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    Hello CLOY comrades! Just dropping by to say a quick hello. I'm happy to see that the thread is still alive and kicking. Nice to see familiar faces I encountered almost daily during the CLOY live airing like @TotoroSY, @hibiscus23, and @eLizza still on board and making the thread a pleasurable read. (I know there are more but I haven't gotten around to reading further back yet. Hi guys!!!). Fun times back then, huh? :wub:


    A big hello also to the new viewers of CLOY and loving it enough that they care to share their thoughts about the show here. I personally love CLOY very much and it warms my heart to know that more and more are discovering it and enjoying it at the same time. Sorry if we didn't warn you beforehand that it's addicting. If it impels you to watch it over and over again, that's part of the CLOY addiction. You're still normal. You have become one of us -- for good and for bad. Supposedly, the withdrawal/condolence period as prescribed by Se Ri is six months, but here I am back again after three. So who is Se Ri kidding, huh? Let me be the one to tell you that there is no moving on from CLOY. We may head for other dramas and equally relish them with delight, but we will always hold CLOY very dear to our hearts. 


    If there are other new CLOY viewers who may have clarifications about some scenes and new perspectives on the show's plot and narratives, feel free to post them. It would be nice to read fresh insights as well as revisit topics even after months CLOY ended. You're lucky that @TotoroSY is the most active member here and is on deck for a discussion. Haha. She's one of the CLOY comrades I looked forward to reading during the live airing. 


    Hey, @Ameera Ali, I was just browsing the directory and caught a glimpse of your name as one of Soompi's top contributors! You're still rocking it as usual, huh! Lucky are the new drama threads who get to be amused by your funny gifs and witty banters. 


    As I'm sure many of you already know, our beloved Captain Ri will have some media events with Smart (a telecoms carrier in the Philippines) tomorrow. Hope we get to support Hyun Bin in this new project. Besides, seeing him again, even in the virtual flesh, is soothing to our hearts. :)


    Oh, and congrats to CLOY, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, to writer-nim and director-nim (I miss calling them this way), and to the other cast members for the Baeksang Arts nominations. Good luck! I'm rooting for all of you!!! :wub:







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  2. 1 hour ago, liltash85 said:

    So, the drama had reached the North. OMG, i hope the issue just ends there... hope nothing bad will happen to the production team and the casts. 


    The Korea Herald article posted above is actually less menacing, but the articles I saw published in Korean contained words like (roughly translated) "SK authorities and the producers who create and disseminate movies and dramas that are a complete distortion and fabrication from the truth, shall pay the price for their vicious behavior."

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  3. 4 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

    seri’s choice! a momento to Ae Yeong



    is using the hands to cover the face a new photo trend now?? i’m seeing this pose so often on IG these days!! (i need big palms to cover my moon face)


    This man set the trend 16 years ago and it never went out of style. :joy:







    So the propsman who did RJH's application to the Basel music school and his Chinese fake passport strikes again, huh? :lol: This time with SJ's passport. If you're a diplomat posted in a certain country, you don't carry that country's passport, you carry your own country's. Nowhere in CLOY showed or suggested that SJ acquired a North Korean citizenship for him to carry a NK passport. He's a British citizen, more likely a fake diplomat, but he should be carrying a British passport. 




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  4. 51 minutes ago, kriswu said:

    I’ve gone way past the honeymoon phase cos I literally thought it looked like a maternity/family shoot :lol:

    When those photos came out, I didn’t see the CLOY watermark and also the photos were all over IG so I honestly thought VAST announced something like “We’re expecting!” LOL almost gave me a heart attack!!



    Seriously? OMG. That will be the day! When that happens, we need to send a coffee truck to the VAST staff. They will need it. :lol::D


    Oh, and I'm sure you were thinking that it was convenient that they were filming during winter bec the thick jacket was hiding the baby bump. :D:lol:


    Me, I saw the photos with the TVN logo so I knew they were from CLOY. But I saw the selfie pic first so I thought they were just BTS pics. Then I saw the preggie Se Ri and I'm like OMG this was supposed to be the ending that didn't air because it would mean that they have gotten married and by doing so RJH must have defected. And they don't like the defection part. Oh well... :sweatingbullets:



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  5. 27 minutes ago, cybertron said:


    cr : KimSooHanMoo - HB Thread

    Hyun Bin Esquire Sept 2019.


    So,now the drama is over,are u happy with our reaction dear Hyun Bin :smirk:.



    "Why" Because you want to know what the reaction is?"  I hate that the interviewer threw that as a conditioned question. It sets a limitation around which Hyun Bin explains why he wants to go to the end of the drama. For all you know, it's not about wanting to know how the viewers would react, but something else. :lol:

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  6. 18 minutes ago, superspace said:


    Both of you said it all!

    I don't want to pressure HB & SYJ, but seriously it is impossible for not shipping them.

    Literally, epilog in Ep 15 proves that. How all their behaviour to each other indicates they are in love :love:




    Me too. And when one with a Gong Yoo profile photo says that she doesn't want to pressure them, I believe it wholeheartedly. :D 


    I also appreciate their sense of humor to allow CLOY to parody their circumstances, even those that have been considered a "scandal" in SK. 

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  7. :wub: 




    And Se Ri is pregnant!!!! 




    This is what they didn't want to air because of political pressure. I'll camp out here a bit in the shippers thread while I heave a huge sigh of disappointment after knowing from the CLOY thread that political interference was made to alter the ending. That's why I said last night that the ending was anti-climactic. It was an unlikely characteristic of the show to gloss over very important details about the reality of SK/NK politics and I've always praised the writers for their determined actions on the matter as reflected in certain episodes. I guess this is the compromise granted to them (after taking a lot of jibes at SK/NK political situation) by management given all the troubling factors external to the CLOY story. But I accept the ending. It's still a good one but you know an important fact was missing. :mellow: 


    Still thanks TVN for trying to comfort us by showing what should have been the real ending had it not been badgered by pesky politics. 

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  8. 55 minutes ago, GlowWithTheFlow said:

    And there he goes w/ his thumb again! Someone told me I was being delusional and that it is just part of his acting/script. I refuse to believe it anymore. 


    The thing is whatever "delusions" are thought up here, they validate them on CLOY. Like mirroring, the groceries, holding hands under the table, thumb rubbing while holding hands, what else? :D 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, SC2019 said:

    SR is at home. She opens the fridge I think for the first time, and sees all the food and the notes that JH has left for her, including the well-stocked larder in her house. She tears up, and sinks to the floor. She goes to sleep and listens to piano recording. She suddenly sits straight up as she gets a message from JH. It turns out the the NIS agent has taught JH how to pre-record messages and send them at a later date. How kind of him...


    JH says he is worried about her. He arranged her book shelf and did the same thing for her, spelling out the words I love you, just like she did for him before.


    She is getting ready for work and gets another message from him. I think he asks her to eat, and she munches on an apple. I think he tells to be careful on the road as she drives, we can see her looking at her sideview mirrors as she drives.



    All this happens then Crush's "Let Us Go" cues in. Cruel, cruel director-nim. :bawling:

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