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  1. I think at this moment many of us can sympathize with and root for our OPT, not only because their love for each other defy time, but also because they so deserve happiness, especially for Ji-Soo. It is easy for audience to sympathize with Ji-Soo, for she seems to have had a stream of unfortunate incidents thrown upon her and that weight of life has turned her into that helpless, miserable, and self-pitying mode we see. We all want her to move beyond those years-long emotional suffering. But what about Jae-Hyun? I guess some may still have their opinions reserved for our ML,
  2. Is this the original version of the "Some Day We'll Meet Again" - (OST 3) ? It's incredibly nostalgic... I feel you @dodomummim. To me, this drama also brings back a lot of feel, particular memorable events, and personal nostalgic connection to my youth. I teared up easily too while watching this drama. Recently I have been watching a lot of other Kdramas in x1.25 and even x1.5 fast mode, but for When My Love Blooms, I don't have to do that at all. I've been able to savor every minute of it and even enjoyed its slowness... I am loving this drama
  3. I seriously don't understand why the discussion about HJH's taking YJS's son to the hospital, having his driver drive his son home while he himself stay there until the boy's mom or dad shows up. Its not that HJH doesn't know the boy. He had talked to the boy before and the boy is the son of someone he knows, let alone that someone is the woman he cares about deeply. I am the mother of a 8-year-old. I am just thinking that I would most likely do exactly the same thing as HJH does if I see my daughter's friend faints and collapse in front of me. I will call the kid's parents and wait for
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