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  1. @gladys57 In episode 11, when HSY said she shouldn't dressed in that way again is referring of her wearing skirt. Because before that, he asked her whether she felt cold or not. The background of that scene should be in winter. For her to wear short skirt in winter just to look pretty for HSY... Firstly, it was not practical for that weather. Secondly, other men also can ogle those legs. I think somebody felt possessive here. :blush:

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  2. It is understandable that Mom in drama displeased with HSY. We have to admit that HSY was rude during the matchmaking and such a jerk to TN at the family dinner. Yeah, we can see the real reason why he acted like that ( a protest to his grandfather). But from Mom's POV, she just saw that her daughter got treat not very nice by HSY. Even more, he made TN cried after the breakup. Not that she knew the real reason. All she know, her daughter cried because of HSY. To her, he is at fault. So, Mom's displeased with HSY gives heartache to us the viewers but it is understandable.

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  3. So, Lao Ai is that young guard who followed HL right? Who has some sort of crush to HL right? If so, then the writer didn't really follow the history. 1st, Lao Ai is a male pet while in the drama is not. 2nd, he is a guard while in history, Lao Ai is an eunuch.

    Then, it will be not weird if the ending not follow the history to the T. I mean, yes LBW will be exiled since it is a huge event but not necessarily he committed suicide

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  4. To know whether YR's action is acceptable or not, try to imagine it is LBW who did that. If you curse LBW like there is no tomorrow, then you know YR's decision is unjustified. To cause HL to mourn for 5 years and insomnia... That is so selfish. If he truly loves her, he should make peace with her so that she can continue her life happily. He has a son with her. Half of his is in their son. She will remind of him everytime she looks at her son. There is no need to be that extreme.


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  5. @lyserose The writer can stick to the history which all characters don't have a good ending. Or technically stick to the history but the main couple still have the happy ending. I mean the writer can create a fake death to LBW and HL and they meet in Louyang. Well, cliche. But the way they promote the drama using the fame of Qianlong-Yinglou couple, LBW-HL earn at least an open ending. If not, the writer will be curse to death by the shippers there. Haha.

  6. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4341025255411668

    From the last scene(boat scene) i guess we can pretty much conclude that the writer doesn't follow the history. 

    From the synopsis in Baidu, Zhenger get more restless on LBW's power and think his father's death got something to do with LBW. I think this is also the time he know his mother's affair. So he confronts HL and wants to kill LBW but HL begs him. So he exiles LBW to Laoyang and HL follows LBW. Base on some bts photos and the video above, it is pretty consistent with the synopsis

  7. @SailBeneteau well, from my reading (from few sources only) LBW gave Zhaoji Lao Ai to cover up their scandal. But this piece of info is so contradicting from the flow of drama now... The writer purposely show how hard HL fell for LBW, turned to him when she face any obstacle, longed for him even she already got marry to YR and still have some feeling for LBW after 8 years. If in the last 6 episodes she suddenly become a lusty Zhaoji like the one in histrory, that is a total richard simmons kind of plot writing from writer. The writer also emphasis LBW's obsessiveness over HL especially after time skip. If he suddenly gave HL a male pet just to cover his illicit fair, that writer must be crazy and I want to slap him silly. 


    @danielassny i hope this is just my misinterpretation. When HL knew YR's sickness, she kinda blame LBW for didn't let her know. Is it true? 



  8. @danielassny oh, HL didn't confess when LBW was there. HL and YR argued about something which led to YR's jealousy to LBW (i guess). So, HL admitted that she always remember LBW in her heart. Well, YR vomitted blood because of this argument. He knows HL loves LBW. Still dare to steal her using trick. Now, he must face the real truth. All this time HL never love him.

    About Lao Ai, I also wonder what the writers prepare for him. The Queen Mother era is about 5 to 6 episodes. Just how his appearence going to affect LBW and HL. The episodes are not that long for him to create something really big.

  9. @danielassny If I'm not mistaken (due to language barrier) I saw a short clip where few young boys brought up to Mrs Huayang's palace and got whip in front of her. One of the boys is Lao Ai. If this is true, looks like Lao Ai is Mrs Huayang's people. And tonight's episodes, Haolan confessed her love for LBW straight to YR's face. So, it is impossoble for Lao Ai to be her secret lover.

  10. 1 hour ago, danielassny said:

    Lol. Now they bring up the paternity of Yingzheng but Xiaochun proven that the child belongs to Yingren. Idk but i read some discussions on weibo that the child was of pre-mature birth. So, again....  that child's paternity becomes the subject of argument. 


    LBW kinda detests Bailing Er but she is persistent. He doesn't t treat her well but I hope he will come to appreciate her eventually. Situ Que actually likes Bailing Er, too bad she is married to his master. 


    @kyoko22 Yingren has a hand at marrying LBW to Bailing Er. Even after all those years, he still feel challenged by his presence in Haolan's life. LBW initially keeps a distance from Haolan when she first arrived in Qin. That is until he got pissed off by Yingren's scheming his marriage and drunkenly confessed his love for Haolan. The reunion scene between them after not meeting for 8years and the drunken scene really broke my heart. 

