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  1. 44 minutes ago, RamenXMuDo7Jjang said:

    @bonuibonui....so that couple fighting/bickering on the preview came after or before punished??? hehehe...

    empty feeling after drama end i can't:bawling:.....if i get pic from wrap up party i'll post it.....


    My guess is that the couple fight will be shown first. Since its Bokjoo who misunderstands the situation, she'll be punished by Joonhyung in a cute and most adorable way. He can't really punished her in a bad way, right?! That is why she also raising her hand. Its like Joonhyung will be asking her to recite her faults and that Bokjoo promised not to misunderstand him anymore. He'll also steal a kiss where Bokjoo will shyly crack a smile. He'll pull her closer and confess his love for her, she will reply the same and they will kiss- the longer the kiss the better. But I do hope they won't be using all the 60 minutes in resolving the fight and in the end we have a couple that got over the misunderstanding because they have lots of small details and things that can be addressed with given hour. More cute too and just love love love.

    Happy 200th page Swag Fairies. So happy that we reached a hundred more page despite the last episode airing today. 


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  2. 2 hours ago, RamenXMuDo7Jjang said:

    before feels so long wait new episode week after week.....but this time i wish today never come......:bawling:


    last script???:bawling:



    Ohhh looks like someone is getting punished. Wonder what Bokjoo did to get punished hahahaha.

    So true chingu. I'm still in denial. I don't feel saying goodbye yet.


    Does anyone know when will they have their wrap up party? Or it has been done already????

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  3. 51 minutes ago, MC99 said:


    BTS...I'm going to miss this and them being adorable and happy!

    Kyaaa. Both are so cute. 

    Their voice also blends well. Is it too much to hope they both released a duet song???? Huwahhhhhh :tears:


    My favorite episode hmmmmmmm.... all of them but if I have to pick. I would choose:

    Ep 5 - the comedy in this episode is just daebak. My favorite comedic scene in this whole drama is in this episode. The car splashing scene of course is very memorable. I would missed it A LOT!

    Ep 8 - their bunk bed scene <3. The scene is very simple and their convo are smoothly done. I don' feel like their acting. Its so natural and this is where I believe their friendship has been completely established. Another scene at the rooftop which I really like is also in this episode, I cried when finally the trio are back to being solid friends after some misunderstanding. And how can I forgot the drunk scene. I've been repeating that scene for the nth time already because I just love it that much.

    Ep 11 - I love this episode because of the cameo (Jisoo-oppa!), and of course the ever so jealous Joonhyung!

    Last but not the least.

    Ep 15 - Dae~bak :heart:. JJH my heart is all yours. Hahahaahha XD


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  4. 7 hours ago, raks86 said:


    Do Busan man have certain charm to them? I'm genuinely curious! Please enlighten me, chingu !

    while watching the live I realized now I kinda feel like a mother hen towards NJH- From now on, If I come across any comment on DB about his acting ability and stuff (The whole bride of water god fiasco) , even with my limited English I would jump to defend him. 

    I think people views busan men as manly and their accent is mostly loved by women in Seoul, their accent also plays a big role on being viewed as manly. Both Seoul and Busan used korean but the way they speak is different. Whenever I watched drama and in varieties Idols who came from Busan the host or other guest would say "ohh so manly~". Also in some cases there are also comments like "he is a busan man" which can also mean he is manly mainly because Busan people are assertive, impatient and aggressive. But that could be just an expression, not all who came from busan are manly and there are manly guys also in Seoul and every part of korea. 

    I don't know if I explained it right. Hahahaha sorry I'm a bit out of my mind but I hope it can help. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, raks86 said:

    are you guys watching NJH on v live? ahh I wish I knew korean 

    I was able to catch some of it. One part of his live when he was reading a comment from his fans, I think they asked him to act how he calls Bokjoo as 'chubs' and the fans gives out the scenes they would like him to act. There is also a scene where he acts as a sweet son to his aunt. What is funny about it, he was cringing every moment if it and he was like "back to being myself" after he finished acting as Joonhyung. He is sure a very shy man and so manly which is expected since he is a busan man. :)


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  6. 48 minutes ago, outofspace said:

    Awesome! Thank you so much dear. ❤


    Although the reception in SK has been lackluster, I don't think there's much to be sad about with this drama. This drama may not be #1 in priority for domestic television viewers, that doesn't mean that nobody is watching it outside of its viewing hours. People can easily stream online or catch replays. Also, I'm sure that MBC will be able to sell this drama for a pretty good amount overseas because of the positive reception it's gotten from all of us international fans! Nobody expected that this drama would be able to steal the international hype that people expected other dramas to be getting. Honestly, I didn't think that so many people would pay attention to it. I'm really happy that so many people love the cast + the drama itself. It's not a perfect victory, but just like the drama itself, this underdog has come really far. :'D


    I also agree that even with a low ratings and reception in SK , Internationally its been creating a buzz. Here in my country -Philippines, justify my statement. All my feeds even my friends who is not fond of kdrama has been posting videos and are now watching the drama. There are also lots of clips mostly captioned as #relationship goals roaming around every sites I go which means this drama is well recieved outside Korea so I'm happy. The downside of it is that NJH is getting popular and lots of girls are having a crush on him right now which means more competitor. Hahahaha kidding! I'm happy that both LSK and NJH is getting the love they truly deserved.


