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MinJoong/HyunMin ♥ The Oppa/Dongsaeng Couple (Jung So Min & Kim Hyun Joong)



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    edited November 2010
    This post not to open again, but this post is for closure... Because i feel like i have responsibility to do so.. So do not misinterprete and twisting again this post... (just highlight the paragraph)

    thx for taking time teach about maturity, hem but i think well thats pointed back first to your fandom. A Lesson about oh how mature and aggressive-passive your fandom towards this fandom... Apply first.. Oh good idea, lets mature together then..
    oh and about your accusation about bashing, there is no bashing in this thread.. We are not bashing your fandom, we are stating about what our fandom reaction is like after saw constant bashing to somin thats we see is not right, and we know very well the reason behind that bashing. If you find or assumed its then related to your fandom, then its the fact what we found on field.. Facts which talks everything, not us. And we are not just talk about soompi here.. Well some peeps who likes minjoong here and of course especially So min fans, find it so already annoying so expressed their sadness here.. And its still a pretty normal reaction which is still in acceptable form of expression opinion. Any fandom of course will feel same like us too, including yours too. We can go so overboard with do samething like what we saw and read, but we dont do that, because we know and learn well how shame and shallow is that.. We are not even saying or hint any single bad things moreover bashing about other artist name here....
    and then about someone who post about your fandom name, she asked to us.. in asking tone.. and well there is no one who answered her yet even not with bashing tone too, until then this happened. No one respond her is one of the way to respect your fandom..

    Oh of course i did all investigation SO WELL before I say anything from my mouth with all of evidence ^^ dont worry about it.. I can see and witness it well everywhere and I can differ well what is so called majority or not..... Everyone minjoong shippers here can witness with their own eyes too..

    Finish, i will not comment further in this thread.. Well if you still want to say something, for the sake of respect each other and respect your own self, just use PM.. But well i think both of us want to end like you said.. As i really want to comment in detail but If comment further, it will get more detail and open again.. I just state what i think its not wrong.. I cant let my word be twisted, and that twisted words is interpreted as the fact..
    I do this for respect others in this thread, and like you said you too ne? So this is closure, no more talk.. The best is just stay play in our own playground..
    and the last sincerely from my heart I really do hope you are really KHJ fan, live up to the name as KHJ fan, there is no bigger happiness in this fandom, as I meet a KHJ fan..

    eh why need my permission? he you are just posting fanart.. kkk no against rules lah... and again.. I am not a moderator in this thread.. aiguu why you think I am?
    Thx for your artwork and the intention about keeping harmony...

    and and and
    that spoiler is quite make me sad though TT haha because hyunjoong's statement..
    but but me just come from DC and there is poster who write.. hyun joong and somin actually have done the boating scene in their first day shooting ytkiss.. aiguu so actually the boating scene is exist but but but it got cut!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. now i wanna know why???
    well info coming from DC is usually accurate.. PK baidu bar got the script leaked from DC too..
    i hope they reconsider to not CUT that scene in webisode 7, we still have time to ask them to not do that! kkk kissers do comment in ytkiss channel, ask them to not do cut!!!

    ehh and something interesting i got today, group 8 really know about soompi thread PK, they pay intention to all big 4 source of PK international fan source: ytkiss comment, viikii, soompi PK thread and oh well allkpop (why this site too >.<).. aiguu its kinda late.. but express whatever your opinion in thread and in ytkiss.. especially about the bts scene for wednesday and thursday, if you want to see sumthing...!!!!

    hem and talk about the compilation of all KHJ and JSM bts moment... he i notice this tennis fancam practice is not included...

    thats preview of KHJ special program in DATV japan...

    here the complete preview:

    we will have Playful kiss bts special by DATV in 9/12 and 23/12.. kk so we will get another longer BTS again.. ^^
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    mijoong wrote on 14 November 2010 - 06:01 PM:

    ehh and something interesting i got today, group 8 really know about soompi thread PK, they pay intention to all big 4 source of PK international fan source: ytkiss comment, viikii, soompi PK thread and oh well allkpop (why this site too >.<).. aiguu its kinda late.. but express whatever your opinion in thread and in ytkiss.. especially about the bts scene for wednesday and thursday, if you want to see sumthing...!!!!

