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  1. 19 minutes ago, myoshie said:

    Can anyone translate Captain Cupid's caption? Am I seeing it right? Is she saying Ji Hyun grew up and it's been 5 years? If she's been with ALUU for 5 years, then... omg.

    Cupid said in her caption that She's been with Ji Hyun since high school ( as her stylist) and You're (JH) always been beautiful and mature but now you're really a mature actress. Angel Jihyun. Together for 5 years. Our Actor. 

    P.S. I used google translate hahahah XD


    Gosh, Stylist-nim has been with her for 5 years! I can tell how close they become and its no question that she's our Captain ( off set because Chief Bang is the captain in the drama). 

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  2. This thread is on fire and I've been drowning in piles of unread pages. wait onion head someone help me! Hahahah XD

    and because of that this comment might be a little late or someone might have said it already. But this is what I notice, JCW said he wants Twice to visit him in military ( not knowing any girl groups). Twice is popular these days so I think that must be the reason why he said that but WHAT IF?! This might be pure coincidence or JCW failed ninja moves ( in hiding his real intentions), he could have said that because the girl group who he had given an award with is Twice and along with him is our Hyunnie?! teehee crazy rabbit


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  3. 1 hour ago, huntergal said:
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    Yaahh minors, read at your own risk! 

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    Did y'all notice the spot where he place his right hand comfortably on? :w00t: :phew: And dayumm, he even whispered in her ear.... *dead* 




    @stucked I'm behaving. :lol: I think your office mates will pass out if they see what the #ByeontaeSquad is up to all the time...lmao. 

    Interesting...but I'm more interested in what is happening under that blanket. 

    Is the word "interlocking feet" exist? No?

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  4. Just now, gracebkk said:

    btw... how does sponsoring in kdramas work? do they have to return the things back to the brand/company that sponsored the item? i thought that they would still have to return the items back (since the items were just on loan). i'm guessing that they gave money to the production company in return for placing their items in the drama. but is this not the case usually?? do they give the items to the production company too? 

    I don't know about the real world...but when I watched the drama MLFTS, CSY character was an actress and there was this scene where her stylist asked her to give back the necklace/ earrings that she wore in filming her drama because it is sponsored and it must be returned. So maybe that is the case? 


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  5. 7 minutes ago, elnoxis said:

    Let's hope our JCW is competetive and tops Hyunie's IG post. Then we will all die. Hahaha

    I'm waiting for his post and I'm imagining what kind of post he will make (i.e. if something is really going on).

    1. His face with close eyes ( as if receiving the kiss).

    2. A simple picture of him smiling but with a caption of a kiss emoticon.

    3. A video of him sending a kiss

    4. A picture of him looking as if he had an heart attack. 

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  6. 19 minutes ago, attriste said:

    I just about died with this comment, oh shipping gods please save me my baby is asleep and i need to pack, save me from this madness.

    Let me help you with your prayers. Dear shipping gods let there be calm before the storm. Let attriste pack her stuffs first and get her safety to her destination then you can drop the bomb when she's available to spazz on it.

    I have like two quizzes and three research papers to finish until tomorrow so I really want to stop myself from spazzing here but I don't think that will happen.  XD

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  7. 33 minutes ago, dalkiiya said:


    Also hi to my fellow Filipino's here! If you are residing in the philippines, Kathy1218 and I from twitter were discussing something like doing bulk orders for the dvd because I am having a hard time understanding the details lol. Like we were thinking of doing something like a fan project or at least someone who understands the details best could order for the rest of us, and you know maybe we can hold a gathering or something when the dvd's get released ya know? I think it would be fun hahaha. If you want to find me I have the same twitter handle on twitter so yahh, follow mee :D


    Oh yes please! I want to buy the dvd too but I don't have the ability (money) but if you decide to buy in bulk maybe I can work on saving enough money to get a hold of my first kdrama dvd. I'll avoid eating too much I guess. Hahahha and please do hold a gathering, I'll make sure to go and hopefully we can all spazz about SP and maybe become friends too. 

    Off to twitter to follow you!

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  8. 39 minutes ago, jibongforever said:


    if we are talking about numerology here....2 + 3 is 5...this is a highly strung number, full of tension, nervousness.  this is not the calmest relationships at all. when i have time i will calculate again. i need to have full name with middle family name of their mothers. anyone who knows it can send me . thanks.

    Gosh! You guys are the best! You make math so fun! Hahahaha XD I'm having fun with all this computation and numerology stufss so keep it coming. Since physical evidence is not enough, math is the answer, righy! Hahahaha XD Now I know why math is needed and its wrong to say that studying math is not applicable to real life. I better study my maths right now so I can join you! 


    To Glorious Ent, updates. I see we have a mother shipper! Chief Bang must be on the roll because a bigger ship is helping him sail the OTP. 

    9 minutes ago, EDMARKG said:

    just lurking since this thread started and found this..so I decided to log in hahaha... Jiji Shipper here from PH

    Pinoys / Filipinos love Jiji couple like crazy!!! :wub:

    Raise my hand. Filipino fan here too! 

