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Whose Smile Makes You Melt...

Guest souayang

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Guest asiantwin


all of their smiles make me melt. they are all charming in their own way. i cant choooooooooose :D

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Guest Leni1430265175

jaejoongs smirk/smile = sexy, draws me to him, seems to be thinking very deeply

mickys smile = super cute, love how his eyes twinkle

yunhos smile = behind the man, there lies a happy little boy

junsus smile = a nervous angel, super cute

changmins smile = pretty blunt, super cute, "i am me" kinda smile

love them all ^^

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I seriously can't choose, they all have their own originality x]

Jae's smile: heart-warming, sweet, and mysterious

Yunho's smile: sweet, handsome, and charming

Chun's smile: dorky, cute, and cheerful

Su's smile: innocent, angelic, charismatic, dorky

Min's smile: adorable, sweet, hot, and sometimes he has this cute smile with that puppy dog eyes xD

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Guest ci321

Kim JaeJoong!

since during he never wears his smile on photo shoots because he says that the serious face looks better on him on the camera..

It's rare to find a picture of him taken in an official photoshoot smiling, unless it is demanded f him right?

and the pictures where u can see him smile are those taken from shows and nnot on photoshoots :)

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