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  1. hahaha it's been a while since I've been back on the forums, but here I am intrigued by your comments. I guess this is an unpopular opinion but personally for me, I find Eunseom the most fascinating. It takes someone of extraordinary caliber to be able to withhold their stance on what they feel is right, so for me he isn't just someone who is just good but someone who is mentally strong. His honesty, transparency and resilience are traits that have lead him to this journey. To be betrayed so many times, yet not fall into the trap of becoming manipulative or falling into deep despair takes amazing strength. Eunseom is pretty much the embodiment of hope and sheer perseverance. In essence, he's an open book who's altruistic nature is what makes him so alluring to others. These days there's been so many antivillian characters in dramas and films today with multiple layers, and backstory etc but I appreciate the transparency of character's like Eunseom . There isn't anything wrong about being the light in the world of grey. The world isn't so grey sometimes. I love the contrast between the two journey's, there's the fast paced dynamic political power struggles in Arthdal with multiple strong characters and the organic growth of a rising leader, and his followers. Once everything comes together whoah... Man there needs to be a second season, there's so much characters that I'd love to see more e.g. Neanderthals, Xabara
  2. Ahh haha thanks for reminding me forgot they were at WJ's party.
  3. I haven't watched the latest ep, I'm holding it out until I watch it with my sister >< - but if it's not suicide could it be the nanny in the household? There was this one scene in ep 13/14? where glass was shattered on the floor, and a hand (the nanny) appears to ''clean it up'' - the scene was zoomed in. I hope it's none of the main SKY residents, as much as I despise some characters...man that's dark. If it's Woojoo, we are going on the psycho route I'm not ready for :S
  4. I'm a bit saddened to hear all the negative comments on Yoon Hyun Min too, since he's an established actor - he definitely can act (Tunnel, Witch's Court, Cruel City etc). The particular character he's playing isn't in his favor, but maybe when more is revealed later down the track then maybe I'll come to understand. For the mean time I think I'll hold on until the drama is finished, or at least until I am spoiled on who the husband is. That way I have peace of mind
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