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[drama 2006] One Day Suddenly 어느날 갑자기

Guest sylver

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Guest springyi

I really like this drama so far. surprisingly I also like the actors who play the characters (I don't know any of them). my mom and I are watching it together and so far, we think that it was switched at birth kind of thing.

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Guest dramaok

Anyone know what is the next Friday night series?

the next drama is called 'i'm going too (na-do-ya-gan-da) [나도야 간다].




it stars veteran actress kim mi sook whose character was an unwed mother at 20. now 20 years later,

she and her daughter, played by lee cheong ah, along with kim's 2 younger sisters, are all venturing into the dating world. one of the sisters is played by jeong seon kyeong (left fusia dress). the guys are oh dae gyu, kim jeong hyeon, and jeong bo seok.

it starts may 19th.

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just saw first episode of this ... song sun mi is so pretty with short hair. her face look thinner & she looks better here than in secret lover. anyway ... so this drama has ended last week? can anyone spoil me?

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Guest dramaok

what happened in the end?

060222-002d-0.gif yooran (seong hyeon ah) finds out she is not eunhye's real sister. yooran's mom meets with eunhye's mom and tells her eunhye's father helped her when she was in need of help and that's all. there was never an affair. so yooran has this nightmare about her daughter being all alone, and that night she has a miscarriage. afterwards yooran panics and wants to leave with shinhyeong right away, but then she meets with eunhye and decides she could not take away shinhyeong from eunhye and their son so she tells shinhyeong they're over. in the end she goes to see eunhye's deceased father's ashes and tells him to her he was like a father. there she runs into eunhye's mother and yooran tells her she will go meet her birthmom next.

060222-001d-0.gif eunhye (song seon mi) decides to forgive yooran and goes to look for shinhyeong after realizing they still love each other.

060222-003d-0.gif shinhyeong (lee jong won) tells yooran thx for loving him and apologizes for never loving her saying it was because his heart was already filled with eunhye.

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