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  1. 1 hour ago, vaberella said:

    I have two questions.

    JH's mother dumped him again?! I'm speaking based on the reviews and translation of the preview section of him and BS in the pool.

    Why is this show telling me that Samchon and Coach Choi won't be together? Is that the feeling everyone's gotten or is that just me. 

    You're not the only one. The ship has sank. Huhuhu

    At least he will get a Kim Seulgi (I hope so).

    With regard to JH's mom. It seems like JH's mom went to see her son or went back to korea just for money which is very selfish of her. She is not a good mom and I really hope JH will stay to his adopted parents for good because at least his adopted parents treats him like their real son. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, kara_mella said:

     Hello Soompi friends and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 's fans

    for many reasons [ which I can not list here] I couldn't log and comment along - but thank you very much for this thread. A year ago I was so into CITT and I hated Beak In Na, so much, sooo much...BUT now I love Kim Bok Joo. I won't comment on low ratings and some other stuff - glad that these two got the well-deserved recognition and - of course !! - AWARDS - for this GREAT drama and WONDERFUL acting and CHEMISTRY OFF THE CHARTS!!! GOSH - I would have enjoyed an extension  - I would have paid for that :w00t:. Today's ep was so funny. For me actors are just storytellers at heart.They pretend to be someone else and, if they're good at it, you see them as that person rather than an actor playing a role. The main reason why it's going to be hard for me to say good-bye [ DON'T LAUGH]. Please [someone] cast them in some other drama!!! I would be so happy!! 

    Can someone let me know how the last eps are scheduled ??

    Thank you [ must return to work] & take care!

    Last episode- episode 16, will air at Jan 11 (Wed), Ep 15 will air tomorrow. The drama replacing (UGH!! I can't help but feel sad to use the word replacement. I can't move on yet with this drama) WFKBJ, Missing Nine will air Jan 18. Their will be a free slot on Jan 12 and MBC decided to air a special Missing Nine episode (though I wished it was a WFKBJ special ep instead)

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  3. 3 minutes ago, papulichan said:

    Anyeong uri chingudeul !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !! :heart:


    OMG !!! I loved, loved tonight's episode , every little scene of it ! But, I have got to say that my Samcheon - Coach Choi ship sank.1b38f9e2.gif...aigoo...HAHAHAHAHA..... but, I really liked that twist. You know, how  here we have JH/BJ love-line where the girl who harbours a crush in the end falls for the guy who  had harboured some feelings for her. And, then here we have Coach-nim who confessed to her longtime crush and I reckon he kinda accepted her feelings. So, the writer gave us two OTP, one of which became  solid gold (BJ/KBJ) and the other OTP which sank badly. Daebak !!!

    And, Shi-ho !!clapping-soldier-baby-emoticon.gif  You go girl !!! Finally taking a stance for HERSELF !! I truly loved how she bailed in that rhythmic "ribbon" competition at the end fearlessly. After, knowing how her Coach had made some kind of settlement with one of judges in the competition , I think it was right then and there that Shi Ho knew how here Coach never truly believed in her or her talent. And all those strenuous years that Shiho and her family had to go through amounted   to nearly nothing for the Coach and  if SHiho would have won the competition by her Coach's manipulation , SH in turn would have felt miserable for all the hardwork she put in right from the childhood meant nothing if an athlete wins through match-fixing. What a proud way to stand for herself, Excellent !! 

    As for uri JH/KBJ and their sweeter-than-chocolate- and cuddly -than-a teddy antics, I have nothing but simply LOVE and then some. Can these two be any cuter !! PIC-309-1327434995.gif



    To All the SWAG Recappers, Screencappers tonight qiubilong_27.gif.... you are a magical bunch of Fairies !!





    THIS! You summarized everything I want to say about Shiho's character development. I couldn't put it into nice words like you said so I'm just gonna repost it. Hee~

    The writer did great in writing Shiho and I believe that she is not wasted in here (the actress). They give her justice and the way they showed her hardship and standing up by herself is very well done. Joonhyung once said that she must learned to stand on her own and she did. I'm so proud of Shiho!

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  4. 20 minutes ago, triplem said:

    @HugYooSu :heart: ....you instantly answered my BTS prayer. You are an angel!

    you are right , that was so good...jealous BJ ! And their friends' reactions. 

    Thanks for the vid @naritul

    Can I say that from the preview, our NJH's acting has really gone up a level. I always knew LSK was good, but NJH is a revelation for me:wub:

    He's weakest point in acting is always visible when he is acting sad or when the scene in very heavy. But based on the preview, I also believe that he acing his role here. A+ for his crying scene. I could relate and it twice the pain because we all know what he had gone through and how cheerful he still is despite all the pain he is hiding. 

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  5. I find every scene between JH and BJ in the rooftop very warm and I feel like it is not scripted. I feel like it is real. Their first scene together talking about stars and the nose bridge was perfect and now even though I can't fully understand their convo when they were alone in the rooftop, I could feel the same vibe and feelings from the scene I stated above. The show is really doing a great job on the otp's romance. Love it!

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  6. @Ahpheng Hehe. True. I'm glad that you keep on stripping this drama despite your first caption on your very first strip. I actually commented on your IG hoping that there won't be only one strip for this drama and was encouraging you to strip more because I really love your humor. Been following you since Healer so I'm just so glad to see you keeping a great work. Love lots!

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  7. 1 hour ago, triplem said:

    Sam Choon's love interest ?

    Maybe or she'll bring out Coach Choi real feelings. Either way I love her so I'm excited on her cameo hahahahaha.

    Or she could be Uncle's ex. Before he metioned he lost his virginity when he was young  when Bokjoo was eating her hang over soup and frantically screaming for help because her uncle is saying all this nonsense. Bwahahahah I love that scene by the way.

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