    hem and talk about the compilation of all KHJ and JSM bts moment... he i notice this tennis fancam practice is not included...

    thats preview of KHJ special program in DATV japan...

    here the complete preview:

    we will have Playful kiss bts special by DATV in 9/12 and 23/12.. kk so we will get longer BTS again.. ^^

    Thanks for the link. ^^ And sorry to cut your post.
    REALLY???? G8 know about soompi PK thread??? Wow I didn't expect that. That's a good news! Now, we know that whatever opinion we post on PK thread will be read.... hehehe. Good. Now if they don't show us steamy scene, we can express our despair and disappointed :P

    @Inprz. You fanart are lovely! Thanks for sharing!
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    yea i got surprised too, but its not that surprising actually if consider soompi is like korean DC gall room... DC gall is the parameter of forum in korean board..
    kk ya better you drop bomb in ytkiss as the main priority.. i have already drop bomb there today hahahaa...

    just want so share good fanmade.. i like this seungjo-hani fanmade.. especially the last part editing ^^ lovely..
    PK fanmade - breathless
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    edited November 2010
    Dear Group 8, if you read this, we want to  express our disappointment that you didn't keep the promise. If Kim Hyun  Joong said we would see steamier love scenes, I guess he and Jung So  Min already filmed them. So if we won't see any steamy scenes in  webisode 7, it means you edited it out!!!

    LOL :D Just in case they are really monitoring soompi :) :)

    11 hours till Webisode 7, I'm starting counting guys!

    And about the other stuff

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    edited November 2010
    Pasteques<3 wrote on 14 November 2010 - 06:12 PM:

    Thanks for the link. ^^ And sorry to cut your post.
    REALLY???? G8 know about soompi PK thread??? Wow I didn't expect that. That's a good news! Now, we know that whatever opinion we post on PK thread will be read.... hehehe. Good. Now if they don't show us steamy scene, we can express our despair and disappointed :P

    @Inprz. You fanart are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

    thanks you appreciated it............i still have some fanarts done and i want to share it, just want HJ knows how he inspired me a lot........thank you very much....

    i'm proud to tell you the we also have our own thread in PEX in the honor of our dear LEADER...MK THREAD exclussively only for MK/PK/NK drama....and HYUNNIES PEXERS' blogs created by our energetic teams.....this all in the name of our love KIM HYUN JOONG!!!! :wub:
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    edited November 2010
    Are Group 8 and YTKISS people going to feature the BTS? the one that majority of us already watched? :D Just a question. :)

    Also, Minjoong Shippers, Keep the good vibes! :)

    Edit: Breathless Fanmade video is worth watching! It's so cuitepatootie! :D
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    lol im a frequent visitor of PEX thread (yo pinoy ako)! Haha funny discussions there...and also tension free, no spies and bashing-free:) haha ive been leaving comments at ytkiss to the point of harrasment...haha...@ minjoong, hope what you read is true, I mean KHJ wouldnt have said it if they had not shot it right? gooosshhh!!
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    edited November 2010
    haha ive been leaving comments at ytkiss to the point of harrasment...haha..

    LOL... i laugh so hard reading this sentence..
    aiguu since few hours ago me reading so many funny comments in many forums, including in DC.. all is so funny.. n laugh is good for health :)
    well some peeps already let that steamy scenes go, when know as long as in the fact KHJ and JSM actually already filming that.. it doesnt matter show us or not.. ohh maybe it will ended become their special collection and crew collection only.. -_-

    ha but still i feel being cheated.. >.<

    yeah i think so too, actually when I saw he said that in YTkiss presscon, you really can see the expression he and somin have finished shooting that scene.. And like some said i dont think he will give such a serious clue like that, if its not already finished.. His statement described he really know about how and what kind of steamy scenes is that.. well of course he will know so detail if actually he already did.. and the hearsay from DC which usually true said the same thing too, about they actually shooting that.. >.<
    Oh well in the end its all depend on Mr.Last Minute editor... now how to bribe him? hehehe..

