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  1. it is called "tango". don't watch if cheating theme/premise dramas drive you mad. basically it is sort of inspired from kmovie "april snow". so after an accident, these two people find out their spouses were cheating on them with each other. so, you see the past and present collide and basically the fallout. actually quite interesting. plus, you get to see bits of lebanon. 956
  2. 952 once you get used to soompi, you miss watching and commenting as a group. it feels so sad when there is no one to comment and share the drama with. am watching this arabic serial on netflix (and it looks like it might be the first drama I finish on netflix!) and it feels so sad that I have no one to comment with and say "can someone slap her? "
  3. LOL... but why would they want attention anyway? spammers are strange aliens... @triplem ~ thanks; sent PM 948
  4. finding VP Lee more and more funny with his cutting dry remarks. -- "even a mouse will attack a cat if cornered but what to do, I am a tiger, not a mouse." bwaahhahahah... what a comeback/verbal slap to pres. kang (ep 13). their verbal battles are quite amusing. poor bo geol -- he got rejected by secretary! hahahha... so drowning his sorrows in karoake. looks like she has a crush on IT guy and it may be mutual? and in addition to the old men's quartet, we also have a bunch of rich kids who call themselves "the best" who are also part of this D1 plan. it is like one bad group after another.. wondering how lee, noh and han will all play their cards. will they form their own secret triangle to bring down kang and create reform in the bank?
  5. reported one account. the other account hasn't made any post but just giving off-topic reaction. not sure how to report that. 940
  6. 940 some weirdos (looks like spammers) are giving me off-topic for past event posts.
  7. just out of curiousity, is it elections or close to elections in korea? any idea? at least in my place, we usually have such satires/commentary close to those times...
  8. 850 @sushilicious ~ haven't watched another miss oh.
  9. one thing I don't understand about HK celebs is that their love stories span years. like years and years. 10 years, 20 years. why wait so long to get married and declare you love each other?? 820
  10. was it scandalous? the articles don't really give much indication.... 796
  11. am going to sound a bit philosophical/religious but I think it is because we refuse to acknowledge the 3rd component of healing -- heaven's will. (so from previous comment: healing = doctor's will + patient's will + heaven's will) ... people have become so arrogant that they think if they spend enough money, they can do something. they are unable to accept that health cannot be bought with wealth. ultimately, whether rich or poor, the bell rings for all of us... with doctor's will -- my observation is that older wiser doctors are very aware of the limitations of man and so therefore, don't overpromise. instead, they tell you the reality and say what can be done and what cannot. so patient and family has a realistic view. think that is the best way. whereas some younger docs are too arrogant and so don't share the risks involved or the realities. then in their grief and sorrow, the families are disappointed and their anger turns on doctors and hospitals. communication is unfortunately a huge problem and this does add to the fear and anxiety resulting in a lack of trust on doctors. we don't know what on earth they are saying... with patient's will, there is a lack of accountability and a lazy, entitled attitude for everything. people want to lose weight even without putting the needed work or taking care. for everything, people want a shortcut (hence the excessive googling) but health does not work that way. so basically it is interconnected problem on all levels. 790
  12. my answer is it depends on scenario: #1 -- some patients are indeed a little mad. have one uncle who imagines that he is always sicker than he is. when he had his heart operation, he insisted on his diabetes medicines. however his sugar levels were normal and so they wouldn't give him. so he fought with nurses, junior doctor, duty doctor. finally, the cardiologist came and yelled at him and threatened to kick him out of the hospital or call a psychiatrist. uncle finally shut up. still, he is a bit mad and likes to think he knows more than doctors... #2 - some illness have a psychosomatic factor -- meaning the mind affects the body. this is why sometimes doctors ask to check with psychologist because one is very anxious or stressed over certain matters, the body starts to get impacted. so treating the symptoms make no difference unless the mind is healed. #3 - sometimes the doctors aren't aware (not specialized in that area) and so maybe think you are a bit exaggerating. remember with one doc, he was very confused when I shared that I was developing veezing along with my migraines. however, when I saw the traditional medicine doc, his immediate question was "before or during the attack? how long does the veezing last?" 794 P.S ~ dislike medical dramas. usually never watch them. only watched live up to your name because it was kim nam gil and a time jump genre -- so synopsis sounded interesting.
  13. ooh, such happy pics. great to see the cast are having fun. as the building got burnt, this will now become more of a criminal case once it all comes out? as opposed to just a financial/land grabbing case?
  14. had stepped out and was planning to write something after I came back but then was tired... so this is bit of a serious note. for me, the kdrama "live up to your name" really explained certain points and helped me to understand that we need to have reasonable expectations from doctors. so: #1 -- the fact is there is much about the human body physicians still don't understand and the human body is amazingly complex in how interconnected it is. this means there is actually some amount of educated guesses where doctors are trying to get to the root of the problem. even if they know or understand the root, finding a solution may actually still be difficult because we have yet to find a fool proof solution. #2 -- still remember this dialogue. the lead (kim nam gil) said that healing consists of 3 parts -- doctors will, patient's will, heaven's will. doctor's will means the doctors and staff have to do their best patient's will means the patient has to have a will to survive and co-operate. even if the doctor is really skilled, it means nothing if the patient does not do their part. this means even very skilled doctors can still lose patients if patient gives up on themselves. and lastly, heaven's will which is the hidden component. meaning, whatever will be, will be. doctor's can try their best, patients can try their best but if it is time, then nothing can be done. this dialogue by kim nam gil -- he is a physician and comforting another physician (the female lead) after the patient is lost -- really explained how complex healing is. we think that doctors should know everything (they don't) and we hope that they will be able do something (but sometimes, there's isn't much they can do)... as for their attitude (which sometimes comes across as rude and uncaring), something a friend shared with me explained that bit -- she was working as admin in the hospital and she said that in the same day, she would do the paperwork and issue both birth and death certificates. it was the cycle of life. if one did not develop a thick skin and see it as a cycle of life, it is very difficult to work in such an environment. so by necessity, all hospital staff kind of develop a bit of distant manner. some more than others. ofcouse, some experience with doctors can be very frustrating especially when they look at you like you have 4 eyes.. part of why hospital visits are very stressful because it shows how powerless we really are even with all our knowledge and our fancy equipment. 794
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