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  1. I couldn't agree more.. and i saw a fan's lengthy letter to HB somewhere comparing fans' post CLoY withdrawal symptoms with Coronavirus situation..that's just absurd.
  2. Bear in mind that in Negotiation, HB/SYJ filmed in different room/space, hence in the context in which HB was referring to, using the direct translation word by word from Korean to English "breathing the same air" is actually quite fitting, despite the real interpretation being "working together".
  3. Just want to add that in the resurfaced negotiation promotion interview a few pages back in this thread, HB/SYJ mentioned YJ would buy HB food/bear...and that bistro was closed..etc. (I forgot the exact wording). Anyways, actually in another Negotiation promo interview, the director did mention that 3 of them (director/HB/SYJ) would go have a drink and discuss about the movie together during the film production period.
  4. @Meily JimaSorry, no offense but we have so much clear-as-sky evidence already on the table, I don't think we should add another photo that doesn't tell much at all. This photo is as vague as the holding-the-hand-under-the-table thingy. It is something so trivial. Some of the shippers might agree that they were holding hands, and some of us don't see anything. Then what? What is the purpose of this discussion? Again, there are a lot of silent lurkers on this forum, I would suggest that we drop this topic here and now and remove the post.
  5. This is the longer version where HB commented on his first impression of Ye-Jin and he felt lucky that there were still chance to cooperate with Ye-Jin on romantic drama....etc. there is also one that last 39 mins. I wish there were Eng sub.
  6. This is me when I saw the post of someone here comparing the chemistry HB had with certain leading lady 12 years ago with his and Ye-Jin in CLoY. I am not going to comment on how uncalled for it was for that comparison in this thread, for many have done so. I just want to add that an ex is an ex for a reason! For Hyun Bin, as he said in the interview, he is the person who constantly strive hard to do his best in the present and look forward to the future. At this stage of his life and with all he had experienced in the past decade (Army, setting up VAST and co-own it, viewer rating fell short in one or two of his drama/movies but came back even better/stronger with other movie and CLoY...etc..), he had grown to be this stunningly mature man he is today. Many said that the the denial was probably because Ye-Jin needs that privacy. But what if it is also Hyun Bin's idea...he echoed that decision of SYJ's because he had learned from his past experience. The thing is: The setting is different, people involved are different, and circumstances, mindsets/maturity of HB’s state are all different. I also wish people would stop the “HB must be not into SYJ” nonsense because a) HB always publicly acknowledging this dating partners in the past and 2) VAST's repeated denial the dating news - for that nonsense is one of the most ridiculous comments ever! I mean - even if you are not sure about their dating...there is no way you can deny the attraction between the two. By the way, we all know Hyun Bin is rather shy, especially when all attention is focused on him (remember the super-zoom-in clip of Hyun Bin in last year’s Baeksang Awards?) In fact, there is also this interview (I remember seeing it many years ago, I’ll try to see if I can find it) where the audience/host alike asked Hyun Bin to do a cute gestures/expression. Hyun Bin simply couldn't do it after repeated requests and even when he finally gave in and did a "yeah" V hand sign, he was embarrassed and said that "acting cute" really isn't his thing. Now let's go back to the Negotiation Promo period with Hyun Bin and Ye-Jin's face hiding behind the pink mask, the wagging joyously his head and hands in the air on the touring bus with YJ for his birthday, and the recent “WOOHOO” at the beginning of the Swoon giving-each-other-comment video…..etc. Is this the Hyun Bin you know? Oh I also thought about the matching coats and the hug at the wrap-up party. HB and YJ are the most anticipated couple and despite the denials they went ahead and wore matching color coats. I don’t think that was something trivia and that they had forgotten this detail giving this is Korean entertainment we are talking about. For sure they knew them showing up in matching coat would be the headline the next day? (And it did: HB and YJ showed up in couple outfits in the wrap up party!) Why did they do that? Anyone? And the friendly pat-on-the-back hug at the party. Which rumor couple does that? I am particularly touched by the peck-on-the-cheek hug with the green background. Ye-jin was obviously emotional. To me, Hyun Bin obviously was as well but he held it in. You could just see it on his face. The hug afterwards was so sincere and comforting to see. I think they must have felt some real sentiments on the last day of shooting and I bet the withdrawal symptoms are real with both of them in the past few days. They not celebrating the success of CLoY is very disappointing and sad. But then again, since media is most likely to focus on their real life relationship..I bet there is also a degree of reluctance on their part to celebrate further. I hope though, that we’ll see some insight interview from the writer and the director..
  7. I just read the news that Hyun Bin's partner (Hwang Jung Min) in the upcoming movie Bargaining has agreed to star in a new JTBC drama "Hush" in which expect to premier sometime in the 2nd half of 2020. Which means that the production schedule for the movie Bargaining will probably end before the 1st part of 2020? Oh I hope Hyun Bin will be free from film production and come back in time for some major award ceremonies in May onward... https://www.soompi.com/article/1384021wpp/hwang-jung-min-to-make-first-drama-comeback-in-8-years
  8. 56th Baeksang Arts Awards will most likely to be in April or May. So hopefully we will see our couple. I am sure CLoY will get nominated for various categories. HB will be shooting some scenes in the middle east for his new movie Bargaining. Hope that he will return for the award ceremony......
  9. Hello, I read it here someone mentioned that HB is not going to do any post interview of CLoY. Is it true?
  10. OK. I admit, Vast's denial breaks my heart. I am very frustrated and I hate that rumored photo so much. If it wasn't for that freaking photo, chances were we wouldn't have a denial - our couple would most likely brush the dating question off like they did in the press con - That's what I believe. But now with this denial (which they had to because they weren't holding hands!!!!!), I think we are not going to hear anything from our couple any time soon. It'll be all quiet and silent for months till we ever hear from them again and it'll be about their new individual projects. Before VAST denial, I had a feeling that there would probably be some sort of update/confirmation soon. With the overwhelming success of CLoY, surely the press are all eager to get the dating rumor update and our couple will have to respond somehow? This is what I think: If our couple have mutual attraction toward each other (which they obviously have - checked). and if they are planning to take this a step further (not just for dating, but for marriage), I think they will either laugh it off again (not denying) or admit, despite SYJ being the kind of actor who guards her privacy fiercely (in fact HB also has a notorious private life style as an actor too in Korea). The reason I said this is because if they are for real, I doubt they would easily take the risk of denying yet again with the possible backfiring among Kfans. Also I think if they are for real, admit dating would be better than the other way around because by then, they are able to date freely (to some extent at least) and use their influence to get privacy (and I think the press would respect that to some extent also, just like how the press has been respecting theirs and CLoY production teams' privacy).I think this is potentially a win-win situation, not only for our couple, but the enormous thirst for curiosity from the fans/press will be quenched). I also think should they confirm dating, the confirmation can be taken as confirmation for marriage - at this stage of their lives, I think this is just how it is in Asia. Despite all the star glamour, I think Hyun Bin is a traditional Asian man deep down. You can see that from how he values the opinions of his parents/family. As for Ye-Jin, I think she would not risk her names/reputation being permanently tied-down with someone easily if it is not the real deal. I think that is exactly the reason our couple is taking the next step extremely cautiously and very seriously. And of they aren't ready yet to announce their relationship status, I think it is because while they adore each other, they are still in the midst of their relationship in which they want to make sure whatever emotion they have now for each other isn't something derived from their roles in CLoY alone. They simply need more time. I hope what I have written make sense and I am not completely derail. I came to this shipping thread with a post claiming that I have no doubt they adore each other professionally and personally. Abuut their future, I may have wavered at times but at this moment, I am not jumping off this ship.
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