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  1. I think this post show exactly why what JH is doing is super smart. He has seen the drought of scripts coming way sooner than others, and he's working to create his own opportunities. Kinda like he did with TJ. I actually think that going the action rout is a good choice, as there's a big fandom for martial arts. I just think for the begining he needs to stick to the swordfights and historicals, as his skill in them is unparalleled
  2. Plagiarizing stories?! I wonder how can a Kdrama writer be accused of plagiarism, when so many of the plots are virtually identical. The different genres tend to be so repetitive in my eyes, that most of them can be accused of being copy-paste of each other! Maybe they don't have identical lines, but the structures and formulas are. This is why I, again, will say how I appreciate BH. It maybe wasn't perfect, but it sure broke the mold... I'm trying right now to watch a show called The Goddess of Revenge, and it's OK, but it's very formulaic- not necessarily to revenge shows, but to vigilante shows.
  3. Hmm... Also lets not forget Cruise jumping on the sofa episode... You need to remember that both Cruise and Aamir Khan were huge stars, with many commercial successes behind them in the cinema. That is not the case with JH. What he has is the respect he gets as an actor, as many agree he's one of the best actors in Korea, and his action prowess. @YouwinJH Don't know most of the names you mentioned, but JH is his own man. He strikes his own path the way he sees fit. Also, being surrounded by friends who are active in the variety field probably also has much to do with him doing more of these shows.
  4. Again, with the imitations... and to his face... sigh... @YouwinJH JH lives in Korea, and in Korea all celebrities have to contend with and do the silly variety and interview shows. It's what they do. JH used to be low profile, as in the past JH didn't do those shows since he was uncomfortable with them, but I think in the last few years he realized that it's just part of the business. So he goes along with the silliness of the shows and goes along with the MCs nonsense. It's what you do in those shows. Including pretending to not being annoyed by people imitating him... 🧐. You mentioned Jisung being low profile, but JH is building a business right now, so he can't afford being low profile! He has so much more at stake here. So he needs to play the game of the Korean show business . The situation in Hollywood and Bollywood is different. In the last few years I've been a fan of Shahid Kapoor, a Bollywood actor, and most of what Shahid does is serious interviews about his craft and process, something that JH rarely gets to do. Some interviews are not that serious, but are still straight up interviews. and the best thing about them? Almost all of them are in English! Shahid will also sometimes do a comedic show or a bit, but that is almost always scripted. In the cases in which he attends a variety show, it's not expected of him to always be funny, so he will be a awkward in them, and that's it. I wish this was the situation in Korea, and we would have gotten more serious interviews from JH. But I think in studying English, JH is now openning himself up to being able to move beyond this. Also, we might be jaded to JH's antics in these shows, but not everyone are-
  5. Inspired by the new show Shogun, Wired has done an article recommending similar shows, one of which was My Country. It's funny that the synopsis of the show focuses on BW, as if he was the main character. Also, love that they used JH's pic as the main pic- JH is just that striking in that role! https://www.wired.it/gallery/shogun-disney-plus-serie-simili-titoli/?fbclid=PAAaZe77ReK7_PBk72MElbipVsDHgBrGI-pIU1kpDNPQSq1hNsGF-Ifmefoc8
  6. Am I the only one not liking JH being called "The Korean Bruce Lee" or "the Korean Tom Cruise"? I'd rather he'd just be introduced as "The Korean Jang Hyuk" and that's it. I want him to be his own self, and not be compared or defined by someone else... These comparisons reduce him, I feel.
  7. You are making this a personal discussion, and I don't mean to comment on that. I don't know you and your experiences. I do know that in the last few years there has been a rise in autism diagnosis due to increased awareness as well a changes in the condition’s diagnostic criteria. Looks like the way things are going, eventually everyone could be put on the spectrum, in which case - what's the point of the diagnosis?! I know that many high IQ people have similar problems, does that mean that all high IQ people are autistic? I guess it does if we define them as such... Since I can't argue with your personal experience, If it pleases you- define JH as you will.
  8. I have met and taught people on the spectrum, and what they all have in common is a tendency towards sensory overload. I don't see when JH displayed such a tendency. Some people on the spectrum that are funcional are quite obvious: refusing to make eye contact, having severe social problems, essentially have no friends- JH obviously is not in that category. Others are more social, but will still say very blunt things that will be consider rude by most people, and they also have severe problems with noise- JH is not in that category either. I also met a person that has been diagnosed as autistic, but if you met her, you wouldn't know it, as she was friendly (had a number of friends) and was generally nice, however in a conersation she bluntly told me that she cared more for animals than her own family. She literally said she would care more if something will happen to her cat than to someone in her family. Again- obviously JH is not in that category. Don't get me wrong- I wouldn't care if JH was on the spectrum, but it doesn't make sense considering what we know about JH. He might be blunt and at times oblivious of people's emotions, but he still cares about them tremendously. He cares about his juniors and co-workers, and will make time to give advice to people, whether they like it or not. He's actually seems to be the opposite of "autistic" in that respect. If anything, I think, considering what CTH said about JH's children and how extremely hyper they were, it stands to reason that JH probably has ADHD. And luckily for him, his positive nature allowed him to deal with it is a positive way. As to this new term- "neurodivergent"- If we start super analyzing people we might decide that everyone are "neurodivergent". Hell- look at KJK- looks completely functional and successfull on the outside, but if we nit pick I bet you we can conclude "neurodivergent" for him too.
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