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  1. MY did used "blue heart icon" in her post https://www.instagram.com/p/BZLRcp_lWoo/?taken-by=rachel_mypark hehe
  2. I think your heart never will be broken. If I never know something. I just dont care about this. Hehe
  3. In her first interview was deleted she said the same thing like PSJ. They only denied sns envidences. And PP couple situations is not the same like Song Song couple about their rummor dating. So I think we should not compare their answers.
  4. I won' forgive you, dear. So uncomly comment from you in this thread make me feel uncomfortable.
  5. Do you guys notice that no one see her in Paris on 07/08? A fan met her today, and some fans met her before. But I don't see a fan's pic with her yesterday. lol
  6. From the article that was beinh deleted. PMY give the same reply like PSJ. She did not deny the rummor with him. She deny the envidence in SNS. But I want to wait the official news.
  7. Why ppl alway bring her past, she lives well now. Happy and full of energy, just see the point. Sometime don't be dramatic. She is celeb, she had debut about ten years, she know how to deal everthing. I believe she is so strong and smart not like you guys said.
  8. I don't know why you guys laugh at the reporter of TF. If you guys can read Korean news, you will know why the rummor come out so quickly and why they give more and more attention to PP. Cause they knew something. Channel A order TF, they will be recieved the pic when it come out.
  9. This news about wedding I think they based on of The Fact article. Kang II Hong, the reporter of The Fact was interviewed by 800 repoters from other media in Korea about Park Park. He said, one moth before Wwsk ended, someone gave him the news about PP, so The Fact decided to investigate this. And TF said that they're dating or getting married like SS cpl. Their source from the closet of PP and from the CF angency
  10. lol if PSJ don't talk about the future why almost article talk about this. Cause he talked about this too. They took the line to create the tittle. Logic you guys, please. About yohap news, I only care the part he talked about PMY.
  11. Lol I don't read article in Soompi, I and my friend read it in korean link. So I think I give you the information. No article said he deny the rumor. OK!!!
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