    @elnoxis Hi Hi!!! I share the same sentiments, my classmates who watched Kdrama haven't watched SP yet and so i don't have anyone to spazz with. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, kd22 said:

    Hello , let me join your ship :lol:, I'm was quietly following your ship. It seems the ship has a bit windy after other wrap up video came up. Allow me to contribute my thought though. Watch 2 defferents video tape of the wrap up party and the video of JCW speaking I could explain like this 

    - both face expression of JCW and NJH do not show any sadness ( if one of them is rejected from other!!! )

    - cannot say NJH ignored JCW , when mr bang calling Lawer No perhaps, ( pardon me if not right, cause I have no Korean lesson only getting used to listening the drama) NJH did look round to find him.

    - JCW was not playing " cold "toward NJH, on the movie, before NJH came next to JCW for the candle , JCW had stepted 3 stepped backward to get space for others( lady writer,) then NJH came next to him, as spontaneously, he cares to get comfortable room for NJH  secondly, only him is the person helps NJH to turn the table at that group. 

    - eye contact, I think they had enough eye contact at the salon before they arrived lol, in fact, JCW did look NJH narratively ( the cake,  he did paid attention on the detail of the cake which others not bother because their image were not there, all those pics surely were not news to him, but he still loved to look at them - joyful sign.) after the speaking they sat across each other two different places. In term if psychology they had fulfil the desirable before enter the party, but they still could have other changes for eye flirting after the candle and because there was not single expression which mean they are freely allow express themselves in public, therefore multi expression were occurred ( fear, joy, satisfy, worried etc.)

    - someone mention NJH could reject his feeling for her !? It cannot be this case . On other video which JCW made a speak, mr bang invited him come forward, NJH showed excited by clapping her hand quite loud, both hands move upward rather on middle of the chest which less excitement . Both hand clapping have wide enough distance(too wide open show much more pretend excitement, too narrow forcing herself badly). She laughed very loud when ppl call him as a boyfriend --- overjoy. If she did refused his love for her , psychologyly she would have sign of guilty  , the action would be more opposite or different. 


    There are only analysis of situation on the video , But I do not certain their relationships friendship? Brother sister ? Lover ? Only they know, we still hope our ship go smoothly until either of them announce their partner. 



    "cannot say NJH ignored JCW , when mr bang calling Lawer No perhaps, ( pardon me if not right, cause I have no Korean lesson only getting used to listening the drama) NJH did look round to find him"

    I agree wih this and I also heard and see NJH applaud so hard when JCW was making his speech. When JCW said that he will return safely or he will work hard in the military ( I forgot what he really said there but its something along the line), he looked at Mr. Bang and they both kinda laugh, the audience too and so does Hyunnie. You see Ji hyunnie has a unique laugh or her voice is kinda unique too so you can tell easily whose laugh or those voice belongs too. She' s very active in giving response and reaction to JCW's speech so the is no way she is ingoring him. 

    Edit: I saw your comment about her clapping for him when Mr. Bang called JCW to the stage. Yes yes yes. This is what I was trying to say!

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  10. Good morning and good evening to the other part of the world.

    My...my...my...I knew something like this while happen once I saw the wrap up party video. I'm also disappointed in the lack of interaction between them and yes I agree that it is awkward but I can't take the breakdown of some fans because of this. 

    I ship them and I'm really hopeful for this ship. They are perfect together and really complement each other like JW and BH. But I'm also aware of possibilities and impossibilities. 

    If they do date, I'll be really happy. If their awkward interaction is because they are trying to surpress their bloosoming feelings, well that is great to know. 

    But if they we're professionals about it, they can have good camaraderie. Its fine to me too. Chemistry is part of work ethics too. 

    So I don't really want to push them together or I don't want myself to hardly wish them to be together because they are people we don't fully know. We see only a seconds of their actions and not the whole. We interpret their actions in small seconds but we don't know their own interpretation or intentions to it. So I don't think its right to be disappointed or feel betrayed. (Note that this statement is not for you guys but for some shippers in other sites, I'm happy that the soompi thread for this two have very understanding and smart people).

    I gave an advice to myself to make a careful ship. If the ship sails, I succeeded. If not, then well God is good, hope they find their destined person. I'll be happy for whatever the case will happen. Its just that I hope the fans won't blame the actors for bringing them hope and crashing them after. 

    Sorry for the rant. As soon as I saw the comment section in Youtube and IG I feel so engraged with their words saying the actors made them believe they are together but after crashing it because they seemed so awkward in the after party. 


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  11. Watching random vid of Nam Ji Hyun in youtube then she said things about her ideal type. 

    She said that its hard too choose from Seo Kang Jun and Park Hyungshik then discuss what she likes about them.

    To make it short

    Her Ideal Type is manly yet cute in front of her.

    Then one thing crossed my mind and YOU KNOW WHO!!!



    At the end of the vid...she said she wanted to act in a melo drama, she also want to be physically active in a drama i.e. Action and acting as a criminal.

    Which she was able to do it all in SP. NJH and SP are meant for each other :wub:.

    I'm falling in love with her more and more.


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