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Have You Ever Been Asked.....



  • Aqua591Aqua591 DJ AmericaPosts: 806Member
    I am black and I'm learning Korean, Japanese, and maybe later Chinese. People always ask if I'm part Asian because I am learning those languages.

    Personally, I don't care. But it does get kinda annoying sometimes.

  • aznshortyaznshorty KimChi[credit: olioli for the cute avatars] D to the P, ILPosts: 3,392Member
    i hate when ppl ask me that.

    its not like only chinese ppl speak chinese. and only korean ppl speak korean.

    thats so typical.

    i speak english, spanish[cuz of school], and chinese[nationality][a little, not a lot]

    u might as well put hispanic on my forehead even though i'm not.
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  • bigfatPANDAbigfatPANDA I'm not really a panda. Bay Area, California Loves: 2PM&SHINeePosts: 2,162Member
    i'm not learning it, but i speak burmese.
    and people assume i'm burmese b/c i speak it
    but i'm actually chinese, & it just so happens that my family grew up in burma ;P
    so yeah. XD

    i'm learning spanish but nobody assume i'm latino b/c i definitely don't look it =P

  • ~AngelicAkari~~AngelicAkari~ Posts: 6Member
    I'm learning classical luckily no one has asked me if I'm Latin..

    Though people have asked me if I am Latin American, but that's a bit different.
  • Kittykitt129Kittykitt129 Somewhere between sanity and JapanPosts: 519Member
    There was a full page of hiragana on this boy's computer, so he called me over, and was like, "Hey can you read this?" I've told and not cared about letting my classmates know I study Japanese.
    Do you really wanna know?
  • Angelic_illusionsAngelic_illusions {?}I AM HOTTEST{?} Posts: 962Member
    No, no one has asked me that before. It's more like why am i studying that language? Honestly, can't a person just study whatever they want to study without being harassed with stupid questions? T_________T"
    Love makes us turn into fools but a happy fool nonetheless
  • SweetraindropsSweetraindrops unknownPosts: 729Banned
    QUOTE (eledoremassis02 @ Mar 12 2008, 01:19 PM) »
    "Are you [insert nationality of language your learning]?"

    I know it really makes no since...but I constantly am being asked "Are you part Japanese?" because they ask what language I am learning..

    I guess they figure only Japanese people learn Japanese?? I really don't get it..but does this happen to anyone else?


    i gett askk what im fromm alll the tiime... kindaa annoy... lool..
  • HoiiHoii OM NOM NOM Washington DCPosts: 453Friend of Soompi
    People ask me if I'm half Korean because I study Korean.

    ...I have blonde hair and blue eyes. image
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  • tray songz!tray songz! CaliforniaPosts: 404Member
    QUOTE (RockStar17 @ Mar 12 2008, 11:45 AM) »
    I'm taking French in school. No one's asked me if I'm part French just because I'm taking it. They've only asked "Why are you taking French? Why aren't you taking Spanish like all the other Asians?"

    I was going to take French at my school, and yeah.
    basically no one takes that class unless they are OF French descent at my school >.>
    so all the asians just take Spanish lol.
  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    I'm so asian, no one even bothers image
    [i'm taking french]

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  • SuigintouSuigintou Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 338Friend of Soompi
    I've studied French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Greek.

    My name is Greek so people always ask me if I'm part Greek. Makes sense.

    I'm half Caucasian it also makes sense when people ask if I'm part French image

    But I look mostly Asian so nobody asks if I am Chinese.

    And I definitely do not look hispanic.
  • meimei__KOUSEKImeimei__KOUSEKI between earth and skyPosts: 3,353Member


    i speak korean...and yes i do get asked if i was part korean. even my friends ask me if i was part korean or have lived in korea... well, i used to live in korea XD
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  • tatsuritatsuri BaltimorePosts: 94Member
    I've been asked if I'm part Hispanic because I can speak some Spanish.
    I've been asked this many times by many different people, but every last one of them will ask if i'm part Cuban...
    I'm not mixed at all, but I have no clue why they all say Cuban.
  • suppaaznsuppaazn California~Posts: 632Member


    i'm learning japanese and people ask me if i am japanese.
    i find it similar when you go visit a country..
    cause when i went to korea (i'm chinese btw) people were like "are you korean?"
    "I wouldn't walk a thousand miles for him...I'd run."
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    Online, people ask me if I am Chinese if I do not show a picture of myself.

    In person, they would rather ask me if I'm trying to be Chinese or something if I'm studying the Chinese language. They'll also ask me if I speak German since I'm half, but I only understand it more.
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  • YUNMii.YUNMii. i love you. pluto.♡Posts: 707Member
    I went to an international French school (french-speaking and all) from the last year of kindergarten to mid-grade 8,
    so I can fluently speak French and people in my school now (American school) ALL seem to think I'm half French or something... image
    you're my better half. february 14, 2009.
  • YUNMii.YUNMii. i love you. pluto.♡Posts: 707Member
    I went to an international French school (french-speaking and all) from the last year of kindergarten to mid-grade 8,
    so I can fluently speak French and people in my school now (American school) ALL seem to think I'm half French or something... image
    you're my better half. february 14, 2009.
  • LainyLooLainyLoo Porcelain Doll The Island of Misfit ToysPosts: 38Member
    Strangely enough, I have been asked multiple times if I was Japanese even though I'm white as snow with blonde hair and blue eyes. Apparently I have a very good Japanese accent so some of the Japanese people I talk to and many other people thought I was mixed. So it's a compliment just very weird because I am so far from looking Japanese or asian at all!
  • SJAMESSJAMES mrskwonjiyong :) Uptown, Minnesotah!Posts: 765Member
    i take french
    and i'm hmong
    and that doens't mix.
  • heejintruongheejintruong your heartPosts: 1,180Member


    urg, i hate that.
    i'm not learning any languages at the moment
    but why does it matter if you're the race or not to learn it?
    lool i'm getting off track
    so anyways nopes.... XD

    who are you?______________________________________________________________________i'm your's♥♥ {411}

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