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  1. I's like to think he's hinting at something, but we already know sometimes he's just being random So who knows if this post is a hint or not... I checked the language in these posters and it looks like they are in Polish... Is he in Poland? And what is this painting? Do any of you recognize it?!
  2. I ran into this video of the new James Bond practicing his shooting in the same range JH went to when went to the US, as Keanu Reaves did before him. I guess that place is that popular or good... And that made me think- what about if JH appeared in the next James bond? It's not that far fetched as James Bond will usually feature several badies... https://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?answer=181692 BTW- I heard a movie commentator saying that due to the recent box office dissasters that Hollywood has been having, it stands to reason that Hollywood would to turn to making more and more action movies, as they are relatively cheap and have higher chances of making money. If this is true- then JH's timing is perfect! OT- in the mean time I tried watching a show called Night Light, mainly due to Lee Yo-Won as I liked her in My Horrible Boss and I was kinda hoping that she will do another project with JH as she seems such a unique actress for Korea- not the usual cutesy actress. At first I liked it, but to my surprise not because of her, but rather due to the other FL. However, as the show continued I got more and more bored and dissappointed by Lee Yo-Won's acting, as it was identical to her acting in My Horrible Boss! Her lack of expression and tough exterior got more and more tedious, as well as her "smarter than everyone" character. I tried to tough it out, but finally I gave up. If this is her acting range- I hope JH has no further projects with her ... when I checked the comments on the show, I was surprised to find quite a few that said that the show was boring. My reaction to her kinda reminded me of Jo Jung-suk. At first I liked his acting in Oh my ghost, but then, once I tried to watch other shows he did, I realized his acting never changes, and I dropped him.
  3. Kinda corresponds with what we know. Since JH is not flirty at all in interviews and shows that he appears in, I think this explains why young women are not too much into him. I remember when MC was being shown, I often saw tweets from young women almost offended that JH as BW was making them feel things... Hot things... As to men liking him more- this clearly is due to his acting and action. Even in shows that he came across as sexy, that was never his intention, so it doesn't turn guys off. Also- Chuno has a lot to do with why men love him. I don't undersand why but young Korean men love chuno.
  4. Oh, I don't mean Bromance. I mean an actual couple! They were super cute in the show, so this is one of the only pairing I could actually see as a couple. The actual love triangle was super cringey
  5. Oh, I nominate- Wang so and Shin Yool... Shine or go crazy had one of the most dissappointing and baffling ending I've ever seen! Also, I will nominate Doo Chil Sung and Seo Poong from Wok Of love. While the FL was insufferable, these guys' chemistry was off the charts!
  6. 😁Had to read the definition of the survey first... Yeah, I think you should change it to them. As to Chuno- I admit I didn't think DG should have ended up with UY. I thought she was way too boring for who he became. I wish the show have given him a different love interest that was more... fiery I didn't like the other girl either, since she was too annoying
  7. It was maybe the most dissappointing and senseless ending I've ever seen. Wang So was married to Honey Lee's character, but never touched her (it was a political marriage). also he married Shin Yool first , whom he really loved. But for some reason, after they went through many obsticles, at the end Shin Yool decided to leave and travel while he was left to his marriage with Honey Lee's character. Just like that, out of the blue. It made absolutely no sense
  8. Oh, in that case I will warn you- The two first seasons were great, but from the third season, the show goes down hill. Essentially it becomes a glorified "Supernatural". I would suggest not watching season 4, and avoid at all cost season 5. I did... The name of the movie is "never back down". It's actually a pretty good movie.
  9. Finally I've seen the Radio star episode, and I loved it! Indeed there was not much new in it, except when one of the guests, the one that was the eunuch in BH, said that JH wasn't supposed to do action in the show, and that the fancy sword twirl JH did was not actually in the script. Originally, JH was supposed to just look at the sword! 😁JH defended himself saying that he doesn't do action just to do action, and that he does it only when the character wrrants it. And then he again said that he's not an action actor, but a melo actor The show was so much fun! JH was at ease, talkative and funny, and very friendly! One of the other guests, Min Jae, did Urban Cops with JH- he was very reserved and spoke several time about his principles, refusing to do anything entertaining, so, after JH so willingly and hilariously went along with every request the MCs made and more, it was funny how he said to Min Jae, pretending to be offended: "hey! you need to speak too!" and "I have opinions too, I have priciples too! Do you think I lack principles?!!" Which made Min Jae actually smile and stroke JH's back. JH is so sharp and funny! And that's the way he makes every one feel at ease and included. When he spoke, he constantly refered to the other guys and actually listened to what they were saying. As to the younger 4th guest, he was clearly a JH fan- Inspired by JH he wants to also do action, so he started learning TKD. And the impression of JH he did? it was from Tomb of the River, which surprised me If you haven't watched it yet- I highly recommend that you do!
