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  1. So they are in the Jungfrau bec that's the Jungfraubahn (Jungfrau Railway) in her photo. They're probably headed to Jungfraujoch, the so-called 'Top of Europe'. Very nice location. Getting more excited for the drama now. And please, I hope they'll get more snow than that.
  2. It's weird to say this, but I know where the place is. It's right outside the Museum Strauhof in Old Town Zurich. Haven't been to the museum but I've been to some restaurants nearby. It's quite a touristy area so it's not a surprise someone recognized him there. Esquire graced us with such lovely stuff this week. Thanks @randomlee and @thi2018 for the translations. Very much appreciated. That Esquire video though made me ask, "how old is this guy? 25?" I wonder where they will shoot their scenes in Switzerland. There's not that much to shoot in Zurich proper unless it's to show the affluence of SYJ's character like shopping along Bahnhofstrasse. I am guessing they will have mountain scenes in Schilthorn, where a famous restaurant at the peak was where a James Bond movie was filmed in the 1960s. But that will be in another region/canton. Or that will be too cliché. Well, I'm really just looking forward to their Switzerland scenes and see if we can identify the locations. I so like this video. I need to post this here. With HB wearing Omega in this issue, does that mean he bagged the Omega CF too? Or that's not how it works? I hope they got Omega for CLL. For MOA, they got Breitling.
  3. You're right. Although I'm not good at recognizing a lot of faces, much less their backs.
  4. Thanks for this. This is quite informative. After seeing the script reading photos, it's good to finally be able to put a face to the name. I am also glad that the show is going to take the romantic comedy route. There's just too much tension between SK and NK these days, what with the series of missiles that NK launched this week, that it'll be wise for the show to have a lighter and more upbeat take on any SK and NK related issues. I can imagine how the other characters mentioned will provide the needed comedic relief.
  5. Nice to see the script reading photos. Now we know the show is finally rolling. There were photos weeks ago where they encircled a man and a woman who had their backs turned against the camera and were labeled as HB and SYJ. Seeing the photos now I think the woman was not SYJ bec she's actually wearing black in the script reading. The woman in those photos was wearing white.
  6. Now I'm curious. I also want to know what this conversation is about. I thought that with their reaction along with the audience's collective gasp the director gave away a spoiler?
  7. Nice to see that the cast is pretty much complete and that filming has begun. I have never been more excited in seeing how a a drama is made from what began as a stern vow on Hyun Bin's part to work with Son Ye Jin again in a melodrama during Negotiation's promo, to a dating rumour (we can't leave that out, come on ), to official announcements of their acceptance of the drama, to eyeing clandestine photos of the script reading, to hearing news of filming in Switzerland, to sighting photos of the actual filming on location, and hopefully to its airing in November. Good luck to the CLL team!
  8. Oh, look: The drama's thread has been created here as well and some of you have been posting on it already. I should start posting here too. That will at least be our little contribution to promoting the drama? I'm still not liking the title though. I saw an article that had "Love Landing" as a title. Another article with "Fall Arrival of Love". These two are a lot better than CLL. The word "crash" in CLL is just a bit off for me. But I believe it's the literal English translation of the Korean title. I hope they will change it to a better sounding title in English since it will be shown internationally -- if that's not too much to ask from production.
  9. Just practicing how to post pictures from imgur on this thread to prepare for when the drama begins in a few months and we need to post screen caps. I hope this works. *crosses fingers* Pic above: I have noticed that their threads here were created on the same date 14 years ago. Or maybe it's just some coincidence.
  10. Yes, actors, crew, and staff in TV and movie productions are usually asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to avoid leaks in the script, set design, costumes, locations, etc., and to also to protect the actors' privacy. Early this year Sky Castle was rocked with script leaks before a particular episode was aired which angered the cast, production and sponsors.
  11. I think the Universe conspired with him to grant this wish because it gave him one whose last name is "hand" in Korean.
  12. I don't know. Only the writer knows how this will end. But if they want to be together one of them has to defect to the other's country if they want to live in that country, which is not a good ending. I don't find it plausible to have HB's character defecting to SK so he can live with SYJ's character, and the other way around.
  13. They need to have a neutral country where a citizen of SK and NK can "get together" in the end without restrictions from their own countries. Switzerland has diplomatic ties with both SK and NK and acts as a mediator to resolve the conflict in the Korean peninsula. I guess in setting up for a happy ending.
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