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  1. 962 so sorry to hear that @LSGLMH_88 but I can understand the feeling of both relief and grief at the same time. it is difficult to watch them suffer but at the same time, there is a gap in your heart that they are gone. hugs.
  2. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    yea and I feel like I should protest every time I see this! .... am always surprised that eyeglasses company don't want to sponser their merchandise. they always seem to do it on these legal type dramas where the old ajusshis will keep changing glasses. do PDs and writers realize how many varieties of glasses there are and how long people take in choosing a pair? do they realize how expensive frames can be? and do they know how much time, effort, money goes into curling/waving hair before a night out? or how long women sit with those creams in their head if they want it more semi-permanent? pfft! to PDs and writers on this trope:
  3. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    # 61 - the mysterious gardener with green thumb (aka PD team) all these folks live in rooftop rooms and they work hard. leave early in morning and come back when it is late at night. none of them seem to water plants but there are these beautiful lush plants. who is that mystery gardener?
  4. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    ah, photo booth. the one where automatic pic comes out. and they break up later. got it! and yes, what is it about babies? maybe they talk in baby language and there is some sort of permanent bond? where is my kindergarten soulmate?
  5. Thank you so much. I was trying to make the viewers understand NJ's motives. He is not totally evil, so I picked up all the good points in him, and analyzed all his motives. Even Suho felt sorry for him sometimes. I liked the blog too and I haven't even watched the drama! hahahha... but technically it sounds like one of those dramas where you watching the beginning and then the ending ep and you can still guess what happened! 962
  6. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    wait, phone booth still exist with cell phones?
  7. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    here's the grand list we have so far: #1 - lazy second lead #2 - Memory loss due to a certain accident or trauma. #3 - Annoying prospective mother in law who tries to break up the couple. #4 - Annoying 2nd leads (be it male or female) who tries to break up the couple. #5 - Bad boy turn good cos of the girl. #6 - Love at first sight. 7 # Make Over #8 Also OTT Shipper mom's #9 Hot Priest is a Must #10 Female Lead's Husband Always Cheats so that OTP can be together. #11 Meet up at a fast food restaurant: #12 annoying/ always perfect love confession #13 changing face/feeling/double personality/Amnesia #14 Cryptic Message in Bible 15 # medical / miracle diagnosis #16 Serial killers or psychopaths are already hot Oppas lol. #17 The Car splash shield scene/shielding the FL from incoming bike. 18 # kdrama Robot ( that always cute /hunk / delicious ) #18 ~ Warming your love when it's too cold outside #19 ~ Cherry Blossom walk/confession/date/kiss/break-up 20# copy/paste elevator incident #21 pushing someone (be it male or female) aggressively against the wall for a (surprising) kiss. #22 Following the Disney stories especially Cinderella. 23# little thing that is disgusting & supposed to be funny 24# oops moment #25 Oppa AHA Moment / lead in disguise 26# 18+ moment \ make out / drooling #27 Contract marriage/ Fake dating #28 digital romance #29 DNA test to check parentage (it must always be swapped ) #30 lost daughter/son #31 someone suffers from liver cirrhosis and needs donation #32 mothers tying a white band because of headache #33 cute child actors in dailies # 34 second lead who is cuter than the main lead, but the lady is either weak-sighted or has a bad taste in men #35 - Good girl gone bad #36 Noraebang ~ happy or sad, noraebang is the place to go. #37 Falling sick after getting drenched just once in rain!!!! #38 The mandatory porridge for the sick person. #39 The hangover soup/medicines #40 Jump to water you won't die #41 Body not found, don't conclude he / she die #42 Run away from prison, pretend faint or suicide #43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid. #44 Yellow Umbrella Prop #45 Hand Bleeding & Aid Kit Box #46 Mixed Identity 47# Non stop reminder of dazzling sun #48 Kids to Save #49 Inhumane Lead #50 giving tofu to someone released from prison #51 hire 20 men to fight one man , when you got gun that can do the job #52 The cell phone battery is always dead when you most need it @sushilicious ~ your #51 lead in disguise was same as #25. so removing from list. your oppa can't keep reappearing. tagging friends from other threads, come join us and have a laugh naming some of the tropes you like -- @Sejabin @cenching @rocat @Jafstar @ck1Oz @triplem @turtlegirl @sn2111a @blademan @grake @thistle @reign84 @Ayame @africandramalover @Auntie Mame @selen4ever @Forsythia @enigmatic_zephy @rolisrntex @msmy @dramaninja @joccu @seteney
  8. thanks @grake ~ it is an emotional change at both ends and thats why folks are able to spot a difference in the same actions. so for her, before it was basically duty and paycheck. but now, she cares about him as a man, admits that she finds him attractive. she finds the way he has handled his prognosis and how he came to ask for her as cool and admirable. so it was seeing that he is just as vulnerable and her and is trying to achieve his goals -- something shifts in her. and as for him, yes, it is trust but think maybe it is a mind over heart issue. in some sense, he already trusted her because he wasn't worrying whether she will blab to the management about his prognosis when he saw her in the hospital. he doesn't hire her to keep his secret. he already knew that she had some idea of his illness but not perhaps all the details. and he wasn't super embarassed. in a way, it was hard for him to ask for help but he was also not that ill at ease like one would be with someone you don't trust. so it seems like his mind had to say "yea, lets trust her" because his heart already did. and he already cared prior to his accident as he came for that sports day just for her which shocked everyone. however, he still didn't want to extend her contract because of his past experience. so in a sense, for both, they were thinking out of their mind earlier but now they are thinking with both mind and hearts and thats the difference the folks are seeing?