  10. @YouwinJH I will admit that I am with you in liking more realistic looking and brutal fight scenes (but not too brutal). I loved Warrior (though in second viewing I didn't like the director's filming style). I also loved the fight scenes in Never Back down. This is why to me the fighting scenes in Bad papa were a bit dissappointing. Not hard enough... And this scene from Person of interest (that elbow to the back... ) Here I will quote others from this page- I think you are giving JH too much credit It's not JH necesarily that loves group fights, it's k-drama writers and directors. Can you think about a single action K-drama that doesn't have one?! I admit I haven't seen all of them, but I bet you you can't think of a single one. I recently saw a silly Kshow called "The Goddess of Revenge" (a stupid show with an annoying lead actress. In my defence I watched for Yoon Hyun-Min, the actor from BM), and even though I wouldn't define it as an action show, it still had group fights! Come to think about it- it's not just Kdramas. It's most action shows and movies! And in most cases you can actually see people waiting for their turn to attack. This is not something that can be said about JH's scenes. So here you are again confusing me- Jackie Chan is allowed to have his one style, because it's fun, but JH, who clearly utilises different styles, is a one note and boring ? Jackie Chan's scenes are even more clearly choreographed, even the more recent ones, so why the double standard? If you haven't seen the John Wick movie than do a short search on youtube and you can watch the scenes and you will see that the fighting scenes there are also highly choreographed and mostly group fights. They are very brutal, which stems from Keanu being a bigger guy, but still not very unrealistic. I don't think that JH hid the fact that The Killer's scenes were inspired by John Wick. Bear in mind I'm talking only about JW 1. The second JW was so stupid and unrealistic, I stopped following those movies there. Not only that, but I saw a review saying that The Killer was much better than the last JW. I don't know what Keanu being down to earth has to do with anything. He didn't direct or choregraph those scenes. He trained long enough to enable him to do what the director (who was a former stunt director, BTW) told him to do. As to the rest of what you wrote, JH being pretentious or not, down to earth or not, I won't even comment about that... Again, since you haven't seen JW or The Hunger games (which were silly) I don't understand what all these assertions are based on... JW avenges the death of his puppy! It can't be smaller than that That was what made the movie so much fun. Big or small I don't care. As long as the script is good...
  11. When I say realistic looking fights, I mean fights that are clearly done mostly by the actor himself, and not by an army of stunt doubles. You mentioned Disney- in the last few years there have been numerous Disney movies and shows in which except for a few close ups, all the fight scenes were obviously done by stunt doubles, especialy when involving a female heroine. Even worse, in some scenes, they actually CGId the face of the actor/actress on the body of the stunt double. Obviously all fight scenes are choreographed. JH himself said that it's more like dancing, than fighting. Again, it's a matter of taste- I happen to love the fight scenes in The Killer, since the character JH was playing was all about him not caring and being highly trained. It was fun. Just like the fight scenes in John Wick were obviously highly choreographed. As is every fight scene in a Jackie Chan movie (I know since my nephew forced me to watch many Jackie Chan movies...boring! 😁). As to the Swordsman- At the same time that The Swordsman came out, a Japanese movie named RUROUNI KENSHIN also came out. I watched some of the fight scenes and in them the use of wire and CGI was very obvious, much more obvious than in the Swordsman. I think in The Swordsman there is only one scene that is obvious for that (not to mention the obviously sped up scenes of the "younger" JH character). This is why I also dislike Crouching Tiger... You started saying that JH doesn't do realistic looking fight scenes, but then you mentioned several scenes in different shows that were more "realistic" or rather "brutal". Which proves- he actually does have range. This is a guy who follows MMA and boxing, so there is no reason to doubt. In Chuno he utilised a style no one from the stunt team could use, so he had to choreograph his own scenes... and the list goes on... We're maybe used to JH's abilities, but in reality, they are quite rare. Obviously there are other actors that have a more brutal style, like Joe Taslim, but you need to remember that JH is not massive. His fighting style can't be the same as someone bigger. It won't be realistic. BTW, tried watching Joe Taslim's The Raid, and I admit it was way too brutal for me, so I dropped it very quickly... I looked up pictures of him- and I guess I agree- they don't look that much alike. But I don't think he is as baby faced as Song Joongki. Song Joongki has the actual face of a baby while JWS is very masculine looking. I only tried watching two of his movies, Illang: The Wolf Brigade and "Scarlet Innocence" and I disliked both so I dropped them. I didn't try another one of his projects... I think my reaction to him is similar to my reaction to Lee Byung-Hun- I can see that both are good actors, but they still manage to bore me.
