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  1. 26 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:


    Tsk. Poor Bai Qian, she will lose out. There might be no fish to serve Dong Hua coz its turned to charcoal and ashes. While Bai Qian will have to eat Dong Hua's signature dish. :skull: 

    lol can't put that past Dong Hua. He most likely find some way to avoid eating the fish.


    What would be interesting is, if Feng Jiu cooked badly, would Dong Hua soldier on and eat his beloved's food?


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  2. 12 hours ago, Megan said:

    Scenario: both Bai Qian and Dong Hua are cooking fish over a fire. Dong Hua’s fish looks decent but you know it’s poison. Bai Qian’s fish is charred and you know you don’t want to eat it either. But you have no choice. You must pick either fish to eat. The chefs won’t judge you for your choice but you must choose.

    I pick the third option. I suggest Bai Qian and Dong Hua try each other's dish :D


    It's rather endearing how these supposedly perfect deities have weaknesses. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Megan said:

    While I was browsing through the eternal love forum, I was struck by a comment.

    do you think Dong Hua is a bully? Or scary?

    btw what does the panda emoji mean? Oops means brother but that doesn’t make much sense...

    Depends on how you define bully and the way you interpret his actions.

    I wouldn't say he is a bully. DH seldomly seeked out to interact with others.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, Megan said:

    I beg to differ. Ok, while I cannot see anyone else being Dong Hua and Feng Jiu, Liu Yifei and Yang Yang will always be the ideal Bai Qian and Ye Hua for me.

    though I must admit, would you rather see an ELOD movie with different cast now, or later when the ELOD fire has been cooled?

    I want to see Gun Gun vs Dong Hua in who can keep Feng Jiu’s attention. All the while Dong Hua tries to appeal to his son who is not happy that Dong Hua is not an ideal father.

    Yang Yang is visually attractive but I think Mark's acting has more substance. 


    ELOD aired 3 years after TMOPB, and still managed to be the top viewed web drama of the year. If the producers are smart, they will keep the original cast.



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  5. 3 hours ago, Megan said:

    Hear Hear! Well, then DH,  what is the difference between finding Feng Jiu immediately after the wedding disaster or finding her 200 years later?! :P Same result, more time for Feng Jiu to want to distance herself from him.


    Question is will that even penetrate his thick skin? 

    If only DH explained the situation properly. I am sure FJ would have forgiven him in an instant!

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  6. 2 hours ago, SilverDawn said:

    @MayanEcho Nope... how could he be so careless...:crazy:


    Can't help loving her sassy attitude towards the former ruler of Heaven and Earth.  :lol:




    The way FJ unleashed at DH when he first showed up in Fanyin Valley was so amusing. 

    The cherry on the top was all her sassiness made DH love her more.



    2 hours ago, MayanEcho said:


    Well, it was 6mo since she fell in Fanyin Valley before he showed up...


    ...and fools her again as soon as he arrives. :rolleyes: She'll never think that the guy ditched the visiting Buddha at Tai Chen Palace for her as soon as Fanyin Valley opened. :sweatingbullets: 



    And he had the audacity to say to say .."what difference of my saving you half a year ago and half a year after that?" 


    DH certainly deserves a beating.

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  7. On 11/20/2020 at 10:32 AM, MayanEcho said:


    Like his origin the Tai Chen solitary monk deity infamous for his calamitous smile, the shadow is a good-looking recluse! ^_^


    "You are ridiculously handsome and ridiculously intelligent, but you keep that straight face on all day long. Obviously, your serious face is more handsome than your smiling one, but you should still smile a bit now that you've come to see me off. Make me feel more comfortable, hmm?” A-PB2, p228


    It was said that in addition to his peerless appearance, this Archmage also possessed an indifferent and proud personality, and was difficult for others to get close to. His behaviors quite fitted the rumors. Ever since he took over Qinan Shrine, the shrine became more low-profile. If there wasn’t a major ceremony, it would be hard to spot the Archmage's shadow. A-PB2, p228





    Vengo portrayed the characters so well. Even though there were limited appearance of SY before Aranya death, SY mannerism were haughty and unapproachable. The SY after Aranya's death, he appeared more human like; with a touch of despondency and melancholy. 