    BTS usually featured the making of scenes in actual show they have released... Its rare and almost impossible they show cut scenes.. so better for our good health because cant handle too much dissapointment kkkk, dont hope for cut scene.. :) I think from all the official bts they have released so far, all is from released scenes making.. but still demanding and bombing ytkiss will do.. ^^

    just thought better we expect nothing maybe, haha when we expect nothing from them, we got unexpected juicy stuff bts.. :wub:

    thx for fanart.. ^^ how is playful kiss doing in philipines forum? i hope its a popular topic there.. well there is nothing more important than the success of playful kiss in overseas countries.. :)
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    edited November 2010
    nozomi06 wrote on 13 November 2010 - 04:57 AM:


    pic of BSJ on injection the webisode i really like the way he look at HN when she came to give him the injection...i think this is the BTS pic becoz i don't remember he smile that way

    Since I was rewatching some episodes this weekend. I have to say that was a really inviting position that he was in...and the smile? I think he was anticipating the slap on the bum that Ha Ni gave him before the shot. Or this was taken after she slapped his bum. :) Love the skinships from this couple.

    Though I am disappointed that we won't get our "steamy" scene. I'm pretty satisfied with what they have given us. How many dramas have this many kisses...real kisses...not those darn lip touching ones either. I'm hoping for a hot final kiss. :wub:

    :tears: I'm really going to miss PK and BSJ/OHN and KHJ/JSM when it all ends this week. I hope we get occasional news from both of them. I'll try not to get too excited and look for clues that don't exist...I promise :phew: .
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    Inprz thank you sooo sooo much for sharing your awesome artworks!!! i really really like them ^_^

    mijoong thank you for the clarification :) Omo, I didn't know that Group 8 knows about Soompi PK thread! that is really surprising to me lols. I hope they notice all of our comments and loves for PK ^^

    About Webisode 7, i wont be disappointed even if there is no steamy scene, all i need is more cuteness from our beloved HN&SJ and will end the webisode with its usual PK atmosphere! i can't wait to see the last webisodes and whatever our couple will bring us ^_^
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    edited November 2010
    hi guys,

    what's going on here? ottoke?!!! i agree with all the peace-keepers, let's keep this thread as neutral as possible, shall we?
    i've always believed that "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."

    i think we are all here because ** we love KHJ and JSM **we enjoy watching them as BSJ and OHN in PK **we also enjoy watching their interactions behind the scenes. some of us are not "shippers" but we do think that they have a special bond in real life, whether it be as co-workers or as friends. and we also want to support them both as a make-believe couple in PK and as individual actors.

    that said, i love all the BTS pics. and that vid of him touching her cheek after he "pinched" her. soooooo cute. how come japanese BTS clips are so much more detailed compared to the ones that they release in korea? i'm not complaining, but i just wish that they also released those clips like that script reading one when the actual show was still airing.

    ahhhh...last webisode on tuesday. i'm sad but i'm also really, really excited for the 20 mins BTS special. i don't care if there's no steamy, just as long as we have more BTS interactions of these two. those are such a joy to watch. :wub:

  • marykhrisnamarykhrisna ~`*Sa Luneta,Bakit Sama Ka?*`~Posts: 15Member


    @mijoong. yeah, i kinda preparing myself for the 2 episode for the bts parts, though i just wish that they also released the bts from the special webisodes, i know im demanding, :sweatingbullets: but gaaaaaahd, im starving for it! haha! but ofcourse, better that than nothing.