  12. This is something I also wonder about. The relationships JH has within the K entertainment world. JH has accumulated friends with whom he worked in the past, and he seems to be mostly connected with them. Usually he is the one that takes care of them projects-wise, not the other way around. Also- there is a clear break marked by his military service. Before- I think he used to hang around with other leading men of his generation, and after the army- not so much. As to working with JWS- I think it will be a bit strange considering how much they look a like... Maybe a project about brothers? I don't know... He is not starting a production company, but an action production company. I think what he wants is to produce action scenes for various projects. I know that in American movies they will employ a different director just for action scenes, so I think this is the market he's trying to get into. I think what he has taken on himself is super hard and risky, and I love that he himself acknowledges that he might make mistakes along the way. As I recall in the begining, when Aamir Khan started doing more serious projects, he was mercilessly mocked by his peers. I just wish for JH that he will have Aamir courage and insight in choosing projects. I don't think that people prefer CGI. What Top Gun, Mission impossible and John Wick have proven is that people crave realistic looking action, and this is JH's strength. I truelly have no idea what he is planning, but it's clear he's not jumping into it- there is a lot of planning going into it, it seems. Sometimes too much planning can be a problem as things might end up looking too slick. But there really is no formula for JH is planning right now, or to what type of movie will succede. So it's a gamble, no matter what he'll do. I agree there are more Asian actors in Hollywood right now, but most of them are still cast into the same traditional roles. I agree that JH should limit himself to straight action and do thrillers and even comedies, cause one advantage he has over most action actors- he can actually act! No to Disney. Never disney! But the rest of your ideas I agree with- a show like Shogun is a great idea. For instance there is the movie 47 ronin, that I think was ruined by the fact that everyone spoke English. They should have had the courage and have Keanu speak Japanease. So something like that, a project in English that will allow JH to be Korean in it will be the best. I still think he should do another Swordsman movie, with romance hopefully Also, live action anime would be great- I already mentioned Spy family, that Family should have been based on. Or the show with the ex-Yakuza househusband. Anyone of successful animes could be great!
  13. I agree, I loved him in this- being allowed to be his serious self. It was fascinating to see his process- I won't spoil it for you, I will just say it's very methodical and observant. Also very quiet. I also would love to see him play that version of a cop- very serious and quiet on the one hand, and very goofy on the other. No bluster, no posture, no yelling. Just very calm and reasonable. And bumbling I would also love to see him play the captain's version of a cop. I won't spoil it for you, just will say that that will be epic!
  14. Not sure. I think they said that it's a simplistic way to look at a person. For sure you'd get a result that will be related to you, but when you answer these questionairres, you often answer how you wished you'd behave, not nescesarily how you'd actually behave. In Korea they seem to be obsessed with these definitions, and I really don't understand why. Why do they feel they need to put themselves in a box, instead of simply allowing people to make their own judgement of them as they get to know each other? And as we've often discussed- personality wise, can JH really be put any common box? Personality wise he's one of the most unique and complex people I have ever seen Me too. On both statements
  15. The Koreans obsession with personality types is baffling to me. Not so long ago I actually heard that these personality tests and definition have actually been shown be nonsense. JH's personality is way too unique to suit into any definition... So this means that JH is actually not planning on competing? He just wants to become a trainer?
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