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  7. 1 hour ago, jcatson said:


    Hello! Just joined the forum and love looking at all the pictures and reading everyone's thoughts about the drama. I found this pic online, does anyone know what's going on here? What do the Korean words on the picture say? Thanks :) 

    It could mean 'I love you' if the first syllable used is 사 (sa), but he/she used (dda) instead so I don't know what could that word mean. Maybe its a mistake of the owner of the pic? 

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  8. 31 minutes ago, hello5512 said:

    Not sure if i'm seeing things or NJH has a "thing" for Jo Hye-Jung.

    In a couple of shots, both NJH & JHJ seemed very close. (Made some sceeenshots, but dunno how to post *embarrassed*)

    Can anyone advice me on how to attach images & screenshots i made to my post? Pretty please & thank you in advance.

    I've just registered myself in soompi to comment for this drama.


    True. I also notice how he seems comfortable with JHJ but I don't know how to bring it up because I'm a solid NJHxLSK shipper. 

    But I believe that they are just close or I mostly hope they are just close. As close as his relationship with LSK.

    Anyways, I'm not complaining. If there is a 'thing' deeper or not between them. I'm more than happy to accept what it is. HAHAHAHAHA XD.


    Can you guys believe it? I was scrolling my facebook timeline and saw a post about WF. I looked up to see who among my friend is watching and liking a post related to WF and I was so shocked to my brothers name. Like seriously, I even double take and wow! He is working overseas and I texted him and right now we are talking about how WF is the show that he is currently watching and how he likes LSK (Well liking LSK is no doubt) but wahhhhh!! I'm so surprised. I know he likes watching Kdramas and he likes K varieties and that he usually ask me for a list of show. But this time I didn't tell him about this drama (Gah! I totally forgot to tell him about the drama because I was too absorb in watching it.) and I'm just so happy that I can fangirl/boy with him. I'm more happy because he comments how great the show is and to hear it coming from a man who usually don't like dramas that involves romance and all the sweetness.

    Well we also have a man here @dhakra and I'm twice happier and appreciates their perspectives. :)  

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  9. 5 hours ago, outofspace said:

    Hello everyone!!! Long time no see, work has been busy, but I have been keeping up with the thread and the drama! I have so many feels, haha, I'll let them all out later on. XD 

    Can you please link me to the BTS where Sungkyung & Joohyuk sang City of Stars? *-*

     here you go. She started singing at 0:24 - 0:30 while the next clip JH sang also the same line she sang though such a short line. Hehehehe

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  10. 3 hours ago, tofuetoffee said:


    Hahaha, I feel the same. I love how cuddly and full of aegyo LJS is to the people he likes (because he has social phobia), but for NJH this is actually the first time I'm liking a guy for being so awkward and stiff-faced in public. Maybe it's just because I'll be all jelly if he graces everybody with that beautiful smile so I'm all rooting for his stinginess, lol oh geeze. Like someone said before though, he's a little like Joon Hyung when he's with friends, but NJH in real life esp when out in public appears to be very reserved and shy.

    I'm just afraid that if he becomes popular people will dig it up and he'll be hated by the keyboard warriors knetz for appearing so distant - I mean everybody likes to praise their faves for being all kind and friendly to fans and the public and shade the other celebrities who aren't so social. Oh, K-celebrities have it so hard.

    I'm so like him. My super close friends knows how jumpy and noisy I am but when in front of strangers I'm known as the shy type. People who don't know me or not really close to me thinks I'm a snob and always think i'm a quiet person and people mostly misjudge my shy personality in public so I know that it will be hard for him too once netizen makes him the target of hate. Its more harder and critical to him because he is a celebrity with growing fanbase. Though I hope he can be as comfortable as he can and be friendly when in public and if the only way he can do that is by acting he is comfortable I prefer him to be awkward than seeing him act. I hope that someday warrior netizens will understand and also be polite towards celebrities. I hope that they will realize that being awkward is also cute.

    I consider those people in every drama forum as my close friends because this place has been my fangirling place since I discovered it. And I think I feel more comfortable here than my classmate in school. I'm very anti-social, and making an account and socializing through internet was first for me and it took me a million try outs just to overcome my fears of socializing. Well that is just me and my story. 

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  11. 11 minutes ago, rosetinted said:

    I like how they made Bok Joo and Joon Hyung friends before lovers. It just makes the chemistry between JH & BJ more real, y know? and you can see that they love each other sincerely because they've been through a lot together  :heart::blush:

    That is one of the reasons this drama is the best. You don't need to question the romance between the OTP because its been grounded and the foundation is establish very well. In other dramas, you don't know why the OTP fall in love or why it feels like they suddenly like each other and you'll just agree that they like or love each other because the show say it so. But in WFKBJ it is different, we saw how JH fell in love with BJ and we know why they fell in love with each other. I do agree that the romance started late but I didn't mind because it is more beautiful to see how they both grew fond of each other which makes them both irresistible and inseparable right now. 

