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Whose Smile Makes You Melt...

Guest souayang

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Guest jexilove

i love everything about JJ. but where smiles are concerned, Junsu's is the cutest. they all have handsome smiles but when it comes to smiles, i like em cute.

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Guest 1S0ULL

i love all their smiles <3 . they all make me melt !

yoochun's smile makes me soo happy cause he always looks so happy

changmin's smile is soo charming

yunho's smile is so hot

junsu's smile is soo adorable

jaejoong's smile is just sooo cute and you dont see him smile widely as much . so when you do . its sooo irresistable <3

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Guest kayem7289

I can't really choose just one since ALL of their smiles melt my heart and make me weak in the knees, but if I was forced to choose a select few, it would definitely be JaeSu!

Jae has such a heartwarming smile, but only when he smiles with his teeth. He looks utterly gorgeous!!!!!

Junsu has the cutest and most childish smile because his mouth is like...|-------This big-------| when he smiles, and all his teeth show! Such a cute little dolphin :wub:.

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

i have to say changmin...

cuz his uneven eyes and weird lips just made me all giggle inside and melt like a puddle of water

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Guest deathrae

I'm a Changmin fan, but I think Yoochun's smile really makes my heart flutter~ ^-^

Changmin's "normal" smile can't beat Yoochun's. But when Changmin is really REALLY happy, he has the most adorable smiling face ever. *squeals*

I like Yunho with his tiger teeth better - I don't know why, he just looks so cute when he smiles - with that teeth popping out. XD

Good thing you didn't include "BEST LAUGHTER". Or else, I'd have more difficulty choosing between Junsu's and Jae's. ^-^

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Guest vietgurlhelen

oh wow ur right! all of their smiles are great! actually they all make me melt... :unsure: i cant choose...

even though i love jae the best, i cant choose cause i love ALL of their smiles!! :blush:

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I'm melting as of this moment.....


YunHo oppa makes me melt like heck b/c his smile is sooo seductive!!!

JaeJoong oppa's smile is sooo angelic... I don't even have the right words to describe it.

JunSu oppa's is incredibly adorable!! he makes me smile when he smiles!

YooChun oppa's smile is soo darn fine... and it's so cute and funny at the same time.

ChangMinnie's smile is sooo adorable esp. his eyes.. it's so pure. I love it.

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Guest euhtee

All of them <33

But if I had to chose one I think it would be Changmin's.

He so friggin cute when he smiles :wub:

but I think next would be Jaejoong

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Guest Cashews

They all make me melt when they smile ^^

But, I can't help smiling along with Yoocheon, Junsu and Changmin when I see them.

(I still love Jae and Yunnie thou! :unsure: )

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