  9. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    makes sense. maybe thats why we never see rain dances in club scenes in kdramas.... #43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid.
  10. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    is this the fancy vacuum cleaner? I never can figure out what is that round thing.... in some dramas, this trope can be highly entertaining. in others, you are wondering why her brain is still stupid because she is still doing dumb things even though she is trying to be bad. what is noraebang -- is that the tent restaurants? or the karoeke place? or the sauna? thanks @staygold for doing our number count done right... guess, tropical country folks have good constitution? or just used to getting wet in rain?
  11. yea you would think that one would be surprised right? but am guessing that this was shady mom's of controlling for years and so maybe jenny has gotten used to the concept that she has some sort of bad luck. she doesn't seem to have any friends or any interactions besides her mom. so she doesn't seem to have a way of knowing that this isn't normal. so eun seok is already picking up that something is wrong but how will she react? will she be in denial for 20+ episodes? actually they briefly mentioned his back story when the secretary gave his bio to the grandfather in ep 1 or 2. so from what I remember, five years ago or more, he was wrongly accused. so a case went wrong. he was forced to resign. around the same time, his wife fell sick. they don't mention of what but it was serious and so this guy was forced to take out loans and when he couldn't pay, he started doing odd jobs like delivery driver. but the treatment didn't work and she died. and he still had to pay for the loans they took and so he just continued. thats the brief the secretary gave grandfather. so I doubt ex-cop was at the scene because it seemed like he had been out of police work for a few years. maybe 3-5 years or so...
  12. 886 @nohamahamoud2002 ~ yea I get what you are saying... but how come your font size is so big in the post?
  13. yes, it did some. but still wondering what is that point of change in their relationship because from the outside, it doesn't look like their interactions have changed that much. at least to me, it just feels more or less like a continuation of before. they are super at ease which is why we are getting so much skinship as a non-couple. it is like those friends movies where we see two people who should be together but they don't see it...from the beginning, it struck me that she was acting more like wifey than secretary. if we see the other ladies in the office, they know how to draw a line. however, gal hee saw it as more keeping her job..... but no one commented on it earlier...
  14. actually thought this actress was the one playing gal hee's younger sister but it turns out that she is one of the secretary. she is the uncle's secretary who is trying to spy on gal hee and has some link to the driver... finally caught up on this week's episodes.. am really enjoying veronica park. she is so flighty and shrewd at the same time. and she is hilarious in the way she chases dae joo. he rejects her dinner invitation and calls himself jerk and she says "attractive!" hahahahha.... so was anyone else confused by the last two episodes? so both veronica park and dae joo notice that min ik and gal hee have a very affectionate vibe and immediately call them on it. now here's my confusion -- it is not like min ik and gal hee are actually acting any different from before. even earlier, they were both a bit too chummy for secretary and boss. who gives a coat to man like that when you are not related? they were very friendly and it would have been easy for someone to say "oooh, is something going on?".. what is the change that folks would say "ooh, what's cooking?" they still care about each other. the skinship existed earlier too in some sense. min ik was very comfortable giving her a hug and it wasn't awkward for him. it was in some sense an extension of their relationship. so what has changed? is it because gal hee saw him as a man when she was veronica park? is it because there is an emotional change -- because of his illness, he is open about how he feels with her? chingus, what do you think? what is different from before -- why didn't folks earlier think their relationship was quite close?
  15. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    maybe because they have good plastic surgeons? so easy to change face?
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