    @Ss5o1. agree with you, i'm not going to kill anyone for not having that steamy love scene KHJ, spilled before just because seeing this two with full of cuteness is very satisfactory to me, BUT, if it's true that there will be steamy love scene, then yipee yippee hoooorray for us me, that scene is just a bonus if ever they put it in. :D

    Guys please, if anyone of you know a fanfic of these two, or fancams that haven't posted yet, please, please, im begging, share it please? :D :)
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    edited November 2010
    HI GUYS!:D I've found this really cool website that has really good analysis of the minjoong couple from a Chinese Forum. However, it's in Mandarin Chinese :x I'll try to translate whatever I can, but for those who know Mandarin Chinese, here are the links:

    1st analysis:
    2nd analysis:

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    I'm glad this thread is going smoothly and I love that my first official ship is so friendly! Let's keep it up guys, because a point can get across without resorting to verbal violence.

    Also, thank you mijoong for telling us about the new BTS that is going to be shown in Japan. Now I want December to come faster!

    Also, I have another question. I've been a KHJ fan for quite some time, but BOF just wasn't my cup of tea and I haven't seen many dramas that get promoted so heavily overseas, so I have no idea what they usually do during promotions at outside countries and for how long they do it. What do they usually do at promotions? I presume they hold interviews and something else? Also, are they still promoting most of the 12 countries that PK was sold to? Do the leads usually go together (they better!).

    And Min Min posted a picture of cute little Won Hong on her minihompy. It's good to know they are keeping contact! If only we knew what she has been posting lately. But then again, a part of me is really protective of her and wants her private life undisclosed...but still, haha. A little update is never bad...especially about a certain someone!
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    usually i won't spazzzz out on a pair after drama..i will usually miss the drama itself...but KHJ and JSM are the added doesn't help with the withdrawal..i usually don't look forward to bts..maybe because sometimes the actors don't really have much spazzzing out interactions..but with JSM and KHJ--these twooooo just keeeps me wanting for more..

    i am angry of myself because i can’t move forward unless i hide my feelings
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    Credit to

    Translation of the analysis:
    1st Analysis
    This analysis was written wholly upon seeing the sweet interactions between the two. As a fan of a show, when I see that the on-screen couple has sweeter interactions off-cam than on-cam, it is hard not to spazz. The pictures and words below are all from my own opinion. Agree or not, as much as I respect the private lives of artistes, I would still want to leave some space for my own spazzing/imagination. I do not know whether JSM and KHJ are together, want to be together or are related in any way. However I do know that from the BTS videos, I could see that they share a sweet and close relationship.

    Actually, I am seldom into couple-shipping. Up till now, I only have done this for two other couples, when both parties were still single. One is Nodame Cantabile's Hiroshi Tamaki and Ueno Juri and the other is Autumn's Concerto's Vanness Wu and Ady An. (some unimportant information eliminated)

    One would know whether the male and female lead of a show are attracted to each other just by looking at the way they stand together. JSM and KHJ give me the same feeling I had for the two other couples mentioned above. During the first press conference, the actors and actresses had already worked together for some time. Their relationship was at the stage of familiarising with each other. Thus their relationship was caught in between the two extremes of familiarity, neither here nor there, resulting in the politeness and formalities. However the way they had presented themselves is real. Although I do not find Playful Kiss itself extremely good, JSM and KHJ undoubtedly acted out the characters skillfully. At least even until now I still cannot think of any other artistes who could replace their roles as BSJ and OHN.

    2010.08.26 First Press Conference


    From the start I already have had confidence in the chemistry between the two. Although in the beginning of the show we could not see much interactions between the two from fancams, it is actually normal. This is because fans only video what they like to see. However, as official BTS videos were released, I realised that the relationship between the two is better than what I had expected haha.

    Undoubtedly they have gone through a stage where they were not familiar with each other, but on hindsight, the interactions they had in the beginning were interesting.

    2010.7.17 First meeting~Zero eye contact~They even had Lee Tae Sung to stand in between themXDD


    Attentively rehearsing their lines~Reading in a way as if they were reading a textbook~Monotonous (very normal)


    2010.07.19 Second Rehearsal of Scripts

    Atmosphere was filled with unfamiliarity and awkwardness


    As they were in an unfamiliar environment, their actions and emotions were restricted. It seems that the two of them are those who are slow to become familiar with othersXD Upon saying funny lines, they only smile very lightlyXDDD

    KHJ: (smile)


    JSM: (smile)


    An interesting point to note was that, probably as the lines were very interesting, KHJ started trying to initiate some interactions with the unfamiliar JSM.