    Yes, Zheng Er borned two months early. I guess the writer try to bring the question of the father's real identity since that is one if the real mistery until now. But on LBW-HL weibo group shipper, they are more bothered whether both of them slept together or not in ep 25:tounge_xd:

    During the confession scene, he must be so pissed of to drink that much. Though i still wonder how he can get to the inner palace (HL's palace) without any detection from the servants.

  11. 9 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


    It's interesting that you should say that... I was watching/re-watching... was it 29 or 30 last night and wondered if Bailing Er would become a romantic interest for LBW down the line. Haha... I loved how he gave her a good spanking until she admitted that she was wrong. And then like a normal kid who has been properly disciplined, she became intrigued. The shrew's been tamed. ;)

    The notion that he might end up with her would be weird and wonderful.


    Yes. She is persistent to chase LBW though LBW never returned het feeling. They got married later. Bailing presented herself in front of Lord Angou (nudged by Princess Ya) and requested to be married to LBW. LBW tried to object but Yingren also persuade Lord Angou. So, Lord Angou bestowed the marriage to LBW with Bailing. And another woman who suffered of one sided love. Whatever she do, LBW never fall for her. It is sad because LBW didn't appreciate her love. But then, it is also not fully LBW's fault. He never entertained her feeling. And she was the one who force for the marriage. In the end, she herself who fell into sadness because LBW will never love her.


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  12. @lyserose yes, villian is not the correct word. But when i read LBW history, my first impression is... what a jerk. Willing to let go his pregnant concubine for power. Before the drama start airing, when i watch the trailers, i think 'ahhh... they going to portray LBW as that jerk'. With Mao Zijun as Yingren who is handsome, calm, mysterious... a perfect husband and king. Who knows, the writer twist my early assumption between these two. YR showed his trueself at Qin. And as you said he is pretty useless. He can't even save himself, let alone Haolan.


    Arghh... Am i too hard on YR? Yes, maybe i'm too hard in him coz I like LBW but YR is unlikeable after Qin Country saga. 

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  13. @lyserose yes, the writer present the story as LBW even wants power but at the end he wants power to protect HL. It is YR the writer potray to be greedy, who will use any women and discard them at whim for the sake of power. He used Princess Ya's love. He married Silu to please Mrs Huayang, he said he love HL, but kinda forget her for 8 years.

    The writer totally flip the story so the villain in the history becomes a hero. And those 3 trailers totally misleading. I thought at the end HL hates LBW so much 


    As for Bailing,  I think the king bestowed the marriage (with the help of princess Ya and YR). Well, we don't know whether the marriage will on or not since the ep has not air yet.


    Lorn Anguo? Hahaha. At last he became a king. Even just for 3 days... 

  14. @lyserose After ep 25, we can safely said that LBW truly love HL. And he lost his love once. When YR died, I doubt he will allow HL to take any male pet. And from the early episode, the drama shows how HL loves LBW. Even during 8 years separation, anytime LBW's name was mentioned, there will be some response from her. Now, LBW has power,  nothing can prevent him to have her for himself again. So, I don't see any reason for HL to disappointed again resulting to keep a male pet. Lao Ai is there. We don't know yet what is his role will be but I doubt it a lover to HL

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  15. Spoiler

    Before this drama start airing, by reading the history of LBW in Wiki, I thought he is a super jerk guy who is willing to let go his concubine for the sake of power. I'm so ready for the lack of romance between him and HL.

    Man... how wrong I was. He loves HL so much. He didn't let HL go to marry YR. It was due misunderstanding and somw dirty trick from YR. During the 8 years transition between Zhao and Qin, it is LBW who left gold so HL and son can survive. He is the one who plan so that HL and son can come to Qin asap. The prince? He pretty much enjoy being the prince in Qin with his new concubine. He somehow forget about HL who is struggling with her son at Zhao. A very gentleman indeed. With how LBW loves HL and HL to LBW, I doubt Lao Ai will be a real lover to HL. Maybe, some smokescreen to cover the affair between HL and LBW. 


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  16. 13 hours ago, lyserose said:

    @kyoko22  Ahhhh.... the same problem and gosh, the subtitles is seriously on tortoise mode. Seriously, I couldn't be sure whose baby that is. But I still am baffled why HL so easily moved on. So, she thought LBW is dead and went on to marry Yingren immediately? Apart from Yingren's proposal saving her being implicated, I don't understand why she still want to proceed with that marriage. 






    LBW got attack. I think it has something to do with the palace. HL thought he died but he just fabricate his death. So, HL wanted to revenge for LBW. I think YR proposed for fake marriage. By marrying him, HL can stay in the palace and execute her revenge. It was a fake marriage in the first place. That's why i dont believe the baby is YR because she opposed any kind of intimacy with YR after they got married. But then, this is what i understand from LBW-HL shipper group at Weibo. Not that i truly understand the episode anyway.


    p/s: something to ponder about. From tonight's episode, Xiaochun said the baby will be born two months early. 


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