is whether I will feel chemistry towards the main characters, because I somewhat feel sad for Byun Yo Han's character already with his flowers
  14. Definitely It feels so weird seeing cable channels really hit it off. I started watching K dramas around the ''Goong'' era, and I didn't think to bother what channels were what. Now there's TVN, OCN and JTBC. I kind of wished these channels have an award show or something, I know TVN had one but I think it was for their 10th anniversary. ALOT of my favourite Kdramas these days are mostly from TVN, JTBC and OCN. Though OCN is hella great in Crime/Thriller/Detective type genres.
  15. Cheers @40somethingahjumma @bedifferent for the makeup bag explanation there's probably a few other details I've missed out through out watching this drama haha. I'm glad there are Sherlocks here Oh and the Captain's wife haha! yeah reminds me of ""The Nanny" with Fran Fine's father never getting shown at all. I need to google out Columbo! I haven't seen the BBC version before, is it going according to their version so far or is it entirely different? I can't remember much from the US version and that was yearrrs back, besides feeling shortchanged from the ending, the bromance, NY's US version (I thought she was so beautiful ><) and that I watched it :S Yeah if he sees KMS in 1988 (and in the present time) then we're going on time travel/alternative universe territory rather than the main assumption people have which is TJ being stuck in a coma, and pretty much re-living an alternative past world for himself. Still to have a car hit you so suddenly, with the radio playing "Life on Mars" is pretty trippy haha. As for the serial killers motives, all that is in my head is the villian in ''Tunnel'' who felt like he was a savior killing those women. He was neglected as a child, whilst his mother ran off with other men and that kind of twisted him (shivers).
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