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    Caption: BokJoonhyung Forever.

    Well...well...well...talk about major shipper. 

    But this isn't Joonhyung and Bokjoo. You can't fool me NJH. That two cutie dogs is yours and its you and Lee Sungkyung in the pic. That caption should be then, JooKyung Forever! Hahahaha XD. I tell you, just get married already.

    P.s I should be posting it in the shipper thread but I just miss all the fairies in here. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, anom65 said:

    I don't know if they're a couple or not, but I can tell NJH wasn't the only that went for it in the last kiss. :lol:. I started cracking up when she pulled his face. It's like she's thinking: "Dang it, last kiss with this cutie pie, I'm going all in." :lol::w00t: heck we all would have. NJH must be like oh....OK. 


    Aww that was so sweet at the very end after the final scene, when all the staff started running in and piling on top of each other. You could tell every single person that worked on this series really cherished it. :bawling: I'm gonna miss this series!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHA XD. The way Sungkyung hand brushed to Joohyuk's hair. It was really an intense kiss. BLUSH BLUSH  admire2 onion head

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  3. 54 minutes ago, LadyIgraine said:

    apparently, Nam Joo Hyuk is being offered the lead role of "God/Habaek" in the modern adaptation of "Bride of the Water God."

    he posted a picture of him on instagram with the title "WATER," most likely hinting it.

    Woah! I hope you are right. I though it was just a lingering feelings for the drama Kim Bokjoo but that could also be a hint. Yehey!

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  4. What a great cast and production team. I am so happy that they are all close and the last 6 minutes bts is love. I'll miss these people a lot. 

    Also looking forward to the directors new project. His directing really helps a lot and I just love how smiley he is everytime I see him wuth the leads. He must be a shipper of LSK x  NJH couple :)

    I especially love this comment from Naver.

    [+28, -1] A rediscovery of the cast, a trustworthy writer, a director that never disappoints. Everything about this drama is perfection


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  5. The kiss scene in the bts is much longer and much hotter than the one they broadcast. WHY DID YOU NOT INCLUDE IT IN THE ORIGINAL BROADCAST, DIRECTOR-NIM?! 

    Well, that is my only complaint  hahahaha XD I still love this drama and that will remain forever in my heart.

    Joohyuk didn't cry or showed any tears when Sungkyung and he did an interview but on the bts above which seems like a little graduation for the cast, he cried and cried a lot. Huhuuuuuu It shows a lot how great this drama influenced both the leads and let them grow up to be a great actors. Figting Lee Sungkyung! Fighting Nam Joohyuk.

    Again my only wish for the two of you, GET MARRIED ALREADY! 

    p.s Swag became the drama's trademark. I love how at one of the video in their warp up party everyone shouts 'swag' together and the director ends his speech for Bokjoonhyung with a swag too. SWAG! I love the director, he looks very closed to both the leads and how heartwarming he is. Thank you diretor-nim for making a heartwarming and awesome drama, props to the writer and the production team for working very hard to provide a truly youthful and relatable drama despite the low reception from the SK viewers and the cold weather. We international fans felt the warm through your hardworks and great team chemistry. Swag Love!

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  6. https://www.soompi.com/2017/01/11/7-loose-ends-everyone-is-watching-out-for-in-weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo-final-episode/

    This article was posted Jan 11, before the final ep. Posting this and reading it makes me realized that every loose end was addressed. So glad this drama existed and brought lots of laugh and warm to everyone.

    Day 1 without WFKBJ but why do I feel like I could still see them next wednesday. Huhuuuuuu

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  7. KIM BOKJOO.  crazy monkey 029crazy monkey 029crazy monkey 029 

    Guys huhuuuu why great things must end?! crazy monkey 029

    Its a fun and awesome ride. I learned a lot through this drama and I feel like I'm in love and dating because this drama made my heart flutters so much. This pleasure ride won't be awesome without Lee Sungkyung as Bokjoo, Nam Joohyung as Joonhyung. I'll definetely miss this swag drama and I don't think I can move on yet. My precious Bokjoo, until the end you are so awesome. 

    For the swag trio, haii~How I wish I have such friendship like the three just like having a nice and Joonhyung like BF. I'm so happy for Seon ok and Taekwandong, they are so cute! I can't stop squealing at their cinema scene.

    Shiho's smile. Ohhh~ so beautiful.

    Dad and uncle is the best. Their comedic scene and how heartwarming they are. I especially like the scene between Dad and Joonhyung, it was so heartwarming with a sense of acceptance from dad. 

    Joonhyung's family is as warm as Joonhyung. Thanks for raising a great kid!

    For AY and Doctor. I'm happy that they both finally found love for each other. Its been there but they were so comfortable with each other so much that they didn't see it but after some short separation finally their hearts meet.

    And last but never the least. MY OTP. MY TWO PUPPIES. 


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  8. “Our goal was to focus on creating a good project with fun memories instead of dwelling on ratings, so I don’t feel sad about it.”  - Nam Joo Hyuk.

    Wise words from a wise man. I hope that every drama production will think this way. Its great that they have their goals and that is creating a good project for everyone to enjoy and they succeed on achieving that goal. Thank you Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo. You'll definitely be missed. crazy monkey 003  

    Ugh! less than 10 minutes and we'll have our last episode of this awesome drama.  I don't know what to feel.  crazy monkey 002

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  9. 6 minutes ago, chatazkya said:


    Wah really? Daebak! The fans who prepare this must love them sooo much, i've never seen fans prepared the wrap up party before and never seen the lead actor/actress of a drama hold on to each other so tight before. WLFKBJ thumbs up! 



    She hold on him soo tight :bawling:



    TRUE! I was jumping in joy because they are not ur usual leads. Other OTP's of my favorite are so stingy when it comes to their wrap up party and you won't see them in one frame without any of the staffs or cast so I'm really happy that SWAG couple is not like the others. Maybe because they are friends in real life....but watever HAHAHAHA. those wrap up pics...likey likey!!!

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