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  1. This man set the trend 16 years ago and it never went out of style. ****** So the propsman who did RJH's application to the Basel music school and his Chinese fake passport strikes again, huh? This time with SJ's passport. If you're a diplomat posted in a certain country, you don't carry that country's passport, you carry your own country's. Nowhere in CLOY showed or suggested that SJ acquired a North Korean citizenship for him to carry a NK passport. He's a British citizen, more likely a fake diplomat, but he should be carrying a British passport.
  2. In case you want to visit the location of RJH and Seri's love nest, it is in Lungern.
  3. Seriously? OMG. That will be the day! When that happens, we need to send a coffee truck to the VAST staff. They will need it. Oh, and I'm sure you were thinking that it was convenient that they were filming during winter bec the thick jacket was hiding the baby bump. Me, I saw the photos with the TVN logo so I knew they were from CLOY. But I saw the selfie pic first so I thought they were just BTS pics. Then I saw the preggie Se Ri and I'm like OMG this was supposed to be the ending that didn't air because it would mean that they have gotten married and by doing so RJH must have defected. And they don't like the defection part. Oh well...
  4. Can't stop laughing bec I just saw earlier that you wanted to sell your children.
  5. "Why" Because you want to know what the reaction is?" I hate that the interviewer threw that as a conditioned question. It sets a limitation around which Hyun Bin explains why he wants to go to the end of the drama. For all you know, it's not about wanting to know how the viewers would react, but something else.
  6. Me too. And when one with a Gong Yoo profile photo says that she doesn't want to pressure them, I believe it wholeheartedly. I also appreciate their sense of humor to allow CLOY to parody their circumstances, even those that have been considered a "scandal" in SK.
  7. There's character development in their roles as well, even in real life.
  8. These pics are giving me honeymoon vibes though. In the presscon they were giving off recently married vibes.
  9. And Se Ri is pregnant!!!! This is what they didn't want to air because of political pressure. I'll camp out here a bit in the shippers thread while I heave a huge sigh of disappointment after knowing from the CLOY thread that political interference was made to alter the ending. That's why I said last night that the ending was anti-climactic. It was an unlikely characteristic of the show to gloss over very important details about the reality of SK/NK politics and I've always praised the writers for their determined actions on the matter as reflected in certain episodes. I guess this is the compromise granted to them (after taking a lot of jibes at SK/NK political situation) by management given all the troubling factors external to the CLOY story. But I accept the ending. It's still a good one but you know an important fact was missing. Still thanks TVN for trying to comfort us by showing what should have been the real ending had it not been badgered by pesky politics.
  10. The thing is whatever "delusions" are thought up here, they validate them on CLOY. Like mirroring, the groceries, holding hands under the table, thumb rubbing while holding hands, what else?
  11. And they have campanulas in their garden. Like my soompi name. LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!!
  12. They got married. Got a house by the lake in Bern! I LOVE IT!!!! Or just a love nest. Doesn't matter. Still love it.
  13. It's still not on Netflix. Why? OMG, the epilogue that @jeonghyang posted above. Yes. The answer is they're holding hands under the table. Take that, VAST!
  14. RJH is allowed to play the piano in the middle of Lindenhof Hill. Still so privileged until the end. The ending is anti-climactic. But, hey, there's finally a kiss!
  15. And yes, we guessed it right. RJH had a photo of Se Ri in his camera in Sigriswil.
  16. And the second leads get to kiss again (the old kiss in the bridge), yet the first leads, zilch, nada, none.
  17. All this happens then Crush's "Let Us Go" cues in. Cruel, cruel director-nim.
  18. Of course, the ship is armed with its arsenal of mirroring pics and videos. I didn't expect anything less from you guys.
  19. It's funny how the young NIS guy was still raring to speak about RJH's cool acts and how he and Se Ri are in love but his boss kept cutting him off. Memorable screen time for the actor who played the HB-SYJ shipper... I mean.. the young NIS guy.
  20. OMG, the NIS encouraging RJH to stay and he running away to cross the barricade looks like he is defecting. I'm cool with that. With that guaranteed, the rest of the story will fall into place. I'm still ok with you, writer-nim. Hugest thanks, @alleram95 for the translation.
  21. The ending. You've gotta be kidding me!!!! Writer-nim, RJH won't even let a single drop of rain hit Se Ri and this is what you did to him! That's very cruel of you, writer-nim.
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