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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1232921wpp/yang-se-jong-gains-attention-passion-role-acting-dog-fur-allergy Truly dedicated to his role. I salute this man. YSJ you deserves all the praise. Monster Rookie!
  2. My fave scene in the whole probably is SR's scene in episode 1. She was laying in her hospital bed and she was looking at her reflection in the window glass. Her words hits me hard, "What about my 18's? What about my 20?" then her soft whimper. From that scene I've become a fan of the show and SHS. I've always wish that I grow up fast, my mind was set to finish college then find work. So what I did is study and study ( with kdrama in between to fight from depression), I'm still a college student at the age of 22 (current) and I felt like even with all the rush I did in my mind, I don't feel satisfied with what I have. My 18's and 19's they pass by like nothing and I'm not even in coma. When SR, she could be someone great but she was not given a chance to enjoy those precious moments because of an unfortunate accident. But what I applause her for being a strong adult, for growing such a fine lady despite having less experience in life. She has her regret, I have my regrets but SR decided to live in the present and happy. Her growth as well as WJ's growth is so rewarding to see. In this drama, I learned that even through all the hardship we all been through, living in the moment is whats important. I don't want to have regrets no more. Like Chan, I won't rush things nor feel like I should rush to become an adult. I will have my time, it maybe a slow growing up, but remember to just stay happy and share love and kindness. "DON'T, THINK, PIL!!!!"
  3. When the house was sold, Uncle already died. Aunt may not feel responsible in taking care of SR or maybe aunt was also suffering depression from the divorce, uncle's death, and also with a baby on her womb. She sell the house because she couldn't take care of it. SR even said when she learned that the money was not used, she said that they could have used it for paying the hospital. But because everyone goes through something, sometimes we lost the right mind to think and what to prioritize. That is why aunt was also living her 11 years with guilt and regret.
  4. Bad PD-nim!!! Hhahaha So on the last episode we have lots of kisses than we could hope for. I really love these two. I do wonder why PD-nim choose that one picture rather than these new pictures because its more natural but I guess it fits well in the original story. Love it <3
  5. So sad to see the tag for the drama changes from "Current Drama" to "Drama". I guess this is really the end.
  6. Agree! Don't forget about knetz....scary! I really love your post and how sweet the two of you. I hope someday my future husband and I could find a bonding time by watching dramas we both love. Especially kdramas, I hope to find a husband who would pamper my kdrama addiction hahaha. Yes that drama broke the norm. I'm with you in hoping 3017 does too. Come one YSJ and SHS. Bring us the photo hahahaha XD Withdrawal syndrome finally kicking off and I have not yet watched the last two episodes!!!!
  7. Yes I would love it if they become the next Song-Song couple but I do agree that YSJ is too young (not the age because I don't mind their age diff), career wise. That same goes with SHS, both actors are on the peak of their career so I'll be here silently praying they just date even in secret hahaha XD I'll find my way on finding it out anyways mwahahaha
  8. Usually photos of leads together and by together "just the two of them" only on wrap uo party are rare gems. I don't know why but I guess its a norm by kdrama world not to have their leads on one photo together. I've been hurt by so many wrap up party photos with all my fave leads missing in action. Mostly their faces are posted together with their young counterparts.
  9. Oh! I don't know how I could link a photo with my phone, but it us the same photo I used as my cover page if you're interested to see.
  10. Okay...this might be random but when did they took this picture????? https://goo.gl/images/aA9Qr1 they look so cute together!!!! I'm having a hard time not to really ship them!!!!!!
  11. What a beautiful ending!!!!! So excited to watch the last episode and rewatch again all the episode without dreading about long separations or not so noble -noble idiocy. Can't believe it ends here but my love for it won't. One of the best romantic-childhood first love- drama EVER! Look at uri WJ's awkward wedding photo shoot with SR. Hahahaha I can't stop laughing!!! The kiss, well the show stays true from the very beginning. What an innocent couple. I do believe that in drama world, SR and WJ have and having kisses we could just imagine. But I just love how the show portays these two as innocent lovers so I have no complaints I knew it SR was planning a trick of WJ. Well YSJ's crying scene is so good so I support SR so much for making him at least pay for his multiple attempt to leave. Gossshhhh!!! I love this show so much!!!
  12. I just noticed, how sweet it is that the sound of each other's bell made each other's heart meet in between. WJ said it SR's bell that made him look at her and sparks interest on her. While SR's confession on ep 15 was that she heard WJ's bicycle's bell sound and she wants to get to know him too. Its actually music/sound that brought them together.
  13. I wonder whta the ring would look like if what he ordered to a jewerly shop is a ring, maybe it is a crescendo shape? Moon? Or maybe its a necklace?
  14. When he sees the "flip" note, SR' writing will say " kidding :P". Let's get married!!!
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