    On 11/23/2020 at 4:34 AM, MayanEcho said:



    To borrow Su Moye's view on how Dong Hua courted Feng Jiu in Aranya's dream, his courtship is not the way "usual courtship" is done. ^_^ They were already a "couple" in the dream realm. Thinking it over though, of all people DH will impersonate, it would be the husband of Aranya?  IMO, that says something of these two's fate. :)


    And yet, drama book POV, they didn't meet right away, book POV, DH Xi Ze didn't know FJ's primordial spirit is with his "wife" until much later. Why is that so, if not an indication of how fragile their fate is? Even Su Moye who was sent to help them complicated matters with his own agenda.


    I think DH was playing it by the ear on whether to use the potion or not. Perhaps if he didn't inquire about their fate, and heard how they weren't originally fated, he possibly wouldn't have to. He's the sort who will defy anything though and soldier on to what he desires - this time to keep the relationship with FJ no matter what it takes. 


    DH could have done it the right way if he listened to Lian Song's advise, that he ask FJ for forgiveness for impersonating Xi Ze, among other misunderstandings. He was, however, in love for the first time, and he's also afraid that telling the truth will lose her. That fear and what he knew about them had him resort to using the amnesia potion.


    It's inexcusable of course, since it's sheer manipulation to gain and keep what he wants, when a good talk to clear matters between them could have done (or not) the same. I do also believe though that this is also a first for him to be actually afraid of something, and his fear consumed him enough, that the way he dealt with it is not how he normally would decide things over. 


    They really love and live for each other though, that even if they parted ways for hundred of years, the bond between FJ and DH remained strong and faithful whatever fate or destiny has in store for them. His FJ loves him just as much as he does, that his transgressions from the past did not make her hesitate nor diminish her wanting to follow him and be with him for always.


    So beautifully written. I think so too, that DH's anxiety over the thought of losing FJ pushed him to do things he never did before. The following comment is directed to the DH in the novel, I think if FJ did not have strong feelings for DH, a lot of his actions would be highly questionable. However, it is easier to give him a pass when FJ loves him so deeply.



    23 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:


    I love the very natural background sounds! Fanyin Valley is windy, mortal realm had that caterwauling sound when Cheng Yu and FJ were talking, the dripping water in the cave while it was raining and thundering outside...it was as natural as possible and one of the reasons I really appreciate of ELOD. 



    Like how he walked out with Su Moye's fox candies? :lol: Hmm, what should he take from Hao De? :rolleyes:


    Yes that is it! The sound of nature is just so amazing. When I watch other dramas now, I

    find it harder to immerse myself. Maybe it is because the background sounds are underwhelming, so a part of the sensory experience is lacking.


    DH truly is the master of selective hearing! He hears and sees what he wants!



    @MayanEcho I am loving all the gifs and snap shots. I usually use my phone to view the forum and videos. Using my laptop have given me a new appreciation. DH/SY/SRY are so handsome.

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  8. 10 hours ago, MayanEcho said:


    LOL if Hao De tries anything funny as leverage for that power sharing...like asking DH to take Zhi Yue as side consort.


    I can imagine DH just walking off without answering Hao De!



    3 hours ago, MayanEcho said:

    @ChibiLy It's awesome and wonderful news! Congratulations to ELOD producers , actors, actresses, and staff!


    So happy that the drama is getting awards. It only struck me how recently, how well the background music and sounds were incorporated in the drama. 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Plethora di Eros said:

    Just sharing this funny story abt my friend and her journey to ELoD.

    She's your typical workaholic and just like most people, she's currently work from home. I was finally able to convinced my friend to watch ELoD.


    After sending her the link and photos of Reba and Venga, she replied immediately "They both look good!"


    Today while I was at work, she texted me:

    Friend:  "My goodness, that series is so addictive!"

