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  1. Wow! Only six more hours to go before Wookie's Vlive!!! I'm so excited! I need to hear his sexy voice and see his handsome face! Woot! Woot!! This boy is sooooo dang dang dang good looking!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BxZnRwnAl1t/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. Wow! My eyes are everywhere as I am feasting and backreading through all the posts that have been shared since Wookie's discharge date. I don't know if you gals feel like this, but I still can't believe he's out. And now we are back to back watching their updates & their emoji highlights. Who's next?
  3. Girls!!! I'm feeling accomplished! I can log into my Soompi account from my pc I'm sooooooo excited!!!!! I can backread all the juicy juicy juicy stuff in here. It feels so good to be here!!! woot! woot!!
  4. I swear if we did not watch it live we would thought someone edited those Q & A in ... .. and then his expressions I can’t get over his handsome face while answering those curious reporters.
  5. Every line you wrote is perfection but this right here resonates with me the most. Thank you lovely heart for your detailed summary of all of our hearts. We really wished for our star Ji Chang Wookie and now in 2019 we have landed on our Moon, Hyunie. Thank you all! I’m so happy to see you all! Huge huggles for you all!!!
  6. I can’t believe it’s D Day!!!! And our handsome man is finally out!!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!! I’m so numb! Where do I begin?!!! All I can say is “Let’s roll!!! Baby!! Roll!!!” Oppa is home!!! (Late post that did not post for some odd reason. Lol!) But hello chingus!!! No more peek a boos I see you!!! And nothing Ninja about our otp. It’s 2019 and we are rolling with the best of em!
  7. GM! Thank you for coming in dear! I would say it depends on the angle you are watching from. But it is clear from any of the shots that some things just cannot be overlooked. Even if you tried. LL!!! I was blessed by it ALL! But seriously it was really hard to return to kdrama land and watch shows. NamJi has changed my whole perspective and in so many ways made me greedy for more. Their “norm” became my normal. I would start a show and get all excited for their chemistry then catch their bts and press con only to find myself extremely disappointed that they did not have what NamJi has given me. I realized once again that I am a certified NamJi Goner. Well thank the drama Gods for Hyunie’s drama HDH because I can finally return to some of kdramas shows. Other than weekly live streaming at 5am my time zone of HDH ... I really cannot watch anything else. It is a Suspicious Partner rerun in all it’s forms every single day beginning from individual interviews before, during and after. SP scenes from reel drama, to SBS bts, and then the “Specials” that we have been blessed to go over at leisure. Which I have only watched twice. Why? Because there is so much material. And I am so thankful to my sister @jijifirstandonlyship for investing and gifting me with this keepsake. Now she is a real one! My sister ordered and tracked her special cut as it arrived. Like literally! She did not hold back on the expense at all. Working for the airline she was able to go in and wait for her pkg to arrive but her plane delayed so she left home & waited. When she did not receive it in the time frame that it was supposed to be received by her calculations, she then ran to the UPS location and through the gates to find her special SP cut. She was a minute late because it had already been sent out to it’s route, she chased down the UPS truck found that it was given to the post office or something. She drove around her neighborhood looking for the mail truck, found one and was given direction to another who had her neighborhood route & then finally found her mailman to retrieve her special SP cut. She took a few days off from work, flew down to where I was currently living just to spend those days watching it together. And after only watching it once from the beginning to the end, she was beyond satisfied. And easily gifted me the whole package because she said “Done! I’ve confirmed what I needed to confirm.” The things that we do in the name of NamJi but every since then my sister has just been cruising along and patiently waiting for destiny’s time. It’s important to see the big picture and not just snippets and then you will know for yourself why NamJi is NamJi and why we are here just cruising along. Happily. Arasoo?
  8. Oh my!! My!!! My!!! I feel like BH when she was lining up those shots on the table when they were out drinking. *refreshing!* Thanks @babyval22 for the roll call! So here I am checking in saying “PRESENT!” ... And yes I totally agree! Thank you @luvforever for the beautiful NAMJI gifts in all it’s forms! *swooning* Here is a morning mini recap of SP favs & NamJi first kiss ... cto ... (IDK why it’s not showing but I hope it works for you. https://youtu.be/y6r5mSsD4BM https://www.instagram.com/p/Bovq0OnBue3/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=z6xmeseem0t6
  9. Good Morning!!! Lol! I have only back read a few post but my eyes got blessed with so much of NamJi that I ran back here to post again! LOL! Alright! Finally! Can I say my life has changed after I watched SP specials? Like seriously? How do we return back to normal after all that we have seen, and heard? Is it delulu? Not from what my eyes and ears have witnessed. This is why it is important to support your bias and make sure to gather ALL of the little things of your bias individually before, during, and after then you will understand why SP is so special. *swoon!* All I got to say is this that if “A picture is worth a thousand words” ... then Suspicious Partner *Specials* is worth a billion words depending on which angle you are looking from. Thank you chingu! And yes! I finally figured out what I needed to do. Lol! It has been awhile so my skills here are a bit rusty! Thank you so much for helping me dear!
  10. Well hello! hello!!! Omg! It has been awhile since I have been here to our MT! But I wanted to drop in and show some love to our corner where my love for NamJi became planted. I will need to back read a few pages just to see some of the spazz here but I see that we are just cruising along beautifully at 1,612 plus pages ... wow!!! You all are jjang! Here is a picture that I always fnd so beautiful! Happy the rest of your week chingus! https://instagram.com/p/BorxwSnA9Rg/
  11. Greetings! Omo! I love how we have specific days that we especially get to celebrate! How wonderful it is to travel back through those specific days of certain smiles and answers that were given! No need to delulu ladies, it’s all there! And what we feel in response to those heart melting gazes and heart fluttering answers! *sighs* One year later and then some our heart is still moved by those gazes and answers. Happy One Year of all things suspicious chingus!
  12. Greetings ALL! I see we are just cruising along NamJi love at sea. Thank you again to all of our faithful shipmates that continually manages our ship sailing while in cruise mode. Almost one thousand and six hundred pages later and it’s only June of 2018. I guess we will need to have our Captain @stucked prepare our next thread when we reach two thousand pages. I hope all of you are doing well with real life and NamJi/JiJi life along the way. With all the new treasures we have discovered and yet still so much to uncover, I can happily say with confidence that what is seen and what has been shared are just cherries on top of a banana split ice cream. Right? Lmao! So enjoy it well because on this side of the world, ice cream is life in this soon to be Summer heat.
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