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  1. kekkeke.... am still going to avoid my mister. read the recaps of the first few episodes and I was like "meh! this is so depressing!!!!".... and the recaps/reviews of the ending made it seem like the relief after a painful tooth removal! ... so yea, not for me. LOL.... 540
  2. no one knew the movies here... and I watched it long ago but don't remember the actors. just bits of the plot. does it sound familiar to you? 534
  3. thats why I love makjang -- because it reassures me that my life is sane! LOL. 536
  4. am not a fan of a slice of life dramas @Lawyerh; would rather watch news or documentaries instead. hahahah.....so never watched my mister.. real life is stressful enough. I like melos but find slice of life dramas very disheartening. I want to watch dramas that leave me with a good feel in the end. 536
  5. what was the story about? checked her IG and seeing this pic posted a few days ago.. no idea why she is standing with a background of chemistry symbols but all I could immediately spot was "He" (helium) and Ge (germanium).. why are those 2 so big? ...
  6. fusion? sounds like a version of faith? 534
  7. As I got closer to the ending, every time Pres. Kang and secretary Song came on screen, felt like smacking them for their arrogance and the way they treat people. but was also filled with a question -- what motivates pres kang? what is his agenda? so it was VP Lee who finally explained that -- the old man was behind power and wanted to continue being president. Kang was a difficult character to understand. he was charming and would flatter his employees with some small encouragement or vague incentive that they would fall over themselves trying to fulfill his goals and then he would throw them away showing that he had other goals in mind. so what were these goals? still not clear to me (if anyone else gets it, please post)... he seems to think that daehan bank was a part of him and he was free to do as he pleases. at the same time, he seemed to believe that he wasn't acting out of personal interest but rather out of the interest of the bank only. was he self-deluded or was it a combination of ambition, greed as well as a sense of duty? it was difficult to tell in some ways. in the end, he was willing to end the drama by falling on the sword because otherwise, what he had helped to build -- the bank -- would totally fall if Noh had to take it to the prosecutors... Han came through in the end as she realized that her two mentors - yook and kang -- had both used her as a pawn in their games and she was never really part of the team in a way. her interaction with lee as she resigned made me laugh. don't you want me to resign so you don't have competition? lee is honest enough to chuckle a yes. hahahah.... lee remained as ambitious as ever but unlike kang, he is able to recognize that people run on different motivations. while he was wary if Noh would become president, he understood the larger problem was to get rid of kang first. unlike kang who found it hard to believe that noh didn't harbour ambitions, lee at least understood sort of. with the meeting scene in the end, it looks like lee would be a better president than kang as he at least takes genuine input from his execs. all in all, it was a good drama. since it ended a day after doctor prisoner, it had good ratings. read it ended on about 7%. not bad no?
  8. hahahha... isn't he supposed to have face blindness? so why go through so much effort to change appearance. not like he can tell that this is a hot version of her. LOL..
  9. just randomly popping my head in and the stills fill me with so much Qs! -- do PDs realize how much it costs to make perms on naturally straight hair? why is it always associated with being frumpy? LOL.... -- why do stylist always choose oversize glasses which is actually a no-no if you are a regular wearer? (public service announcement: when you pick glasses, smile. your cheeks should slide in nicely and not push the glasses up. if it does, it is too big for your face) -- so does she straighten her hair and change colour and puts on contact lenses every time she meets him as that other girl?
  10. no worries. sometimes I wonder why some plots get stuck in our brain but we forget others..... 512
  11. another movie plot -- it was japanese and I watched it on a flight. so maybe it was decent hit? has anyone seen it and remember the name? it was a train station master... putting in spoiler as it is quite long.... can't believe I remember so much even though I watched it years ago! 970
  12. @sushilicious @triplem ~ do either of you remember these movies? think it was HK and watched them YEARS ago. only remember bits of the story. so plot#1: guy is undercover cop and so infiltrates mafia. as part of his cover, he starts making move (or maybe it just happens that way) on the villain's daughter who is a real spoilt brat. he even marries her to maintain cover. then girl becomes kind of sane? -- anyway, think she warns him when she as well as dad starts realizing his true identity. and there is a big shoot out and villain is killed. she meanwhile runs off to cambodia/thailand or somewhere and she is actually pregnant and living in some country side thinking guy has abandoned her. however, despite himself, he fell in love with her for real and so comes to get her in the end.... plot #2: guy is ex-criminal and comes out of jail after many years. everything has changed. no one to talk to except the young son of his cranky landlady. she is either divorced or widowed. they have this kind of slow antagonistic romance -- basically she doesn't trust him and he sort of finds her old and prickly (even though she is younger than him! hahahha)... anyway, she gets appendicitis and he rushes her to hospital and she then changes her mind about him and feels that he is alright. then I don't remember what all happened but something about his old gang?.... in the end, he leaves with her and son to macau? or somewhere in the hope to start a new life where his past crimes don't drag him. 962
  13. kekekek... so either he dies or he leaves? based on the video, this looks like a gentler version of the bodyguard movie with whitney houston except she is nice and not stupid? kekeke.. yea I watched it and basically my reaction was "meh". hahahahah... so I won't say since you liked it but yea. there was something missing for me and so it just got on that finished but forgotten pile. used to watch lee seo jin before he became a big star and have watched him even in daily/weekend dramas! LOL..... well this was the only drama of his that I liked. basically it is all about the chemistry and this drama is fascinating because he was actually the second lead. he wasn't supposed to get the girl. but since the audience fell in love with him, the writer wrote it in such a way that she ended up with him and the first lead ended more or less alone but had a different journey! so that way, quite memorable. 962
  14. sometimes I wonder why I am so bored with romance dramas these days but then I watch a scene like this from a classic and I know! when I first watched this scene, my heart was like dugun dugun from all the chemistry! and it was their first interaction and they were strangers. what a meet!! this is how melos are made! @triplem @kokodus @ktcjdrama @Sejabin @sushilicious @Lawyerh @staygold ~ just watch the first minute and half. and sushi -- think you might enjoy beautiful days as it is kind of a dark romance in a way of the good old fashioned kind... 956
  15. @Sejabin ~ try the ones I mentioned (phoenix with lee seo jin and scandal with kim jae won). @ktcjdrama ~ other melos I can think of are also quite old but I loved them enough to re-watch. try suspicious housekeeper if you are looking for something completely different. another classic is beautiful days with lee byung hun and choi ji woo -- lee was supposed to be the second lead but he ends up getting the girl due to sizzling chemistry!!!! @sushilicious ~ there have been some melos that have been surprised me. more than the story, the strength of the melo really lies in its emotions and how well the actors sell it it you. so it really does require some serious acting chops which is why melos tend to draw in older or experienced actors. once the emotions are in place, you are on edge wondering when it will all fall apart. 956
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