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  1. Have they only live shooting for ep 5? I thought they will start live shooting on the half way part of the drama though and I thought because of CF's taking a lot of slots that they werent able to show the preview for ep 5. 

    If it is in that way, I worry about our dear actors. I really hate live shoots because its very visible in the show how hard and tiring it is. I hope they are doing well, good thing they can work happily and motivated because of the ratings, but still, I want them to stay healthy.

    Fighting LITM. Fighting MOONLIGHTERS!!!!

    Monday please come fast :D

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  2. If we based whether the Eunuch who discovered Raon's identity in th bgm, I'm scared that he is on the baddie side. That scary gaze he gave after finding out give me chills. I'm so scared of Raon's future. I hope CP and gat-Byun will save her this time. 

    And I think the other eunuch, the head eunuch (I forgot the name), works under the bad queen. Didn' he the one who relayed the news that the main gisaeng successfully escape. 

    Haiii...so many baddies, but I hope our CP will outsmart them all and punished them from being baddies.

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  3. I really hope he knew his friend is a girl. That would be daebak if he just stayed silence about it and actually enjoying riding on her secret. 

    And I think it would be a good explanation that he knew about her real identity when they fall at the dung-pit at ep 1. 

    I really wish that he knows because he needs to know so he could compete against yoon sung. Yoon sung just know too much of her secrets that even though Raon seemed to be falling in love with our prince, Yoon sung will always be the one to save her first everytime she's in danger of identity being known. I want a scene where the CP would actually be the one helping her or saving her from getting her identity reveal on the public.

    And that could happen by shutting the mouth of the eunuch who saw Raon turning in a beautiful woman. :D

    I'm going crazy because of this drama and having no preview for the next ep is not helping. Why KBS, why?!!!!!


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  4. Just finished reading girlfriday's recap for ep 3. I love how she interprets the meaning of the title for yesterdays ep. <3

    So much love to this drama, I'm so glad for the production team and of course for every actors and actresses who delivers a beautiful interpretation of the script, they deserved the good ratings.

    CP and his love for his father and people. <3 

    I can't wait to have that love reach Raon and have lovey-dovey scenes with some bickering. 



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  5. 5 hours ago, nataliakay said:

    Nah you're not the only one @bonuibonui . In the trailer it looks like Ra On only discovers that the scholar is a prince at the library.



    Yes yes. It confuses me for a while since from the recap in dramabeans it seems that javabeans is convinced that RN finally knew about CP's real identity. 

    As well as I wonder how possible it is that RN didn't saw CP during that time?! 

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  6. Hi. Newcomer here after lurking from the very start of the thread. I decided to join now that the show got me hooked. This is my very first sageuk and I know I've been missing a lot of them. 

    Uri Park Bogum grew up as a very expressive actor. I love every expression he shows. I can't believe the innocent Taek and a pitiful monster Min turned to be a cheeky Crown Prince. 

    And Kim Yoo Jung. What else can I say, she's an incredible actress. I envy her talent given how young she is. 

    To Jinyoung. I've seen his movie and I love B1A4. And I am a proud BANA. Him being a second lead really breaks my heart but what can I do, If PBG becomes the second lead then it will be a double kill and that is too much to bear.

    It might be too early but I wished that they both rekindle their broken friendship and that no one in the prince would die. 


    KBS, don't be unfair. It doesnt make you broke if you gave a happy ending. 


    LITM Fighthing!!!!

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