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  1. I didn't know that... interesting... I hope her next show will turn out well. Either way- it looks like good writers are hard to come by in the Kdrama world... The delivery show was a lot of fun, very revealing, but mostly of the other guys. It really made me come to like them Including young KH.
  2. So I was watching "steel magnolias", and I was really enjoying the dynamics between the different actresses, and all the amazing side characters, not to mention the amazing script, and that made me think about JH's new project (of course ). I was thinking- what if JH expanded the original idea of doing something based on his real life, into a group thing? What if he'd do a project with the entire group?! I would even have KH join them, similar to Daryl Hannah's character Not necesarily based on their current real lives, but something like "Steel magnolias"- a group of great friends, going throught the highs and lows of life, and their changing friendship? but even having it be based on their real lives could be interesting, seeing how the two brothers and JH are going into new stages in their careers, CTH being the great husband and father, but still having his fears and difficulties, and KJK- the perpetual bachelor- looking for love But doing something closer to Steel magnolias would be amazing!!
  3. @dramafan33 like you I also didn't come out liking CTH after I saw him in the first dragon club show and what I saw of him in the Busan show and the cooking show. But the Mongolia show, having such long stretches of driving allowed them to just talk, so he didn't need to be "on" all the time, with his variaty persona, and that allowed us to see the real him- the doting father, the loving and concerned husband (on the show it was revealed that CTH's wife has been ill for a while), and also the good friend. As @YouwinJH said, we also saw how he took care of the new guy, KH, and made him feel welcomed, while KJK and JH kinda intimidated him in the begining. KJK was his usual kind bully, but JH mostly ignored him. Or seemed to ignore him- I think that is where his intense shyness came into play, and made him seem almost aloof with KH. But he wasn't really, just uncomfortable, I think. Also, I think he was too busy being happy and bubbly for just being in Mongolia with his friends Oh, for sure, @azureblue7! I also wish I had his tenacity and resolve, especially when I'm wasting my time on something silly, I have the thought in the back on my mind "In this time JH would have started and finished a workout..." I love how they accept him just the way he is! I also am trying to understand JH's personality and how him being so 'odd" and seemingly obtuse, gels with everything else we know about him. I have referred to him often as a "unicorn", and really he reminds me of a magical creature from a different dimension or time, trying to live a normal human life (maybe he should do a show about that next ). So, in some respects, he's odd and outlandish, but in others, that are closer to his "true" self, he's amazing and very accomplished. Think Thor after a few years on earth, or the mermaid from "Splash" . So he constantly uses the wrong words, but the ideas he's trying to convey are often very profound. He seems oblivious of people's emotions or reactions, but he will go out of his way to help someone when he's in trouble or in need. Do we really know of another actor that has recomended as many actors and crew members for jobs as he has?! Also, lets not forget him investing money in Ongals just to help his friend. Also- he will go to every wedding he's invited to, will attend funerals of relatives of his friends, even not from their immediate family, and he insists on calling each crew member during the holidays instead of just sending a group message. Not wiling to join any group chat is another thing... He just goes by his own rules In addition- one of the directors that worked with him said that in another time, JH would have been a general! I do wonder what he saw while working with JH that made him say that... And then, there is his work- as you said @dramafan33, there is no way he could have created the characters that he has without being very observant! I think you are right, he just does it differently... You know, you might be right! JH has a tendency of doing that, and in both cases that I know of, we ended up getting a masterpiece! The first example that I can think of is how he used his character in Robbers to create FTLY, and the second example is how he used Midas to create MF. If you are right, and it is indeed what he's doing in his new project, than we may be getting another masterpiece, especialy since I actually liked The Killer, so if he's going to improve on that...