    KHJ: (turns his head)

    JSM: (smiles lightly)


    I find JSM very nervous here. When someone is nervous, he/she will always feel like drinking water and JSM was already finishing her bottle of waterXD KHJ's still had at least 1/4 of water left. Of course, this could also be that they were really thirstyXD

    Their first display of chemistry. Even the subtitles was: Male and Female lead drink water at the same time. However, in my opinion, their display of chemistry was not only this.


    Resting their heads on their hands~


    Tilting their heads~ JSM was already more relaxed then~she started to have some little actions, e.g. pushing the chair a little


    KHJ still wanting to have eye contact with JSM XD 金賢重依舊不放棄要得到庭妹的眼神就是了XD

    JSM: Do you know Super Junior? (smiles lightly)

    KHJ: I'm more familiar with ss501


    2010.07.23 First shooting in studio

    As their first scene was already a kiss scene, although KHJ seemed calm, JSM was very shy and did not know what to do, resulting in her shy smile.


    Actually JSM has already let down her guard during this shooting as she would subconsciously hit KHJ during NGs. This might be a habit of hers but when she shows her habits, it means that she has already let down her guard.

    2010.Beginning of August

    After which, they started a tight shooting schedule. I feel that the start of some interactions between the two was during this interview. This is because before this, JSM seemed to be closer to Lee Tae Sung since she addresses Lee Tae Sung as 'oppa'. During this interview, her addressing KHJ as 'sunbae' made KHJ burst into laughter (From the fact that they had not discussed how they should address each other, it can be seen that the two did not have much interactions during the shooting). In the end his response caused JSM to laugh very happily, and JSM very naturally used her hand to hit himXDDDD


    KHJ seemed to be very satisfied with this response. He himself couldn't stop laughing and even turned to look at JSM.

    Lee Tae Sung on the other hand seemed left out. I realised that JSM really understands the jokes KHJ makesXDDD (Eventually unleashing KHJ's 4Dness)

    2010.End of July or Start of August (Should be before the poster shooting)

    Zero interactions while waiting for the actual shooting. They kept smiling to themselvesXDDD

    However, I totally love JSM's smile in this photo>/////<



    KHJ apologised after he kept pinching JSM's cheekXDDD

    This scene was more nonsensical. Both were very happy and the atmosphere was harmonious.



    After finishing his lengthy lines with great pains, JSM NG-ed XDDD

    KHJ: It's Okay (without even looking at JSMXDDDDD Starting to be able to make fun of JSM)


    2010.8.26 First Press Conference


    This is very different from how JSM laughs at every word KHJ says nearing the end of the shooting. Regardless whether JSM has more or less scenes with which of the two, during that time JSM was indeed closer to Lee Tae Sung.


    Nevertheless, KHJ's words made JSM burst into laughter~JSM really loves to laughXDDD


    In my opinion, the first press conference was a crucial turning point. During that time, they have already started filming for about one month. Artistes do behave differently, privately and to the media. If KHJ did not have a certain level of confidence, he would not have showed his interest in JSM (Afterwhich I realise that he is really the more dominant character in their relationship). On the other hand, JSM was still considering whether to get closer to him (after which she didXD). In the BTS videos before this, the two had little interactions and eye contact. Thus, smiles seemed to be polite yet not overbearing. From the BTS videos, we could see that KHJ has a humorous character. This is a way to neutralise the awkward atmosphere and break uncomfortable silences(KHJ should be someone who is scared of an awkward atmosphere).

    Also, KHJ was interviewed about his takes on love during his trip to Japan to shoot his First Love Story Photobook in mid-August. (Words highlighted in green are my interpretation of his words)

    I like polite and smart girls-- JSM only addressed him as 'sunbae' before she was told otherwise. JSM was admitted to Seoul Arts University as a scholar and because she was the first in standard.