    She said her husband always caught her trying to discreetly watch the series and not sleeping (He knows her too well that once she watched a series she will finish it no matter what)


    She even said that she barely passed her group study modules at work yesterday since nothing makes sense from the book and she's more interested to watch the series.


    Her husband said,"I'll bet if they ask you about Eternal Love of Dreams, you'll probably ace your test!":loolz: 


    I called her up during my lunch break and she's still gushing about the two. She asked me if they are dating in real life coz they look so good together. She was in a team meeting earlier while watching the series in the background. She said "I'm not interested in the blabbing at work so I mute the meeting and just focus watching the series". Now i feel so guilty! I don't know what I have done to my friend:lol:


    I think it's the infectious Reba-Vengo effect or the DongFeng / FengDong effect.




    I heard that the pillowbook author is currently in the work to get the story of Liansong and Chen Yu. I think it's gonna be interesting how their story will unfold. Why Liansong couldn't say no to Chen Yun no matter what she asked.  Also what happened in the mortal realm between these two?


    But the reason why I'm more excited is that these two characters are very close to DH and FJ in the story. Does that mean that there's a possibility that we will see Reba and Vengo again to reprise their very famous roles? 


    Sharing this reel vs real photos 



    That is such a adorable story. Thanks for sharing what your friend is experiencing. 

    Vengo and Reba are a powerful combo. It is hard not to fall for them. 

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  10. 22 hours ago, Megan said:

    When i think about how naughty Feng Jiu can be, it makes me wonder if she had been in Zhihe’s position, in love with her foster brother DH, would she have bullied a pretty maid to get her out of the way?


    I think FJ may be playful and at times stubborn, she is innately a kind person. So I doubt she would behave as extreme as ZH.


    On 11/18/2020 at 8:26 AM, Koreandramafan said:

    So the love trial is beyond your control what is happening to you because it is all written down ? 
    yeah just hard to understand if it what they have is love trial or eternal 



    These love trials are suppose to help deities boost their cultivation before they are qualified to ascend to higher god status. Living as mortals, the deities would experience and understand life; to suffer through ill health, love, old age and lack of family etc. If the deity end up having a smooth mortal life, that would mean he had not experienced the suffering mortal life can bring. 

    In ELOD, Dong Hua descended to mortal realm, because that was the quickest way for him to cultivate. Siming had written a ill fated life for Dong Hua as a mortal, he was suppose to experience the bitterness of lack of parents and sibling love, the lack of true love, the physical pain from war injuries and so on. Feng Jiu, in her desire to protect Dong Hua, altered his mortal trial suffering to a large extent; Feng Jiu had derailed his love trial and he was for a short time experienced some type of love from Feng Jiu. When Feng Jiu died, this caused the mortal Dong Hua to die early, so he did not experience the suffering of old age. 


    I think the beauty of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu' story is that they defy fate. Fengjiu's persistence helped to change their love fate. Once Dong Hua met Feng Jiu, he was a goner! 

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  11. 13 hours ago, SilverDawn said:


    That irritated me... Regardless of their reason or good intentions. But then again, it was the custom to marry your child off. 


    But Bai Yi allowing FJ to sign the mariage contract when he knew she was drunk? That's low. -_-

    Yeah. That was not a smart move. Considering how they of all people should realise a fox love for life. 

    Bai Yi was so desperate to help her sort her life out. Wish he actually had a decent conversation, instead of doing what he thinks is right for her. Sadly, Bai Yi represent alot of parents in real life. 

    12 hours ago, MayanEcho said:


    @ChibiLy The mirth of DH, and the look ZY gave him ^_^

    Source: ELOD ep27, YT (screenshots and gif by poster)

    That was so funny! DH and his fake face! ZY totally knew and was waiting to see what happens. I think DH and FJ need to thank ZY for all the support they have recieved from him.

    11 hours ago, MayanEcho said:


    At least Bai Yi taught her something good, his sword skills. And passed her some of his artistic talents.


