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  1. 1 hour ago, hrkharis said:



    The philosophy of cactus

    Cactus is a plant that is not troublesome. It does not matter if you do not water it every day.
    Cactus will remain silent and not complain. In contrast to other types of plants. It will wither if not often watered.
    Cactus can live with a little water and can survive in extreme weather.
    Cactus does not require much attention, but the cactus will also die if not paid attention.
    Although the cactus looks unattractive when noticed, but in time it will show a beautiful flower. It just takes patience to take care.


    Maintaining harmony in love is like maintaining a prickly cactus. The larger a cactus, the more thorns will grow .
    That's Love, the more affection we cultivate, the bigger the test (problems) we face .
    However, if we realize that it will look more beautiful cactus with spines, that's the appeal of a cactus as a unique plant.
    So it is with love. The more problems we face, the closer our relationship will be, if we realize the real meaning of togetherness.
    "Learn to introspect yourself from what has happened and learn to have his/her heart not just the person".


    Finally I found the answer, why there is a cactus in the NCW office. Day by day, the cactus plant is growing in number, from nothing to one, two, three and several. It turns out the writer, again, makes a cactus plant analogy to describe the love that grows between them both.

    Their love grows because they both take care of that love.
     Hoping the number of cactus plants more and more. 


    This. I'm loving your keen eyes and great analogy. I was awed with the cactus philosophy it was sooooo meaningful and really I can't help but feel butterflies while reading your analogy and imagining the growing love of YY and CW. 

    Thumbs up to writer nim also for such genius writing. I also wish the cactus plants to grow in numbers. <3 

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  2. Just watched ep 10 and its freaking hilarious I can't stop laughing at YY and her cute antics. Who knew CW can be that adorable when in love mwahahaha. 

    I'm not worried for what may come at them especially that the ex wife re enter CW's life because if you guys can remember, Ex wife called before and had a conversation with CW. Ex FIL inquired what they talked about and CW said to FIL that he can asked his daughter himself. I believe ex wife has moved on and is planning to marry someone else. That is the vibe that I'm getting. Maybe ex wife wanted to see CW one last time and also wish CW happiness that is why they'll have some dinner or something. Of course there will be angst but I do believe in writer nim that it won't be draggy like the usual kdrama does. This writer is good in using the same and old drama tropes but what makes it refreshing is how the actor recreate the usual and cliche drama tropes. 

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  3. Ep 8 is the episode where CW realize his feelings for YY while for tonight's episode its YY's turn. What can I say about this episode is that it is an adorab;e episode with lots of laughs and sweetness. I love how CW didn't push YY to make here realize what she is missing if she ever stick to her principle of not dating her boss. CW was very understanding and let her come to him when she's ready. I love how CW erases the no falling in love with your boss, dad and teacher principle of YY that she written in the bus *correct me if I'm wrong but that is how I understand that scene*. I love how his simple words of thanking YY for being with beside CW moved her and come to his arms. So sweet. 

    I guess we're through the in denial stage, I can't wait for their mission impossible dating routines in the office and of course some petty jealousy from CW mwahahahahah XD.


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  4. 1 hour ago, triplem said:

    @Ohsh I think tonight's episode builds up from the end of eps 7 where NCW told YY's mum, that YY is someone he wants to trust.  I think that  was the point when he realises he likes YY especially when mum asked if he see's YY as a woman. He could not say no...but YY came in and interrupted, so we were left guessing...but it's a way to tease us...coz from watching the raw scenes tonight I can tell that his extreme reaction to her was not because he blames  her...I think it's because he has started to trust her and have feelings for her.  He really missed her when she was absent at the office today.



    I agree. Its like this whole romance is new to him. He seems so clueless that he is attracted to her. I mean even ex father in law noticed CW is being different to YY and how awesome it is that ex father in law is very supportive. Hahahaha XD

    CW extreme reaction was rooted from fear of actually loosing YY if he ever acts on what he feels, he is unsure of what might happen and so he build a new kind of wall which of course broke down so easily after YY said to do what he wants and what he want is her. KYAAA!!!

