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  1. 3 hours ago, cmoirae2 said:


    director's cut box set could cost between $125 to $175. This is the original Korean version and usually includes a photobook and other goodies like script, poster etc sometimes they even have the soundtrack included. The goodies that come with it varies.  To ensure that there is demand, organizers need feedback from fans to determine if they move forward with producing the box set.  Avid fans of dramas are most interested in the bts that come with it.  In one of the box sets I bought there were never seen before bts clips but unfortunately these were not subbed. Nevertheless it was still worth it imo. 

    Thanks hahahaha. Wow I really need to save a lot but just like you said it sure worth it. I'll start saving and praying so that the production will make the dvd happen. Hehehehe 

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  2. 8 hours ago, koreanricegirl said:

    Check out one of the PD's instagram for some cool BTS pictures of the set! It's all very elaborate and you always forget when you only see the final product: https://www.instagram.com/jamieklee13/

    Seems like the cast & crew will be spending the New Year's shooting a swimming scene!



    Wooooh! Finally, I can smell "start-trauma" being discussed. I am really anticipating on how the writer will disclosed JH's start trauma so I really hope they will show great and awesome end on it. Orrrr maybe we can see a blushing-jealous-Bokjoo instead because JH bare his chest which she doesn't like, XD.

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  3. I'm a bit disappointed  with MBC awardings. In KBS there were like 4 or 5 couples awarded with best couple award and while in MBC they had one. I'm not complaining on LJS and HHJ pairings (I actually adore them, they both have sizzling chemistry. No doubt). But would it hurt them to give another best couple award to our BokJoonhyung couple?!  No, right.

    I guess they got out of stock. Maybe

    But oh well. I shouldn't be complaining especially its 2017 I should start my year positive. So whatever. BokJoonhyung couple is still the best. :blush:

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  4. Just now, koreanricegirl said:


    Hahaha, that line was definitely scripted to follow into LSK's line introducing the award which is about characters that were a perfect fit for the actor or something. But the skit beforehand might not have been, since NJH paused for such a long time to think of the right word lol

    @MC99 This award show is making it really hard not to ship them when they look so good together :blush:

    Yeah hahaha yes yes. He definitely put an adlib there. I also notice that he seemed to be very nervous that he keeps looking at his cue card but still he is so cute. Hahahaha XD I really wish that they win a best couple award. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, koreanricegirl said:

    @stargazer187 He said he is realizing his dream and he will work harder. He thanked the PD and scriptwriter and his mom who is watching at home lol

    Also they presented some random Golden Award (idk what this is) and NJH was like "Sungkyung-ssi... I mean, Bok joo yah" and everyone laughed awwww :)

    NJH: Doesn't it feel nice to wear clothes that fit well?


    Kya!!! He is really Joon hyung in here. I mean Nam Joo hyuk is very Joon hyung that is why I also think that he is not acting. I really love his playful nature. Hee~

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