    As a father in some aspects though...sigh, if he must really punish, he could at least do it privately, not with an audience. He was so not attuned to his daughter. It was shameful that Cang'yi was more caring and understanding, even if it is his properties that were destroyed by FJ.


    I rather think that the fox den tradition of aunts and uncles raising their nieces and nephews stops (fortunately) with DH and FJ. :)

    To be honest, DH is probably the only one who saw FJ's full potential. Everyone else loves her and tries so hard to protect her.

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  12. On 11/10/2020 at 6:02 AM, SilverDawn said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the Biyiniao's did know of that story, didn't they, just not that it was Feng Jiu? btw Dong Hua did absolutely nothing to stop that piece of gossip! :lol: By not stopping it he, imo, encouraged it to spread to all realms! 


    DH instinctively knew FJ is special. He naturally wanted everyone to know he is interested in FJ and all other males need to back off!

    On 11/7/2020 at 1:05 AM, Megan said:

    Looking back, how do you think Dong Hua, during those 200 years, will think of Meng Hao’s sacrifice for love? 
    that he finally understands his general’s decisions. And that love is not so worthless, after all. Even though it caused him 200 years of angst, he would not trade those 2 weeks at Bihai for anything.


    I think DH finally understood that love is a powerful emotion and it can not be quantify. 

    Whether it was worth the pain or not, is not for others to judge, but for the ones who experience to decide. 

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  13. 17 hours ago, Plethora di Eros said:


    Too much candies can give you diabetes

    After watching their old videos and reading some posts here from backreading (still in page 60), I just love how these two gravitate towards each other. How they close (and even sweet sometimes)  towards each other regardless of the people around them. It only shows how they have their own sweet world and their affectionate actions and glances is as natural as breathing. I just love how professional and committed they are to their craft and still stay real as they are especially to each other. Work is work, do the scenes for the project and spend time with promotions but you can tell how they treat their colleagues - workmates. 


    More often, they slipped...a Freudian slip. A fish is caught by its mouth. Remember that BTS in TMPB and ELD when he called her "Baby" (so that's his term of endearment?). And in this BTS, I find it funny he was asking for hug from her and she told him she wants to beat him. He was so cute when he said he wants to beat himself too! But if you look at them closely the way they were looking at each other shows naughtiness and sweetness too :lol: 




    No wonder their management, Jaywalk, kept them apart during the recent years especially during the TMPB and ELD days. They are supposed to be the second lead and should be together right? But hey, they were seated apart and in between ZBB or other cast members but they still caught or ended sitting next to each other. My guess is that the management knows how these two will act if you sit them together. If in public they can't help themselves being sweet and affectionate, what more in private right? (How I would love to be a fly in the wall) 


    sorry about the long post. I just can't help but share how I love this couple


    Love your analysis. In BTS videos, when Vengo and Reba are together, they seem to let down their guard. They become playful with each other, there is no personal space between them and they make heaps of eye contact. 

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  14. On 11/11/2020 at 4:34 AM, Megan said:

    Do you prefer the book or the drama?

    would you rather play a small but likable role (e.g. Cha Cha, Mu Yun, Jing Wei) or a detestable villain?

    Successfully prank Feng Jiu or Gun Gun? (the retired king is going to get back at you either way for making them upset) for the record, the prank is harmless.

    I got lomo cards, posters and notebooks. Don’t need the notebooks but they came with the cards.

    there are also mini statues of DongFeng but I am so not getting those. No space. 
    if I’m not mistaken, there were also some attempts to sell the jewellery Feng Jiu wore, including the crystal ring....

    I like both, but lean more towards the drama, thanks to the leads.

    I felt like the actress had a fun time playing Miao Luo. I think j would choose her role.

    Pranking FJ seems fun. Some how pranking a child feels wrong, so BGG is out!



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  15. 5 hours ago, MayanEcho said:

    I've read that too, I think somewhere in this thread some months ago. I liked Maggie Huang in Princess Agents, and she can also do the cutesy like Dilraba. In Ep28 TMOPB, when FJ impersonated Su Jin to steal the lamp, she was flawless acting like childish FJ would do, even the mannerisms and gestures.