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  5. 1 hour ago, Ohsh said:

    Oh they kissed?! That was quite unexpected for me. I hope it is well executed and not abrupt *fingers crossed* Am I slow? It is not clear to me what did NCW like about YY. I can see that he was thawing to her but exactly why -  it was not so apparent. She didn’t exactly earn his trust so far and has he gotten over the mistaken betrayal already?! Did the epilogue shed some light on that?

    CW is not the type of person who would jump to conclusion with that short voice clip. Its even weird that JSM send it to him himself, making JSM more suspicious. CW was just taken aback because he is beginning to trust her. Also he didn't fully said that he trust her. His words was "she is someone I want to trust" therefore CW walls is slowly breaking down. 

    Was YY deserving of that trust? What did she do to earn that trust? Well for me for YY simply being interested to CW made CW soften to her. Her concern and interest were genuine and sincere but we somehow overlook YY's intention because we know that she is tied up to JSM's schemes but honestly what YY did to support and work as a secretary to CW was sincere and pure. I guess that was able to cross to CW and so he wanted to trust her

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  6. 5 hours ago, kaoriharang said:




    I really feel bad for YY because now she is being used to really attack CW. And like you said about the epilogue was indeed bittersweet. But looking at the preview for tonight's episode (thanks to @0ly40) it does seem that CW knew that it was not YY's doing but rather it was CW.


    I am looking forward to the next episode though i really want to see their relationship move towards each other.


    Agree. The preview makes me more excited to see today's episode. CW is a smart person so I believe that he won't be jumping to conclusions that YY had a hand on putting that video. 


    I'm so excited too see if the usual kdrama rule is applied in this drama. Usually when a romcom kdrama airs its 8th episode, the kissing scene happens. So are we having a kiss scene and at the Namsam tower too? Yeeeeee!!!! But I don't mind if they don't make it for today's episode because I'm loving their cute friendship and I would want the kiss scene to happen after YY confesses about her supposed spying and working for JSM. 

    I'm also kind of excited for CW's excuses for going to Namsam where YY is supposed to meet her blind date...gosh this drama drive me crazy.

    I do wonder though who might be working under JSM giving him those pictures of YY and CW together and also sending information about YY and CW using the same shampoo. I believe two person is working for him and one of them is working near CW and YY. 

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  7. Today's epilogue is so bittersweet. So sweet that what he feels for YY is a genuine trust. Coming from someone who lost trust , build a big walls because of people misjudgment and terrible words, its a big character development for NCW to say that he trust YY. Bitter, on the other hand, because we all know that trust will be tarnish once it is revealed that YY is working under JSM (well except YY hasn't done anything that caters JSM wishes). 


    Hwangbi's effort to introduce her boss in the BBA presentation is so warm and mother-like. I love how her relationship with Yool is developing but I really hope it doesn't cross the romance stage. I hope its stays as warm as a family relationship because that is what is Yool needs. Yool can be a big brother to Hwangbi's son and Hwangbi is their loving mother. 


    I can't wait for YY and NCW to kick off and I can smell sweet scene on the next episode.

    P.S. the Strawberry Milk Boy lover in School 2017- YY's bro here. I love him here too. Hope to see more YY's bro and NCW scene.


    P.s.s FInally delurk to join this thread and squee over this wonderful drama. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone (imagine CW and YY's greetings while hiding in the tent).


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  8. OMG, what a cast! I'll definitely tune in in this drama. 

    Yoo Ji Tae is my ajhusshi crush, I watched every of his shows and I was so on board in this drama when I heard he was casted. 

    Then Hwayoung...loved her in Age of Youth and My father is strange. 

    Then when Woo Do Hwan was casted too. Oh dear...I want this drama to start airing already beause I can't get enough of him in "Rescue Me," he acts so good it hurts! 

