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  1. Soompi explained that the loan sharks are after Woo Jin for his parents unpaid debt too. Jang ki young sent LSK a coffee truck. I didn’t know they were close. She is friends with all the current hottest young male actors
  2. @nrllee Yah agree that the way Dr Cha’s character is written leaves a lot to be desired. It is indeed unbelievable that she managed to be a certified surgeon with this condition. Actually, the show seems to portray her from a well to do family so maybe via family connections? (which may answer why she managed to make it so far but is worse for her character arch). On the other hand, I am quite sympathetic to the reason why she wants so badly to remain in the profession. Unlike the other cheobol shows where the lead comes from a family of doctors and therefore he/she is pressurized to be one, it appears that she has a loving relationship with her mother and genuinely wants her to be happy/ proud of her. I am guessing her final story (if Master Kim didn’t succeed in turning her into a competent surgeon) would be that she decided to do something she loves instead of a doctor and she finds out that all along her mother loves her regardless.
  3. I am liking this show more than I expect to! Was watching Crash Landing but wasn’t really into it, especially with the recent news of the leaked phone messages and Hyun Bin. So decided to give LSK a try since I really liked her in Weight lifting fairy. She seems to match the tall handsome young men best, and AHS reminds me so much of NJH (in fact a bit too much similar). Was a little hesitant about her Dr Cha character in the beginning but glad that she redeemed herself in this week’s episode. And I loved the backstory between the two young leads. I am sure Dr S had a huge crush on her back in school. Wish we will see more of their past interactions!
  4. Regarding naming GD as dog poop, an old Chinese belief is that parents should give their children a bad-sounding nickname to prevent attracting evil spirits. Don’t know it is is also the case in Korea since many of their culture are influenced by the Chinese.
  5. After reading the negative comments, I agree with some of them, but overall I still enjoyed the show and even the chemistry between GD and MH. In fact, compared to the other popular seguek drama also showing now, I thought the show put more thought into showing why they liked each other. MH admires GD’s optimism and tenacity and that she believes in love and the good of people ie. opposite from the cynical him. While GD admires MH’s strong beliefs on equality and sense of justice. I also like how she confessed, felt it is very true to character and in the mood of that moment. Sad about the king though, he does not deserved to hear of it this way. But objectively, it was obvious from the start that GD does not feel for him more than family and brother. So better not to drag on any further which will cause more hurt.
  6. Just saying, Yeon Woo was looking good when he finally appear but he had to spoil it by taking the huge fall down the stairs sighs. Still, I thought MR and him make a fine couple despite the bickering and I hope to see more of them soon. After dying horrific deaths in their past lives, hopefully they will get a happy ending in this one.
  7. You are not alone. I like them as a couple too, almost like they are redeeming themselves in this lifetime, mostly on MR’s part though. They have chemistry together. In my opinion, YW looks much more charming in modern dressing. I hope he will get as much attention as Captain Firefly who is getting his first lead role already!
  8. Hello! Just finished the drama, after A Love So Beautiful. Realized that C dramas seem to favour the same type of male leads, the cold grouchy but brilliant types hmm... Comparing the two dramas, I liked the school storytelling in ALSB more, but the grown-up scenes in Le Coupe more. I liked both couples but I think I am the minority when I say I liked the chemistry between GC/WY slightly better than the OTP. The growth arc for GC is more and I liked how he tried to hold WY at arms length but yet can’t help but care for her. Did anyone feel that WY is much prettier in longish hair in her promotion photos than in the drama itself?
  9. I just finished this series too and it was great. Apparently youth dramas seem to be the only genre I like for C dramas. The other one which I liked was Suddenly Summer with 白宇. It was not bad but ALSB was even better. As a viewer, I found Jiang Chen’s sarcasm funny in the show and I really liked his micro expressions. Much better than over acting and a good foil to the expressiveness of CXX. But honestly if I was CXX, i wouldn’t be able to stand him in real life. I totally understand her insecurities, she probably felt that he finally accepted her because she wore him down rather than love her for who she was. After they broke up, the most poignant statement was when she said she no longer wants to use her “hot face to stick on his cold buttocks”. I really cheered for her then, finally she has demonstrated her pride and backbone. I thought the breakup, although reason given in drama was weak, it did a lot of good for their eventual relationship. Ironically, Jiang Cheng also discovered his own insecurities then and realized how much she meant to him. Overall, I thought the story was well written, witty and coherent. A satisfying watch! Thought I had to mention HYT’s acting. I read some Chinese netizens complaining that he was plain and wooden. But I thought he was brilliant for a newcomer. In fact I rewatched ALSB because of him, the second round I was able to better appreciate the subtle changes in his expressive eyes and tiny twitches in his smiles. He was made for JC’s character. I know he acted in another period drama more recently but I didn’t quite feel the fit for his look. He is too modern I feel.
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