    Somehow, I kinda feel DH will not be played by Vengo, if Reba wasn't FJ. Vengo was supposed to be Zhe Yan, and Zhe Yan actor would have been DH...but director had good eye and insight to switch their roles. ^_^


    I can't imagine anyone else as FJ or DH. Good point regarding Vengo and Reba. The director probably saw the natural chemistry between them, and decided to give Vengo a chance. The role DH was definitely the break he needed to take his acting career to another level.


    8 hours ago, Megan said:

    And about Feng Jiu’s swearing...why do I feel like Dong Hua admires this trait because who would dare swear in his presence? Who would dare threaten to break him like a twig? Who dares call him a weirdo?

    It seems like DH likes to be around individuals that test boundaries and playful, yet have good morals such as Shao Wan and Lian Song. Going by his past preference in friendship, FJ fits his criteria.

    10 hours ago, Megan said:

    Also, something just occured to me, but was there some sort of rumor that after playing Feng Jiu twice, Dilireba said she wanted to play a different character personality or something? Seems sad she didn’t enjoy acting as Feng Jiu.

    Btw, while I am happy how Dong Hua even redecorates to please Feng Jiu, I do wonder why he adds pink curtains. The flowers provide refreshment if spirits when working on the sword box. But why add pink curtains? I don’t get it.

    I think in her early acting career, Dilireba was type cast to naïve characters. Many of her roles included her chasing after the ML, which many viewers may view FJ similar to her previous roles. Dilireba played FJ so well, I noticed some viewers said they dislike watching her, mainly because they find her character's annoying. Which is a shame. 

    Character's such as FJ may be considered the standard FL type in Idol Dramas, which is usually aimed at younger audience. Dilireba is getting older, so she probably want to expand her acting and try more 'serious' roles in the future, so she isn't type cast. I wouldn't say she didn't enjoy acting as FJ. I think I read somewhere, Dilireba reported 2018, this is when she filmed ELOD, was one of her happiest times.


    DH added pink curtains, because FJ may find it pleasing and feel more at home. FJ herself, tend to wear more pinkish colours. 

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  16. On 10/17/2020 at 3:29 AM, Megan said:

    Currently watching episode 46.

    Dong Hua says that Shen Ye can say nice things, but Dong Hua, the nice things you are quoting was what you said when Feng Jiu took you flower viewing. So that makes no sense

    I think DH is imagining when SY and FJ are alone, SY says nice things to her. Jealousy can make the most logical deity become illogical.


    Regarding Aranya and her clan not knowing the sacrifice she made. I can see why you would be upset. It isn't fair, but her story reflects real life. Many people make sacrifices daily, whether it is big or small, and most people don't even know about it. Furthermore, history is often twisted to some degree, because records are never 100% objective. 

    Also keep in mind, even though it would be nice to be recognized, Aranya wasn't looking for recognition from her clan. Her main concern was to save her clan and brother. 

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  17. On 10/11/2020 at 4:27 PM, Megan said:

    I do love how Dong Hua said “他敢。”

    it was said with so much promise of death if Feng Jiu died.

    Me too! DH doesn't say much, but every word he says counts.


    On 10/13/2020 at 7:01 PM, Megan said:

    Here is a crazy scenario.

    say BQ or FJ are having a deadly birthing time. And Zhe Yan decrees that only the mother or child can survive. BQ and FJ choose to save their child and say it outloud. Question is; will their husbands respect their decisions?

    I doubt their husband's will respect their decisions. 

    YH was barely functional when Susan died. Whereas DH lived miserably without FJ when she disappeared.  

    2 hours ago, MayanEcho said:


    In this scene, FJ has been comfortable enough in their relationship that she can tell him her inner fears and openly cry. DH on the other hand stayed calm and listened to her, and spoke to her as patiently possible his views. He didn't ridicule her tears nor dismissed her misgivings. 


    I like how they interacted here, even if FJ was emotional, even if DH still seems remote. 

    I love their reactions. Both try so hard to understand each other.

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