  4. I had to watch the episode at X0.75 speed as the subs were moving so fast! The Mongolia show showed that CTH has a melancholic side to him, as well that he suffers from anxiety. so much anxiety that he needs to be medicated. He is what I call "a sad clown", and I'm glad that JH is there for him with his unending optimism and careless courage. I think he showed to him that even though life is hard, it's easier to face it with a cheerful outlook. On the other hand, the show also showed that CTH is very aware of the feelings of people around him, something that JH can be a bit obtuse about. I think he kinda checks JH when he's going off on his random lectures, making him be aware of the people around him. They are good for each other Not worn out?! At times it seems like the guy is like an innocent child! He's so fresh and optimistic! Even more than KH! I don't understand how he got to his age and is still like that You are right! It was clear he wasn't pleased with his career and by the fact that his successful songs are songs that he never even wanted to sing! I'm so glad for him that he decided to risk it and finally do something that he really wants, and I think you are right- JH's optimistic nature and his willingness to risk it all on his new plans probably helped him make this decision... And it was so sweet of him to want to sleep over at JH's just so he won't be alone...
  5. Exactly! Learning the way he does right now, is a complete waste of time! But knowing him, he will stick by it, and it might take him much longer, and then suddenly he will come out speaking perfect English It's his way, I guess. But I do really hope KJK will just force him to go to the US with him.
  6. KJK's house is making me super anxious, just watching it! The chaos in it is staggering! After the Mongolia show, these guys just make me smile What a chaotic, funny bunch! And I love how KH brings his own quirky, funny self into the mix- his quest for the sticky tape was hilarious! The way JH learns English is so odd, but he is so commited to it! Like a diligent child!! KJK is right in his advice- JH should listen to him. He uses English in a theoretic way, he's not living it. There is the right way that he's now learning, and there is the usual way in which he speaks, heavy accent and all. And it's still there. I still think his teacher should be fired, and KJK should take him to the US and train him. Not In the gym, but in English. Looks like JH is planning an action variety show, the househusband show in April, and something mysterious in the US
  7. The translation for this is a bit unclear, but this seems to suggest that KH and maybe KJK will also be in Japan in April... Does this means that JH got his way, and the entire group is going to Japan next? The translation: "Kanghoon's dream of going to Sungbae's concert will come true - I'll be coming to Japan in April - I posted on my Ameblo blog. “The delivery was completed in Mongolia”"
  8. Just as JH's humor is unpredictable, so are his plans... I think as someone who has been practicing in boxing for a long time, he probably has the urge to test himself in a real boxing fight. This reminds me of that little dig that another Korean entertainer, that actually boxes, threw at him; Saying that you can't compare someone who just spars to someone who actually has boxing matches... Maybe that dig hit home?! It was in this interview, if I'm not mistaken- This actually isn't this surprising, as appearantly, there have been many celebs who box. I mean, only recently I found out that various Youtubers, that also have been training in boxing for years, in the last few years have been actually participating in boxing matches. Also, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg also box and do martial arts... If anything, I'm a bit surprised by JH doing anything that is trendy Now- the only thing he needs to make sure is- not lose! Looks like another actor will also box- do ji han?-
  9. It is his life story, and it really dissappoints me that this is what he is thinking about. Why would anyone care to watch a show about a married action actor doing house work? I mean, no offence, but JH himself says that he is boring, so why does he think that a show about this subject will be interesting?! How many people tuned in to watch the variety show he did?! Again, I don't mean to offend, but this is the truth. Also, I'm dissappointed again and again that JH never thinks sexy. A househusband means married. Usually that doesn't mean sexy... Even in Family- it felt like they were mocking people that loved the sexy scenes in FTLY! Why do that when there is a related idea that is much better?! "The Way of the Househusband" is the obvious better idea! An ex-yakuza guy becoming a house husband is ready made IP that is successful as it's such a contrast! Or, again, do a version of the movie "Author! Author!" that I mentioned- have the wife leave the male character which forces him to take care of the children and home, and combine it with him meeting a new love. I really hope that someone will say something to him- Think sexy!!! Or again- Spy family! Another ready made better idea! But, one thing is very important here- all the projects JH mentioned are his initiative. Looks like he's not even thinking about outside offers... If only I had an assurance that JH will make sure whatever he produces will be sexy and well written, than I'd be extatic about this news!
  10. looks like they are getting a second season! Planning their next trip. Why do I feel that JH again got his way?! The two fan meetings in Japan make more sense now... Or maybe JH was trying to incorporate the fan meetings in the trip? Also- so glad that Kang Hoon is also there! What a sweet and funny guy he is! Also- looks like KJK is going full hoarder without his mother to moderate him...
