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  1. That's dissappointing, but not surprising, I guess. It looks like JH is going all in with this new venture of his, and, as we all know- once JH makes up his mind, there is no swaying him! He has decided he's moving on to the next stage of his career, and it seems like, this is what he's gonna do! All I can hope is that he will make good script first priority. Action we already know he is a master of. Combine his action abilities with a good script, and I will be in heaven! Another thing- you mentioned LSK's death. I read more about the case and it was pretty terrible. What these blackmailers did, was made so much worse by the behavior of the Korean police as well and the Korean netizens, not to mention the companies that sued him for demages, essentially driving him to do what he did in order to save his family from debt. I think the other big celebrities should act in order to prevent another such case from recuring.
  2. I don't understand it either! I will love to first hear an acknowledgement from both JNR and JH that they now understand that family was a bad show, just to renew my confidence in their judgement , and then I'd love to hear an explanation as to why they accepted it in the first place. My guess is that one of them accpeted it first, maybe as a favor to someone or because they were mislead, and then the other accepted just for the opportunity to work together again.
  3. I'm with you on this. These days I can't bear any mention of this show! Such a dissappointment! When we first heard about this reunion, we were so excited, as to this day FTLY is the best Kdrama I've ever seen! but the more I heard about Family, the more concerned I became as I couldn't understand what the show was about! I was hoping for a Korean Mr. and Mrs, Smith, or Spy family or The Way of the Househusband, but the synopsis didn't correspond with any of them! I cannot understand how this show even managed to get green lit! The show started with a plot line that had nothing to do with the main plot- focusing instead on a bitter wife, annoying and inconsiderate husband, and a bunch of annoying family memebers. As you mentioned, there was a strange focus on the love life of the daughter, who was in KINDERGARDEN, and an ongoing gag involving the bratty daughter as she always interupts her parents when they were about to get it on. So the result was that the daughter had a kiss scene (ugh!), while the parents never even kisssed once! I felt like they were mocking the audience, after the sweetness that FTLY was... The focus on the plot line of the daughter was extra baffling when in the same episode we also got scenes of people being shot in the head! So who was supposed to be the audience of this show- kids? grownups?! What a mess! When by the 5th ot 6th episode I still didn't understand what the plot of this show is, I simply dropped it! Such a waste of a great cast! It felt like the entire production thought the success of the show was a sure thing, so no need to put any effort into the plot, and they simply relied on jokes, cool shots and forced emotional moments with no basis or consequence.
  4. Just watched a show called HAN RIVER POLICE; not very good show- the usual blas'e treatment of murder and other crimes, making an emotional investment impossible. I was mostly bored. The reason why I'm mentioning this show is the dry facts about the show- I have no idea on which channel it was broadcast, but it had only 8 episodes, showed people smoking (!), had nudity and an explicit sex scene! What Korean channels show these kind of shows? Again, the show wasn't great, but I'd love JH to do something that is not encomberd by the usual KDrama rules and censorship. Another thing that I noticed in this show and others, and it really bothers me- what's with Korean shows and back pats?! I mean, they focus on it almost like they would focus on a kiss! In the show HAN RIVER POLICE it happened after the bad guy had sex with a prostitute. At the end she for some reason did the back pat, which was very strange! And it's always the same- the camera will always delay on the hand, and it's always this awkward slow raising of the hand, and then doing a slow "pat-pat-pat". JH always does it that way, and it really bothers me. It's clearly not comforting, though It's supposed to convey comfort. usually a back pat is quicker and also involves stroking of the back. I know it's a silly thing to notice, but it just bothers me...
  5. I actually watched The Glory and liked it. The Bullying scenes were a bit too graphic for me, almost gratuitous, so I FF through them, but I did like the rest. Essentially, a good and satisfying revenge story, with good actors all around. I will say that the main love story was baffling to me, didn't feel necesary. No chemistry. no heat. Then again, can't imagine the lead actress creating heat with anyone. Very pretty, but frosty.
  6. I really don't think this a good discussion to have. Suicide is not a default that people try to find reasons to avoid. It's an outlier. Most people's will to live is far too strong to even consider such a thing. Clearly JH belongs to that majority. Me talking about the ruthlessness of the Korean entertainment industry has everything to do with the fact that we are talking about JH. I wasn't rating them in comparison to each other. For sure there are many things they have in common. I'm just looking at the relevant one, while infering from what I know about the other industries. The fact is that suicide is common in the Korean entertainment world. Especially amongst young people coming into it. The difference that I notice about K entertainment is that the agencies have far more control over the young talent they represent- don't forget them housing their talents together, while paying them very little. Kpop groups are created and cast, not formed organically. Sure, this is based on boy bands from the west, but while the west has moved on, in Korea Kpop is the most popular genre, right? So it's very much alive. For better and for worse. This hyper control over beautiful young people will result, invariably, in them being taken advantage of. Women and men. Leading to the casting couch. What happened with Epstein essentially brought into light what probably happens in every entertainment industry all over the world- You submit to the powerful producer, you get roles and you get awards. The power structure in the Korean Entertainment world makes them even more vulnerable to this. This is part of playing the game I'm talking about. Another part will be- doing what you are being told. Only those that have had enough successful projects or a very big hit, manage to break away from that game, and are able to exert their own power- for example Brad Pitt being able to threaten Epstein without repercussions. Obviously there are good and decent people in entertainment, but they are not the majority. I'm also not saying that all the successful actors/singers became successful through this system- Jang Hyuk will be one example, though he isn't top tier, and also Jay Park is another example. Succeding in spite of the system or outside of it. Playing the game or not- it is a fact that the biggest names will get their pick of the best script and will be cast in the biggest productions. JH is trying to work outside of that by creating his own opportunities, just like he created his own music videos, just to be able to act in them.
