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  1. Dear admin, I've been searching for the thread for "Smile has left your eyes" aka 'Hundred Million stars from the sky' forever but couldn't locate them. It simply disappeared on Soompi forum. Any chance of retrieving it? Thanks a million.
  2. Greetings everyone! I am a new fan of Cho Seung-Woo. I've been following K movie/drama for nearly 20 years. I rarely considered myself a fan of k-actors/actresses (except for 2 ), but now I think I am ready to considered myself a fan of Cho Seung-Woo! What an amazing talented actor he is!!!! He just simply stands out doesn't he?!! Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit here (since he almost always acted alongside many other veteran and well-respected actors in his work), but wherever he is, he exudes such powerful presence in a way that everything/one else seems to pale in
  3. OH.....I burst into happy tears when reading MS and VAST confirmation!!! I am totally on cloud 9 !!
  4. The dispatch news about our BinJin couple is so freaking "breaking news" worthy!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this since 2018 and finally this day has arrived.... Being awakened to this news (even if it is "just" a media confirmation) makes me shake exhilaratingly! What a grand entrance to 2021!! This news alone has just made 2021 so much more hopeful and exciting already!!! I am expecting to see some wild "party time" here and seeing all the old and familiar members' names back on this forum. Let the party rocks on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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