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  2. Ryota posted this today. The 20th of May is a confession-day in Chinese-speaking countries since 520 sounds like "I love you".
  3. I had a dream last night PSJ took it public that he’s officially dating PMY. Then I woke up thanks to my alarm. Thanks a lot alarm!
  4. Some of the video clips shared by ARMY during the concert: Credit to the owner
  5. <‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#33 in Hokkaido
  6. My eyes have been blessed today i feel like he is staring into my soul lol.. what a handsome sexy handsome hot sexy man~~~
  7. I feel hella afraid now. Something just click on me after I saw my drama trailer & realized a small detail that changes my views on it. Guys...I’m scared. If you are wondering... That guy in the middle squatting is the ML of this drama. I realized surrounding him are his cops collogues....One of them is his ‘superior’. Did the male lead just killed everyone? normal male leads shouldn’t be doing it but him?! Wow. 564 omg, shouldn’t have watch it at night! I need my sushi blanket and pillows to hug
  8. HB also said that if he likes someone,he will not confess right away. He will following her and see whether she suit with him or not..and then understand her more..
  9. I always feel hot nowadays. Hot everywhere
  10. Same thoughts @louie_999.. While reading the caption it was like, "are they reenacting the TYH in real life?" Gosh!! More signs please!! BTW, I was looking for any couple related celebration day in Korea. LDW posted a picture of chocolate given by OJS/OYS during TYH days.. I am activating my detective ninja moves. I don't know about you guys but in Korea February 14 is Valentine's Day where girls give gifts like chocolates to the person they like. If you noticed LDW's instagram on White Day March 14 (maybe he planned to like post it and do it the day before on March 13 to do the ninja moves- based on their dress up where he wore the yellow sweater) there was a BTS where he tore a chocolate/cookies in half and gave it to YIN. White Day is the response if the guy likes the girl and would give the girl some chocolotes in return. In my opinion he is indeed interested in YIN by replying to her gesture during Valentine's Day. The next thing is on April 14, April 14 is Black day and if you guys notice LDW didn't post anything related to it because it's for singles who haven't received any. Fast forward to May 13 (maybe this is really our LDW's Bleu de Chanel ninja moves to escape from being caught) if you noticed he was holding a ball with flower in it. May 14 in Korea is Rose Day that means it's another sign for a couple celebration (they didn't wear yellow but may they do as they were away from each other with busy schedules). But for me, LDW holding that crystal ball with flower seems like he was trying to give it to YIN. And YIN just recently posted on her weibo with a flower on her ears.. Is this really coincidence?.. I wonder not. I'm so sorry guys but my delulu mind is activating after these pics of the other shippers post were posted. PS: Search every 14 of the month in Korea.. You'll be waiting for their post.. BTW, June 14 is Kiss Day, what post will we see I wonder.. ㅋㅋㅋ
  11. Action-drama-comedy sounds great. For me, I want to see them in some kind of historical drama. Well, not like Joseon era, but more like, Mr. Sunshine era. Kim Jae Wook speaks Japanese really well so I think that era will suit him. Or if not a drama, KJW can be a guest star in Busted season 3 if that show gets renewed. Just like You Yeo Seok in season 1. No doubt he will make a good villain. Hopefully detective Park Min Young won't change side with him
  12. I know NJ is evil, but he is also unreasonable and irrational. His instability is caused by the murder of his father and abandonment of his mother. It is logical he turned out like this. I am only analyzing his motives chingu, because the writer is very deep, he is not superficial. He presents us with a complex character, drawing many details that deserve attention. @kimdaehwi thank you soooooo much. I am doing it for my favourite actor Luckily I am on vacation, so I will try to post daily on the blog till the drama ends.
  13. Strike 3! Another blur out! yup, zero kissing scene! Wow! Lol!
  14. Guys..Kousuke might have murdered everyone who are of allies of KW. Look at this pic, can y’all spot anyone from the golden team? I never knew they were cops until moments ago. Omg. Look at him. He is here too i hope that golden team will be fine now I’m thinking, will this scene be real? Or is it just his imagination? Okay...let’s just go with imagination.
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