    Furthermore, she only likes me--JSM is a piscean. Female Pisceans do.

    I do not mind whether she has double eyelids or not--JSM has single eyelids

    As long as she looks nice and cute, it's okay--JSM is super KAWAII (cute)

    It doesn't matter whether she's tall or short--JSM is quite short, I guess not exceeding 160

    I don't like flirtatious girls--JSM has excellent self-discipline

    Some people fall in love at first sight, while some develop feelings after a long time. The latter can be seen on the two.

    To be continued............
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    edited November 2010
    awwwww i feel giddy giddy ^^
    errr.. here we go with long reply again..
    ahahha seriously in this thread i always ended with long reply.. >.<

    case closed already.. :)
    hehe wonder why japanese bts more contain juicy stuff than korea? hee because money lah... that bts has 'more value' in japan.. ^^ japan can give much money to drama production with all drama related stuff sell to them.. Japanese fan always get everything more exclusive..
    kkk so dont worry.. we still have many detail stuff maybe.. after airing in mnet japan this december, i remember PK will broadcast in TBS/Fuji tv too i forget.. so we will get 3 version of japan bts.. DATV, mnet japan, and fuji tv.. ahh i am happy kissers.. ^^ lucky PK is made in group 8, that known like to release many bts stuff.. :)

    much much thx to give wonderful spazz chinese link.. thx soooooooooooooo much.. Although i cant read chinese at all, but open the link I am already feel happy ^^ saw all those moments pics in 1 page.. :wub:
    wahh seems they capture some cute moment I dont notice too actually.. ^^ so really thx for you to sharing that.. Pls do sharing some juicy stuff in chinese site, if you know more.. kkk it doesnt matter if it chinese link.. ^^

    and and and eh after you read if there is some 'new cute' moment analyze in that blog, that we didnt notice yet before? kkkkk ^^ actually i really want to understand the spazzing.. but oh well i cant be egoist asking for full translation.. i know it soooooo damn long..
    so if anyone can read chinese, and have little free time, and think its worthied to be translated, can help translate them just little part or more I will do really thankfull.. ^^
    but if you think its already spazzing by us, and nothing new, so just leave it..

    dang!!! oh my God, you did the full translation of part 1 already.. daebakkk.. thx so muchh... omo.. it should be hard for you.. its so damn looonggg.. >.< kwaenchana?
    *i will read carefully first, after that i will give my further comment in my next post ^^*
    waiting patiently for part 2 ^^ the ssooooo juicy stuff >.<

    haha even without trans the blog link itself when you open it can make you happy ^^ so gals do open the blog link, even if you can understand chinese, when you open that it will give you a big smile :)


    hmm because PK is group8 project, and BOF is group8 project too, so its more safe to assume PK promotion event style wont far away from BOF promotion style.. so i think i will just compare it with BOF.. ^^

    so I have no idea what they usually do during promotions at outside countries and for how long they do it.

    the style for promotion is not same for each country.. its depend on the country..
    Er we all know well how exclusive japan more than other country. Japan is more exclusive because well thats Japan, the main source of all money, and because this is the original country of the manga..
    So because of that, the promotion event of PK in Japan will much more rich than any other country..

    For another country the promotion style is depend on what station tv who has PK broadcast rights.. It will be better if that station tv already have many experience handle drama promotion, so the promotion activity will be more complete.. Just like i notice, how when BOF airing, i read many Philiphines want ABS CBN to broadcast BOF, and not GMA or any other station, because ABS CBN have more experience. Thats why which station tv who have PK broadcast right is a so important factor to determine whether with their 'ability' and 'experience' they can make the cast come to do promotion or not..

    Based on BOF usually they did fanmeeting, local country magazine interview, some local tv interview and tv show.. Like in taiwan, minho and hyesun get special invitation from the most popular tv show there when do BOF promotion.. And i believe because hyun joong's management have own local tv station in japan (DATV), so we will get more promotion coverage from DATV too..

