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  1. @thistle I actually wanted to watch Time (before this one), and I still plan to - do a major binge watch now that it is also finished (I think). I have been following Seo Hyun's IG and saw all her updates regarding the drama. I love your idea of keeping a notebook of quotes from dramas. I know I definitely loved the ones from 3017 and will write them down in my journal. Thank you for your post. You have given me some serious food for thought.
  2. @inna75 @meechuttso Thank you so much for your posts and for your warm welcome. Omg, thank you for posting that awards evening bit! Who would've thought that they'd be working together a few months later, eh? Hahaha, love my new address! 3017 W Ggong-Seol Place, Dramaland... I really do not have any clue about anything regarding to having a shipper thread, feels like it's like a lame attempt (on my part). I am willing to learn and will try to do my best, though. Here is a couple of my own favorite screenshots. I have a lot more saved on my laptop, and I'm not even near halfway done with finding other ones, either. *Image hosting place having a tantrum and would only allow me to post thumbnails, but who cares? I know you all remember this bit (among many others). Oh my heart! I'm holding myself back from screaming in delight as I don't want to wake up the neighbors and be reported for noise pollution at nearly half-past 11 at night, hahaha!
  3. @thistle This is my first-ever drama that I followed a live broadcast. I may have said this (way too many times) before, but I'm glad I didn't wait too long to watch it and I got to join this group and experience all the highs and lows from this drama. I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to move on, considering I was borderline obsessed with this drama from the get-go. I told myself that it'd take me a long time to "get over" such a beautiful drama; I mean, I still get when I realize that there'll be no more 3017 live broadcasts come this Monday. I started watching the series from the beginning last night as well, but then I found myself checking out other dramas that already started and ones that will start (even that dratted airport one that's meant to start on October 1st lol). Although I was disappointed at how they had to rush things and leave out/skip some stuff (gosh, I did NOT even notice that huge fluffy mic during the cemetery scene, until the thirtybutseventeen IG posted about it), but I found myself quite okay with how this drama panned out. SBS better do a special, though! @bairama @dftio @meechuttso @r047 @m-sq @aisling Thank you for all your posts here. I enjoyed seeing and reading them. I'll try to read them more slowly next time when I have more time. @mademoisellesia Which website? The daum one? I must getting really thick nowadays as all I saw was Korean and just 'Google 'form' in English. @sunshine92 It's sad that there's not a lot of articles about this drama and how YSJ and SHS don't have photos together. @m-sq Hahaha, I recognize the background music they used every time Jennifer strutted down the street and even when she prepared that huge meal for the rowing team ('Shape of My Heart' by Sting -it's one of my favorite songs). I had a blast hanging out here and I'll still be stopping by A LOT. I really hope that I'll see you guys again on another thread. Any idea on what you're all going to watch next? Right, duty calls (yes, even when it's nearly 11pm). Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are. Ttyl
  4. @mademoisellesia Thank you for the translation. I managed to fill out the Google form earlier (they finally added an English translation on the actual link). I spent a week since signing up on the website trying to find the darn thing.
  5. I have caved in and gave in to my shipper heart, and voila! A thread just for Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun shippers of 3017. I've said this before and I will say it again ~ I am just so in love with this cute couple! I just could not get enough of them, and their on-screen chemistry (and maybe also off-screen?) has been through the roof. Feel free to post about your thoughts, favorite moments, basically about anything YSJ & SHS! I will be posting more, but you are more than welcome to add anything about these two *It's my first time to do something like this, so bear with me.
  6. @meechuttso Love what you wrote about one of your favorite moments I really want to know where to find someone like Mr. Gong, but alas maybe in my next life?? *I'll post about mine when I've had the chance to really think about it - I have so many! I was actually looking for their shipper thread and I'm (still) surprised that no one has set one up. I still have a lot of work to do in regards to getting screenshots from all the eps. Oh no! I will have to watch the whole series again for an indefinite period time to do this! Mr. Gong's last name reminded me of Gong Seung Yeon's and how Lee Jong Hyun used '0' to represent her last name on a couple keychain he made for her during their WGM stint. I used to have 0WJ<3WSR displayed on my IG bio I'll have to add it back after I post this! i have seen on IG them being referred to as JongSun couple. I've just had another look at the shippers' paradise link and omg... I'm tempted to. Hahahaha, love being referred to as a stoogette! @inna75 @Ni Wen @m-sq You all have expressed all the feels I have for this drama beautifully. Thank you I thought it was Tuesday today when I woke up and then that sad feeling took over when I realized that it was Wednesday and that the drama finished yesterday. I'm missing them so much! Alas, I have to do some more adulting now, so see you all on the flip side.
  7. @ktcjdrama Ah, thank you. Not sure if I'll find my own Mr. Gong, but I have the patience of a hundred saints, so who knows, right?
  8. @thistle @dramaninja I started watching Something in the Rain and didn't get even halfway through the first episode, because I decided to watch this one instead. Now I'm curious, though. Do you recommend I skip episodes? @Ni Wen I just finished watching the English subs. Ahhh, I'm missing it already. Good night and see you back here soon.
  9. @thistle It IS a healing drama, just like what YSJ and Paul Ahn said. The tears helped release and relieve bottled up emotions (for me), and yes, it felt good to have cried with you all.
  10. I swear this drama has one of the quickest turnarounds with regards to having the English subs out. Usually it's out really late at night, but it's now ready. I agree with everything @Dingy Conk said. This drama is a rare gem and I will remember it for a very long time. I'm glad the actors took on their respective roles when they did and they just all gelled together so naturally and without any hint of awkwardness showing through. I've learned so much from watching this. I'm really happy I watched this when I did and go through all the emotions with you all. Saranghae Now if only there's someone like Mr. Gong *sigh*
  11. @larrysouth That is simply amazing! Not a lot of people actually have what you and your wife has. You are both lucky, indeed. You guys give me hope. Thank you.
  12. @dftio Yay for shipper chingus! You read my mind re: if they do a Song-Song couple I'm a v. patient person (okay, not really when it comes to these things ) I agree, they're at what looks like a sudden peak in their careers, so it's okay for them to wait lol. @bonuibonui Haha, it's okay. My laptop finally decided to let me see it and I already saw it on IG a few weeks ago. Woohoo, get them detective skills working bwahahaha! I know I've said it many times before, but I'm so in love with this couple. @BlueNotes Omg, I didn't think that you'd look up their compatibility, too! *high five*
  13. @bonuibonui I can't see the photo? Oh! That one? I love that photo of theirs! I know right?? I shipped them bad before, it has become worse now!
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