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  2. I haven't watched it yet! So I thought perhaps you guys would have watched it! I think he is one of the leads? I'm not sure! He did not appear for the press conference interview though... So I guess we all thought he plays a small role!
  3. official twitter in the oficial Count, I'm totally ure that the series going to be translated
  4. @packmule3 @minwooluv78 i wouldnt know either.... been really busy at work recently and on top of that i had been helping my sister maintaining and running over her house for the renovation.....so didnt spend too much times on lines browsing stuff.....hoping to have that settle soon.... im really bone tired ><" anyway back to the topic.....if they happen to find someone im happy for them....love seeing them together however i also want both of them to be happy with whatever course they are taking
  5. Thank you so much. I was trying to make the viewers understand NJ's motives. He is not totally evil, so I picked up all the good points in him, and analyzed all his motives. Even Suho felt sorry for him sometimes. - 2
  6. @nohamahamoud2002 you need to watch this -2
  7. Good Morning! As long as they are neighbors, I will always believe that they are real! Hope PMY will fill those PSJ’s emptiness. It breaks my heart upon hearing PSJ revelations
  8. -2 glad to see u are back, im a bit more busy too recently lols
  9. Thanks for the stills! Looks like OTP are doing some detective work
  10. Love this BTS so much.She leans on him when she's tired, and look at his smile when he sees it's her Fatherly Wookie credit to the owner
  11. Hahaha, you like them hot I prefer happily married guys like Tae Hyun, he is stable and I feel safe watching him I like smiling guys like Sungjae, and kim young kwang. Kang Ji Hwan is too disturbing, I gave him up, because I couldn't handle him, he is too much for me -2
  12. He is alright , not my kind of beauty you doing great with the blog , I am enjoying it -2
  13. KBS 2TV’s “Perfume” has revealed an intriguing glimpse of its leading lady! “Perfume” is a new fantasy romance drama about the love story between a neurotic but brilliant fashion designer (played by Shin Sung Rok) and a mysterious model who has been to hell and back (played by Go Won Hee). Just as things look […] The post Go Won Hee Is Shocked To Wake Up In Garbage Heap In Upcoming Drama “Perfume” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. The guy is good looking in glasses, and with a smile too - 2
  15. Is there anyone doing the subs of the special eps? My limited korean vocab ain't enough to fully understand it..lol.. Hmm..seems like there's a lot who wants Ta Gon and Tan Ya..ha ha...for now, I still stick with Eun Som and Tan Ya . Also, does anyone have the link of the full special episode?
  16. @nohamahamoud2002 wow @Sejabin its 1: 50 am in my part of world so technically I can say morning to you too -2
  17. The lyrics are spot on. Really describes jsm.
  18. He played the good guy in his previous works, but they are not subtitled, and he wasn't very famous, although they were dailies and he was the main lead. If you search his name, it is connected to his romantic marriage, and to drama Monster, so very few people know him otherwise. In monster he is soooooo comic, I watched 7 episodes, he has a secondary role, but I couldn't stop laughing you should try it sometime.
  19. As @kookminclan RunningMan mentioned previously in comments here and on YouTube, kookmin getting closer and developing something is a process. I do feel that Jongkook's treatment of Somin since his concert has been rather meaningful and different from his usual MO with other female colleagues. It will be interesting to see what long-term fans of Jongkook make of it. As I mainly follow him on RM and only recently looked him up on MUD. Ultimately, we are speculating about 2 real people with their own thoughts and emotions who we happen to support. As long as they end up happy - whether with each other or someone else, I'll be happy too. Seems like both of them were hurt by their past (I kept reading fans talking about Somin's ex cheating on her but I haven't seen any sources attributed to Somin; and Jongkook had that girl who got away), so I really hope both can find love and happiness sooner or later!
  20. @kimdaehwi When AR met up with her late dad's former right-hand man, he admitted that her dad had ordered the murder of NJ's dad as the latter had threatened to send NJ to AR. He said AR dad had no choice as he couldn't tolerate anyone who tried to get into the way of his only daughter's future and happiness. @nohamahamoud2002 It's frightening that JTH gets cyber attacks for the role he plays in a drama. Can't viewers differentiate between drama & reality? Actors must indeed be careful of the roles they choose. But on a brighter note, JTH must have pocketed a decent income for the 100+ ep drama. Not to worry, his image will change once he acts as a good guy or comedian in his masterpiece.
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