    So happy these three talented actors are finally confirmed. I'm definitely on board! 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, JiWookJiHyun said:

    i think i saw somebody mentioned about how JCW wardrobe suddenly change to 50shades of Blue right after suspicious partner end (to be exact after NJH mentioned her fav colour is blue in last episode) N I cant help myself from scrolling thru his IG until 2015 n looking at his post.. he is more black n white n grey n brown kinda guy. But look at how he put on every blue colour right from their wrap up party.. 24miracle fan meeting.. guerilla date n interviews (i forgot to collage another blue sweater he wore during arab tv interview). Ji Hyun aaaahh look what have u done to ur oppa?


    A line from the song " That's how you know" in Enchanted reminds me a lot on this post.

    "Because he'll wear your favorite color
    Just so he can match your eyes" 

    maybe he is matching her eyes, delighting her eyes by wearing clothes with her favorite color. Heeeee~ 

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  10. @MoonlightSerenade love your post! You're putting energy to my shipper's heart.

    I'm still concious of the dating part because my shipper's heart wont be able to take it if its false but thanks to your post I'm actually relieved. 

    I also agree that the last scene is like a proposal or a real confession not as JW and BH but JCW and NJH, else if not why sbs didn't showed any bts for the last ep. I mean they've been consistent on showing bts scenes for almost every sweet scenes for the couple but for the last ep it lacks bts. Would that mean they are withholding something? 

    We can say that they are saving it for the dvd but that dvd will be available for like a year or so and it won't hurt to show a little bts of the ending ep. But as you can see there is none....which makes me suspicious. 

    I'm disappointed at first because they didn't gave us new bts but thinking about it, if they are really dating and that final scene is something related to their relationship, I'm good with less bts scene for the last ep because the staffs and production must be protecting them two. 

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  11. 8 minutes ago, mangoicy said:

    It's not there though, so I'm guessing the article is using GD screencaps while inserting JCW's new/old ideal type quote?    

    In a gist, GD interview only consists of: his love of sports particularly football, his celeb circle of friends (the KRW circle) which includes CTJ, his playful sns/ig posts which were all taken from filming sites, and the interviewer reminds him to cherish homemade food by his mom before going for the army and he said he'll spend time with his mom before then too?   But no ideal type being mentioned in this GD interview. Is there a missing part perhaps? 

    Hahhahaha my bad. I post the wrong vid


    It was supposed to be this one. :)

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  12. 6 minutes ago, syasha12795 said:

    JCW you really living up your nickname as "adlibs king":lol:

    Sometimes , I wonder how much adlibs they done it on SP haha:blush: *wink2*

    Wait I'm confused, is the piggy back scene that was adlib that ur talking about here was the same as JH talked about in vlive? And was it that scene? I thought it was the scene where BH sprained her ankle and not this one. I remember she talked about the original was the bridal carry but JCW suggest the piggy back carry.

    Sorry I'm just confused. I don't exactly understand what JH said in vlive but that it was I understand through my little korean knowledge. I'll be happy to be corrected because if that scene was an adlib by JCW I'll be jumping with joy! 


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  13. https://youtu.be/15EnA411JwY

    JCW GD interview cut. Subs not out yet :(

    8 minutes ago, mangoicy said:

    So, JCW's ideal type interview is part of the article interview correct? Not part of the Guerilla Date? Because I can't for the life of me, find it from the clips that are currently circulating. I mean, it's still heart fluttering, but I'd love it if I can see his reaction when he's actually saying it. Imma greedy shipper.

    Its part of GD's interview. 


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  14. 2 minutes ago, masthu said:

    YESSSS she watched it and shes ADDICTED to SP chingu!!! yeah we do fan girling together :D i practically had my breakfast while reading the post lol. Didnt have lunch yet and its past lunch time over wait must be tea time. We both have gone crazy chingu

    Gooooo have breakfast or wait is it lunch??!! :wub:

    Love your mom!!

    Go have a brunch!  Enjoy your food and come back here to spazz!

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  15. 3 hours ago, waveoflove said:

    I really would LOVE LOVE to see JCW sing 101 reasons live. Do you know when we will see that clip of him singing live in his recent appearance?


    Did he sang the song in his appearance in sketchbook? I thought it was the song of 2bic which he and 2bic sang together and not his OST. 

    Well, I bet he'll sing 101 reasons in his concert though so I'm waiting for his concert :)

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