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  1. I guess the finality of the drama itself and 20 weeks into this (more than 20 weeks if I count the anticipation leading up to it) really just hit me yesterday. Every time I replay Lose To You MV, I go right back there and experiencing bad withdrawal symptoms, which I did not expect! I have thoughts, but will wait to watch with subs to share them. For now, just want to say I was very touched by Qing Feng's exit scene. And I am really craving Taiwanese fried chicken. Oops! Sorry I came a little late, @Slyphykougn. As always, thank you @Ayame. I agree, @Slyphykougn. Actually,
  2. @JenL Thanks for your quick translations. They're just too fun! It was bittersweet, but I totally feel the love. Marcus and Vivian have gotten closer as friends, and I only hope that Simon and Kiki and the rest of the team will keep in touch and meet again for future projects. I guess we know what the camping trip was for now! The finale... I can't stop smiling, but tearing up a bit too. Bravo and congratulations to Team Romance! What a journey! I hope everyone enjoyed/will enjoy the final chapter. @Ayame Thank you, as always! My stream lagged a bit in those very v
  3. Just going back to posts I had wanted to chime in on before the finale tonight (tomorrow morning for me). ^^ I've long wanted to comment on Marcus' performance in portraying both Ao Ran and Tian Xing, but the period of transitioning back to the real world was when I couldn't join the discussion here. Also, didn't want to sound too bias to Marcus as a fan haha. But what's true is true. XD In a recent podcast (previously recorded but released this week), Marcus said that Ao Ran and Tian Xing are the same person in their hearts, so he had to seriously discuss with the director for
  4. Thank you for that, @Ayame! I didn't think to check back. I notice they'll add subtitles a little later, but only to select videos. Wonder how that's decided. Indeed, insightful and sooo funny! I like that each actor chose a different character and not all the same (with exception of Marcus/Vivian choosing Tian Jian). I think the He siblings are all very layered, even if we don't get to explore all of them as thoroughly, so it's nice to see the cast touch on this. I think we may like Tian Xing more, but as a fan of Marcus, I understand why Ao Ran would be a bit more of a meaningful
  5. Yeah, I totally miss the ending parties! I appreciate that they often let us in on it and are not so exclusive. Afterall, it is the fans and viewers that contribute to a show's success. More importantly, they're so fun and make the final episode more sweet than bitter. I will surely miss Team Romance! (although they did go on a camping trip, maybe that will be included in the live). Anyway, I think the consensus for the livestream has been: Yayyy, no ChuChu in appearance (sorry Snowbaby (she is so much more likable as herself hehe)). @Ayame I wish these cast interviews were subbed
  6. Ah, I missed you all! (Life happened and I couldn't devote as much reflection time on the drama as I had wanted, but I'm keeping up with your discussions here.) Welcome to everyone who has joined in! Since I couldn't comment on ep18, just wanted to note my favorite part being Ming Li going undercover under the thumb of Tian Xing. It was so fun to see the siblings rivalry being played out in this way and I wish we had more time so there would be more of it. Both Marcus and Kelly really shine in their scenes together! After 19 episodes, I really wish that the novel world
  7. Everyone, don't lose interest yet... Ep15 is so, soo good!! Still currently airing, but my heart is beating so fast, the adrenaline rush! Wah! Ep16 preview out already?
  8. Hope everyone's doing well! I took notes all week, but wanted to watch the episode with subs before writing. What resulted is just a bunch of my musings, so beware how unorganized it may sound. XD This week's episode had lots of cozy moments (and sad ones too)! I realize I'm liking Ao Ran more every week, or maybe it's an attachment or "you don't know what you have until it's gone" kind of thing, because when he started fading in and out.. T__T The more he loves on Qiao En, the more he wins me over. Despite that, I must be the only one who wants to returm to the real world! Because
  9. @Usi Omg, too sad for Tian Xing! No matter which world, no Chu Chu please. XD Marcus just finished up his concert! Ah, bittersweet. T.T Just had to drop by to share this. As we know, Simon was his guest (see their bromance starting at 2:15). Looked super fun! Vivian attended in the audience and appeared briefly on stage (not in this video).
  10. Haha! We weren't alone. While the confession was moving and adrenaline-rushing, it was hilarious. I mean, the acting was too good, I keep laughing and wondering if I'm supposed to. Like, is this also the writer making fun of these novels or was I supposed to take it seriously? A lot of Ao-En fans thought it was silly too, but sweet nonetheless. I am for Vivian + Marcus too; any bit of bts of those scenes would be gold! But maybe the real bonus is that Simon was there watching them film??? I'm not broken-hearted for Qing Feng. I'm broken-hearted for Simon who has been after Marcus this whole ti
  11. @pamela572 Welcome! Did you cover your eyes too?!! In my weekly routine of rewatching the episode, my sis is in the room. This week, not sure I can do that. Excuse me as I melt away... So shyyyyyy. Enjoy Ep12, everyone! Here, you'll need these for protection.
  12. Haha, perhaps we may have spoke too soon! You're right, being human means having the ability to feel all the emotions running through you, and sometimes acting on them. But they've built up Qing Feng to be too wholesome, I don't know if he would feel any sense of fulfillment by turning against his friend. Yes, I may be Team Ao-En, but I think we can all agree Ao Ran is not being a good friend. Despite being moved by Ao Ran's kiss (have to agree with him that it was all in the atmosphere), I first and foremost felt it was wrong. He may be consumed with Xiao En and this He Tian Xing, but if he h
  13. Yes, we, too, want a justifiable good ending for Qing Feng. Despite my rooting for Ao Ran (not only for Marcus but especially because that's what Xiao En desires), Qing Feng is realistically more relateable. I can see parts of myself in him. Which continues to lead me in thinking he has a role in the real world. He is the most "human" character in the novel world, that's why he was able to connect with Xiao En. And I absolutely commend him for not declaring war with his bff, like most 2nd leads. Instead, we see in ep11 that he actually encourages Ao Ran to protect Xiao En (and asks him to cons
  14. I hear you! Adulting booo. I usually catch the drama live and then go without subs til the end of the week. Grr. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and goodies. This week, Situ hubby and wifey hosted another free movie event, this time in support of their bestie, Bruce Hung and his new movie. Marcus had concert rehearsal and couldn't attend, that's why you saw his IG story asking to be edited into the middle, which fans obliged. XD This couple is so sweet, progressing faster off screen than on screen haha. I totally enjoyed seeing Xiao En back to her bright self,
  15. Haha, no! I'm not shippy on actors' real lives either. Highly against it, actually. (...OK, so I do ship Marcus with another, but not even going to go there and it's really only to entertain my head. ) I rather see the cast being lifelong friends and not bothered by outside pressures. That's why, personally, the Taiwan entertainment industry is so much more easy to enjoy. I think this friendly, open attitude is reflective in Taiwan society. I'm clearly for Xiao En and her CEO and all their growing affections on screen-- I may be one of the few here who felt the warm, soft feelings at the end o
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