    The number of promotion coverage is depend on how popular the drama it self.. Well i still think PK craze is not as big as BOF craze.. so better assume PK promotion coverage will be lesser than bof..
    BOF have so many fanmeeting in japan.. i think.. 5 times... the last one is BOF alumni last august.. I think in japan PK will get at least 2 fanmeeting..

    How long promotion? hemmm its depend on how popular and demanding that drama in your country.. Well like BOF craze in japan, the craze still never die even after all the cast got new drama. The demand for fanmeeting still high which resulted in last august they did another fanmeeting again. Now just crossed your fingers, PK craze in Japan can be daebak, so hyun joong and so min can do promotion more often there..
    For other country than Japan usually they just visited the country 1 time only. But for Japan promotion, they usually do visit several times, at least 2 times.

    Also, are they still promoting most of the 12 countries that PK was sold to?

    Sadly experience said no. Based on bof, they have sold for so many countries in Asia too, but the cast just able to do promotion in Japan and Taiwan only.. Why? Because to do promotion in some country is really depend on the station tv initiate. So just crossed your finger your station tv has that ability to bring them to do special promotion. When BOF, they have planned to visit Thailand and Philiphines too, but for some reason it got canceled too, due to the station tv that cant accomodate and have not great ability enough to bring them.

    Do the leads usually go together (they better!).

    Usually yes, the couple go promote together. Other drama which is not from group 8 do same too, do promotion in couple team. But its not close the possibility if just 1 of them do promotion to some country. Its depend on their individual schedule too. Heeee so now again just crossed your fingers, they can always do promotion together.

    kkk and me so happy saw Minmin photo with Won hong. Well because simply, i felt so happy know the cast offscreen interaction, whoever the cast.. ^^ Well won hong and minmin photo just too cuteeeeee... Their yesterday dating must fun..heee now me waiting for hyun joong-wonhong private outing photo.. hehe... ^^
    Seems we really need to investigate won hong.. hahaha... that boy sure know 'some' like Papa baek..
  • bluepig9xbluepig9x Hanoi, VietnamPosts: 6Member
    I have been a silent reader all the time and this is the first time i joined a coupling fandom. Before, I didn't concern about KHJ or SS501, and only after seeing BOF, I actually knew KHJ. At first, I don't really like KHJ because of his wood-like-acting (no bashing here) and even in this drama (PK), he also plays a calm and cold role. After 16 official eps, I was still not impressed by his acting, but I really really like JSM. I've read comments about how annoying the actresses was in other versions, but I find JSM's acting really cute and adorable. And only after seeing the Special Edition did I fall in love with this couple. They are just SUPER CUTE TOGETHER!!!
    Reading you guys' posts, "investigating" Minjoong's reaction and moment together, looking for Minjoong's pics has become my habit lately. I have had so many fun and happy time as well as sad moment (due to the thought of how regretful I will be when this drama's actually over). And that leads me to a question, I wonder what will we - the Minjoong shippers (and this thread) - be when the drama's over? I mean we can still discuss and look into Minjoong's pics but after that (some time in the future), we still be here and do the same thing? It'll get boring, right? And I just don't want to give up this couple.
    It's just my thought. Maybe some of you think I'm being too worried about such a far thing, but it's a reality right? I'm just curious...

    REPLY 1997

  • kathy1218kathy1218 Posts: 8Member
    Hello there again!

    Love your posts again! Thanks to all who posts it..

    Anyway, thank you for welcoming me here! and aisling, I like what you said about what sets MINJOONG shippers apart from other fandoms..

    Based from my experience at my blog, KHJ fans dont bash JSM but "OTHER" fandoms.. Gets?

    That fandom is composed of the "OTHER" girl fans and the couple fans as well. They claim to be Hyun Joong fans but if Hyun Joong is paired with another girl, or if he does something they hate, they BASH. oh real bad...

    So, just stay what we are ok Never be like that!!


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