  11. So, again I'm super bored and I noticed this discussion on twitter. At first I had to do a search to find out who JJS is , and then to search for the show that they are refering to in the thread. I found they are talking about Jo Jung-suk, and the show they are refering to is a sageuk show called Captivating the King. When I first saw that this was a Netflix show, I immediately got angry and a bit jealous, cause JH hasn't done a single Netflix show as a lead. but then I saw the trailer, and my anger turned into frustration- the show looks so generic and boring! Seeing the FL again with that innocent, wide eyed expression on her face actually made me gag. (Not to mention how boring this actress is to me...) And then we get the Baduk board game shot, highlighting how this show is going to have some strategy and manipulation in it... ugh!! Seeing this makes me understand even more why JH is trying to do something different! Maybe BH wasn't perfect, but it sure was different! I really hope he's working on something good!
  12. Sounds good! I actually have been on a revenge shows binge, after watching The glory, so it sounds perfect Thanks! I will! You know, I actually have never watched this show, since I find it difficult to watch JH's shows pre-military service It's like watching a completely different actor...
  13. Money Flower is a cool revenge story, though the plot is not my favorite- I wish the writing was more tight. However, the highlight on the show is JH's acting! Simply unbelievable! The most contained, intense and controlled performance I've ever seen! Also- JH in this show is at his sexiest! He was smoldering in this show! Had a smoking hot chemistry with Lee Mi Sook, which, In the context of the show, was highly disturbing! Also, he had serious chemistry with Jang Seung-jo. A pity that the lead female character was so boring (the same actress was great in BM). Oh. I did wonder I try and watch other shows, I have several non-JH shows that I really like, but no other oppa stole my heart I'd love recomendations, though, be warned, I rarely like shows that are considered hits. For instance- I hated Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, kill me, heal me... I will try, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get over his hair in this show...
  14. I'd love a rewatch!! Not watching that show is a constant daily struggle... Well I have several. So I'd give you a list : FTLY- The first Kdrama I've ever seen, and still I think it's the best Beautiful Mind- this show changes after a few episodes, and becomes fantastic! Robbers- unlike "The Legend of the Blue Sea", this show has a realistic con man, really nasty! shows great growth, You might recognize many elemenst from FTLY in this show Shine or go crazy- not perfect, but a lot of fun Deep rooted tree- Great story, though I hate the action- too much flying around My Country- Bang won, his father, his hair and his fans... I wish the main plot would dissapear Money flower- Great JH performance Midas- great plot, annoying girlfried, too-subdued JH No offense, I just don't watch that many Kdramas... but I heard that his character in "Boys Over Flowers" was really nasty, no?
  15. So, if I get bonked on the head- I'd need LYO from BM If it's a crazy hostage situation- well, then- it's OHJ for the rescue! If someone steals my kingdom on that bus, then BW will manipulate, cheat, lie and kill to get it back! Good to know! Never noticed it Oh? Which ones have you seen? FTLY, IRIS II (I haven't seen IRIS II, as I've been warned about it by @dramafan33, I think ) and...? For sure! If only for JH's amazing acting in it! Had to do a search to see who Lee Min Ho was... I think I saw only one show of his, "The Legend of the Blue Sea", can't see that guy saving me in anyway...
  16. It's not about being optimistic. It's about hearing what JH has said. He's now working on creating a brand. An action brand. Is it the right thing to do? I don't know. Sounds strange to me, but I don't know what he knows, and what he experienced in the industry. So maybe it makes sense. Can't say. I will say that I respect him tremendously for daring to do something different. To take a risk. I hope to god he will succede. Unlike you, I loved The Killer, so I trust his judgement when it comes to doing his own thing. The mistakes that were made around The Killer were promotional ones, and I think this is where JH needs to learn from them. I can't imagine how much work he's putting into this, and I guess it's why he's not taking any new roles in the mean time. After Family I learned my lesson. Just doing another show is not enough. I want him to do a good show/project! Considering how I don't like most Kdramas, I will wait if it mean him doing a good project Yeah, it's quite shocking what happened, and from I heard the director of Parasite is leading a campaign demanding an investigation into what happened. I think it's important, since every actor/celebrity can become a victim to a similar situation.
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