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Whose Smile Makes You Melt...

Guest souayang

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Guest sparkxchangmin

Changmin~~~ :wub::wub::wub:

His smile is sooooo adorable! I <333333 his mismatched eyes too ^^

um...I think Yunho would be second, his perfect teeth are to die for :wub:

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Guest LaTinky

i think it's a hard pick b etween yunho's and changmin's :blush:

but i've always loved yunho's smile ever since his tiger teeth, so i go for yunho's :phew:

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Guest musical.memory

gahh, all of their smiles

make me melt! but i have

a really hard time deciding

between junsu and jaejoong.

so i'll have to go with them.

although i love the rest of

them too. ^o^

<3 Vivian

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Guest kiss_bunny


jaejoong's makes me laugh and smile too, and Changmin's......it goes deep to my heart and i say AWWWWWWW. it makes me melt.

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Guest *asianlenlen

I love all their smiles.

Yoochun I just SQUEE when I see his eyes go all "n__n"

JaeJoong , he usually tries to cover it up but OMG. His smile is heavenly.. rofl XD.

Yunho, even when he had those tiger teeth his smile was really cute.

Changmin's awkwards smile.. always makes me laugh.

And Junsu's smile, Always brightens up my day rofllll. See I can't choose, All

of their smiles makes me smile too. ( I sound soo fangirl LOL )


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