  7. I had to go and look what you were refering to, since I don't follow Korean news. If I remember correctly, the guy had drugs issue before, so I'm a bit confused as to how they decided this was intentional by him. I kinda liked him in My Mister (though not his charcter, as his character was weak and boring), so I tried watching other things he did, but nothing grabbed me. Even if the cause of his death is true, mentioning JH in juxtaposition to this issue is a bit of a stretch to me, since JH has never mentioned such thoughts crossing his mind, even immediately after his scandal broke. I'm sure the friends that supported him helped, but it also had to do with the way he thinks- He did say that he lost his optimism for a while in the begining, but then, while serving in the army, he rallied and worked on improving himself. This kinda puts our hopes for JH's future in perspective- LSK has achieved what we kinda hoped for JH- an international career. But more than that we hope for JH's happiness. First and foremost his happiness. JH's path is different. It's clear he doesn't play the game that most actors play in order to succede, and as a result his path is more difficult. But at least he's in control of his path, and so- seems to be happy. I have tried to watch two shows recently. Awaken, due to the constant comparisons of the lead actor to JH, and Perfect Marriage Revenge, just cause I felt like watching a a romantic revenge show, and its synopsis looked promising. Awaken- I stopped after 3 eps, since this was nothing but a standard maveric briliant cop being clever, solving everything while being rude. As to the comparison to JH- I would say his acting was like he was doing a parody of JH's acting. Over the top swagger and blase. Very one dimenssional. Perfect Marriage Revenge- started promising, for one moment I even thought this could get close to being as fun as FTLY, but then it desolved into the usual rich familes' intrigue. Sadly the male lead, that started out being tough and smart, turned into a complete simp. The lead actress was actually not bad. I think she could be very good, with the right material. What these two shows highlighted to me was just how many bad to mediocre shows are being made. The scripts are so repetetive and forgetable! I guess this is what JH meant when he said that he noticed the change in the business, and decided on striking on his own. There are very few good scripts floating around, and those that do exist, go to those that play the game. So I think on this we'd have to wait a bit more, for JH to put his plan into effect, and start the ball rolling.
  8. First of all- love that his bangs are back Secondly- these last few pics, also the one his cousin (?) posted, really highlight just how petit JH really is! From these pics its very clear why everyone is commenting about how small his face is- he's almost like a doll compared to the guys next to him a pretty, deadly doll
  9. So I read the interview that was just released and this part has me concerned. The part in which he's thinking about a story he'd like to do, essentially based on his current situation: "Based on this idea, I am thinking of a story in which an action actor in his mid-to-late 40s who has achieved everything suddenly turns into a housewife in his 40s and starts his life again. He thought, 'What am I doing now?' and came up with a story about how he feels lonely and then accidentally discovers acting again. This is a story that anyone in the same age group as me can relate to, and I thought it would be good to express it with an action feel." I understand that this comes from his current situation, and done right it could be interesting, but after bad papa and The Swordsmand and The Killer, that were totally lacking in romance and sexy, I'm concerned JH will again not even try to make the project more appealing to the younger crowd, meaning insert romance into the mix. He could go for a play on this subject- like do a live action of the anime "The Way of the Househusband", that's an IP and so will create a buzz. Action galore there. Or if he wants to focus on the middle aged- I mentioned before the Al Pacino movie "Author! Author!". It's different a bit from JH's situation, but it does hit the suddenly alone middle aged man finding his path again, only here he's left with his children. It's a hilarious comedy that I loved, and it has romance in it.
  10. I've been again going over FTLY soompi's message board, and the passionate discssions there was amazing! and it also made clear why that show had such a passionate fan reaction- it was a remake of a popular show. This is what I want JH to do next- take a great show or movie, can be an old Korean show or foreign, and remake it. This, at the very least, will give us a guarantee of a good script and a built in fandom that will create buzz around the show. Another thing it made me sad again about the wasted opportunity that Family was... as to the JH's new... project? So it's going to be an action short?
  11. Oh... why would I order an action video?! also- saw the clip- am I the only one who didn't like the constsntly "pulling in pulling out" of the camera and the swiftness of the action? No offense, but... At the end the clip JH is shown taking his sunglasses off, and then his eyes shine. So he's maybe portraying a super human or a cyborg, I guess.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing this summary. He's so honest, saying that he's really scared now that for the first time he's doing things alone. But inspite of this fear he's still going forward, saying that he thinks he can do it. Love his honesty and courage. Love that he's confident! The video he showed, of the fight he posted pics of, he directed and planned. So I think indeed he's going to direct action scenes, not entire shows. At first I thought the clip was filmed as a standalone, But he also said that due circumstances he can't show the entire scene... What circumstances? The only ones I can think of are that this clip is actually from a show or movie he's doing, so there is still hope he's a show coming. At any rate, whatever JH is planning, I wish him success, and also I hope he has good people on his side to help him achieve his goals.
  13. I checked and the poster on twitter I previously mentioned is now protecting her posts. So my guess is she wrote something she shouldn't have and maybe the organizers asked her to take it down. It was either about her complaints about the translator or her mentioning a show JH mentioned. Not sure if it was a new show or old. At any rate- what's with all the secrecy?!
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