    I'm feeling all giddy just by rewinding their first encounter next to their sweet banters to kisses and hugs. I'm in love with BJxJH.

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  12. News NEWS! NJH will be doing a V-live on Wednesday, Jan 10, at 3 pm. KST

    Let's support him by watching and leaving a lot of comments about how we love everything about the show and him. Let's also hope that he will include Sungkyung in his v-live so we can see them more than enough to lessen our sadness for the upcoming ending of the show. I would also like to see some of the cast so let's hope that he is with them.


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  13. I tried to cook, clean my room, went to see a movie. I tried almost everything just to keep my mind out of WFKBJ because I can't accept that it is ending next week but to no avail. When I cooked I think of it, when I cleaned my room I was listening to the OST's and the movie that I watched was Lalaland, I learned about the movie because Sung kyung and Joohyuk sang the song "City of Stars"in one of the bts. And I know the movie is great and the otp there is also brooding with chemistry but I must be insane because once they started singing the song city of stars, all I can hear is Sungkyung and Joohyuk singing in a duet.

    Now I'm home. Watched ep 15 with subs sobbing every minute I see NJH crying scene. 

    And there we go again, WFKBJ withdrawal is on its roll again. Anyways, I'm really really happy that the show is getting its deserving love and attention through these forum and through dramabeans peeps. I was shocked/surprised to see the first comment in the open thread was all about WFKBJ and praising Nam Joo hyuk~ 

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  14. So happy with the knetz comments, all positive and despite the low ratings there are solid viewers in S.Korea that are also wishing for an extension. But sadly, they seemed to finished filming because NJH and LSK are active again in IG which means they have enough free time. But I still do hope that MBC will be generous and gives us a special episode and it can be aired on whatever available slot time next week. Please MBC. Either ways, I'm just happy that I encounter this gem and is definitely one of my favorite drama of all time.


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  15. They've been using shoes in this drama for countless times already. I mean SH and JH once went to a shoe store and SH would like for both of them to have a couple shoes. Then when JH aunt bought him a shoes but lied that it was from his real mom. Then we have JH's real mom giving JH a shoes that doesn't fit ( which tells that she knows a little about her son) and I believe that shoes symbolizes something that connects to JH. 

    So I'm guessing again.

    Could it be, JH was looking for a shoes (a couple one) to give to BJ. BUT JH doesn't know BJ's shoe size so he asked a girl to try the shoes and imagine it was BJ trying the shoes? HAHAHAHAHA. It doesn't make sense. I know. Forgive me. LOL

    I'm just trying all ideas I could think of from those little previews they showed. I'm going nuts because of this show hahahaha. 

    HAPPY ENDING PLEASE. With a Sweeeeeeg at the end~

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  16. Do we have a Shiho  today? No?. I admit at first I was wishing for her screen time to be less and that is when I thought she'll be the usual second lead who will go on a full evil ex mode in the whole run so I did wished to see her less in my screen but not anymore. Her story was compelling and I do hope to see what happened to her after her satisfying and regret less goodbye to rhythmic gymnastics. So I'm really hoping to see a full smile and happy Shiho on the last episode. 

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  17. Let me guess...

    Taekwandong texted either Nanhee or Seon Ok about JJH with a perfume all over his body. Then it reaches BJ. BJ and JJH didn't meet that same day, so BJ thought JH is cheating on her. There were no calls from JH and BJ grew anxious and somehow she saw him with a girl. BUT it was all a misunderstanding because MAYBE? JH is just helping a girl on something or he was secretly trying to make a surprise for BJ but it gone all wrong because BJ misunderstands. 

    This may occur on the first 30 minutes of the show, just simply showing how long distance (well not that so long distance) works. Will they be able to keep their relationship or will it end there because of a little misunderstanding. 

    For the last 30 minutes (though I hope the misunderstanding would last for about 20 minutes) because I want to see BJ and JH with BJ's Dad announcing to him that their dating, then again for the last 30 minutes, we can have a whole 30 minutes of cuteness, romantic scenes with a lots of funny scene too. I want to see Seon ok and Taekwandong relationship growth too.

    SOOOOOO....Wednesday please come faster though it would mean I have to go back to school faster because on Monday I have school already! Sigh, life of watching an on-going drama. The struggles is real!

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  18. The preview though hahahaha. I told myself so many times not to believe what the preview shows because it is not always what the real ep is going to happen. So I'll believe that the fight is just some usual couple fights and we will have more more sweet scene. OR are they planning to use the available slot for Jan 12th so that we can have our ep 17 (I doubt), how I wish the special was given to WFKBJ instead of Missing Nine. 

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