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  1. Goodnight! Be sure to take a glass of water with you because you will need it after your bedtime research.
  2. I don't think we sound like perverts at all. LOL! We are just paying attention to all the details as the King has been. We shall not miss a thing. It is totally for research purposes, because the continual of the King's lineage is important. But this time, I am thankful we have a week to recover. After the King's epic move, I now understand the game of chess. Or you could sit in your car and phone connected in and play it there. .... (said my doppelganger )
  3. We will never look at her hair tying the same. Because we will always see the King's lips right up under her neck. And I think I am okay with that. lol!
  4. Girl I'm so exhausted from the replay button that I am about to make a playlist. LOL! I have not moved on at all. That would require a whole lot of effort and right now I'm pretty much dead. I mean I'm with you! I was already shook when the King dived in? Dived under? lol! Let's go for dived in for her neck. But then the sounds! What? Sounds?!!! lmao!!! See? I'm exhausted. Neck + kiss +sounds + look + lust + more + more = we just served the thirsty viewers with what they have been asking for. LOL! And we can't even handle it.
  5. Definitely the actors. You can have the best writer and crew set but if you're actors aren't immersed in their characters then its just a waste of film. They were so good, that after episode 12, I felt exhausted as if I just had my neck kissed and then made love with the King. And that's with pajamas on. I mean, WOW! So I definitely agree. Credit is due to the actors. BTW, I'm pretty much dead so my doppelganger will be here soon. LOL! Did anyone else stretch their neck out when the future queen did? Or was that just me?
  6. Hello All!! Goodness where do I begin? I don't even know, except that episode 11 left me dead. But then I kept coming back to life with each gallop. ... Are we all still alive or are we about to enter heaven? If that fatal kiss happens I am pretty sure we will be dead for sure! But let's take one for the team because the future Queen needs comforting and I'm all in with popcorn ready to support Peyha in his heightened emotions. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  7. Goodness I too have forgotten my password etc. Thankfully my laptop was insync with my phone so it logged me in. LOL! But thanks for the recommend. I will definitely check it out. Love this image above. Is this from the drama? If so, I would love to see Hyunie in a role like this. I really would like to see her try on more sexier roles. We all know who finds her sexiest. LOL! Welcome back to you and I. #fighting
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