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  1. Actually I don’t think IJ stole DM’s idea. The data sets are free for any groups to choose. IJ’s concept is different from DM and IJ team did expose the weakness in DS algorithm but in a fair way without any foul play. Both sisters are equally hang up on who made the “right” choice and not just IJ. Although I don’t agree with this idea of right or wrong choice and don’t see the point of it because clearly, the adults were the ones who made the wrong choices and both sisters are victims. They suffered equally, just in different ways.
  2. The character whose story touches me most is Ji Pyeong’s. He is so lonely even though he is successful and rich, and his yearning for a family really gets to me. I wished that he will find his tribe at the end of the story. However, I do not ship him and Dalmi. She feels too young for him, and I hope he gets someone more mature like In Jae.
  3. You mean JS? He is a dentist in the same hospital as GJ. NH older brother is a stuntman. I am liking this show so far, and agree with many of the points raised by soompiers here. I wished the show can flashback more of NH and GJ relationship, otherwise I can’t root for them since they hardly communicate beyond pained looks. Just want to add that I find Ok Ja petty and temperamental, and that Chi yeon is a much better match for Chi su. Also felt irritated with chi su that after the big declaration of love, he switched so fast and didn’t even bother to explain to Chi Yeon lea
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