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  1. I like your analysis, friend. You are right, no need to worry about the news out there, enjoy what we can enjoy. I am not even a shipper, too, but no doubt I am a lover of their chemistry. I also believe if there is something between them. Even if it's not dating, I have confidence that they are attracted to each other. All the reasons you has said, it is my reasons too, and what I want to add is this video. as a HB fan, I can only see comfort HB in here. He really is very comfortable here. Not only that, my eyes saw his great confidence. How he received the kiss on his cheek, with his hand on YJ's waist, and his hand was not still, he patted her waist gently. Some people may only care about HB's flat face. But no, he's not flat, it's just that he looks like "I'll handle everything". He looks dominant here. How he hugged YJ's shoulder after the photo shoot and even squeezed her shoulder. This is a very intimate interaction in my opinion. And here I don't know if YJ was exhausted, because she walked like she staggered before HB hugged her, but I saw YJ also seemed comfortable leaning when HB embraced her. And we know this is their last BTS video shoot. As for HB Agency, I can't say anything. It's just that I feel the Agency has become very aggressive at the rumors relating to YJ. If someone says "he just doesn't want to be associated with YJ". If he doesn't want to be associated, he doesn't like her. Is there someone who hugs a partner he doesn't like? since he didn't even have to do it, he could just bow, or just shake her hand. Well, if the agency does it with HB's agreement, so I just think that he has his own reasons. and one of the reasons I'm thinking is, he doesn't want his privacy to be a public concern. CLOY is very famous even in various countries. In Korea itself, I think it's also quite famous, because I just saw a lot of Korean language comments in various places about this drama, so that I can't even search for comets in English. And of course protecting YJ's privacy too. Maybe he only discourages the public's interest in them, but HB who doesn't have Social Media doesn't know, even people these days can't be stopped that easily. Some people say, "HB did not reject the rumors of his date with his other ex." They should know, YJ is a different woman from ex-HBs. How can she live with an image of 'clean' without rumors in the Korean entertainment world since 16 years ago, of course she can be considered special, because it means she can manage her life well. It is a big mistake if they have to compare it with other ex-HBs. and this could also be, HB considers her special too so he can't treat her the same as his other ex-ex. So let's pray, we are happy if this ship will sail. But still don't overdo it, we must also respect the privacy of their lives.
  2. Hi, before that, I want to say, "nice to meet you ...!" I agree with you. Some people do make a fuss about the 'hands under the table.' They exaggerate about it. This is actually a little logic. I'm in the middle of "hands under this table". Some said that it was not HB's hand, they could not possibly show love in front of the crew. But to be honest, I don't completely agree with this reasoning. It happened under the table, they could have thought nobody saw it. The person in front of them may be only 2 PD-nim and also a cameraman, they are people who know their relationship. But frankly, if asked, is that HB's hand? I will not answer yes. The photo is very unclear. There are indeed two hands there, one with the sleeve of a lighter colored suit, the other one having a darker color. It cannot be confirmed whether one hand is smaller than the other hand. If it's just a matter of the difference in the suit's arm's color, it could be the effect of light on the photo. One gets light, the other doesn't. It can't be confirmed clearly if it was HB's hand, or it could be Yee Jin's two hands. Because of that to be able to be sure of the first thing we have to find the whereabouts of Yee Jin's left hand first, I'm sure no one can find where her left hand is. Therefore, in my opinion exaggerating this "hand under the table" is a bit illogical, rather childish. (Forgive me if someone is offended ...) 1. You're right, I read that comment too. Funny actually. How can we judge that much with just a few photos, and several hours of video duration. HB didn't smile at all during the interview, he smiled but maybe he needed to smile as needed. People have been speculating excitedly from some of the promotional videos from the negotiator's film because he smiles too much. So this time maybe he just wants to restrain himself. To be honest, this actually made me think, "maybe it's true if they really are dating." 2. I laugh reading the comment. Can't they tell the difference between drama and real life? How could they possibly try to associate it? Very childish. Or are they actually not fans of this drama? they didn't watch this drama in full, they only saw the snippet and that was only part of the Kiss scene. Kiss Scene, well I actually want it too. It's just, we have to see their characters in the drama. The slow development of skinship I think is something that matches their character. But I guess this is an interesting thing from the RiRi couple. Their romanticism is very different from other Korean romantic dramas. And without just kissing scenes they could make this drama get a 17% rating. So I won't complain much about kiss scenes. The issue of whether they are dating or not, I honestly don't want to worry about that. I love them, their chemistry is great, their visuals are perfect, so how could I not love this couple. It's just that I also agree, for an introvert like me I appreciate that they should be given privacy. If they do have a relationship, let them live it calmly and without pressure. Some people can get further away if they continue to be pressured. It could also confuse them about "is that their feeling or is it just public expectations?" It is true, a Shipper of course wants to get Hits for the satisfaction and happiness of the shipper. It's just that we need to learn how to refrain from overreacting. Because it involves the lives of other people. No one is happy if their privacy is interfered with by others. This is just my opinion, if anyone is offended, I'm sorry. and forgive me about my bad English. Greetings, everyone. Glad to return to the Soompi forum again.
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