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Jang Nara ♥ 장나라 ♥ チャンナラ| Drama 2021 : Sell Your Haunted House, 대박부동산


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1 hour ago, anopinion said:


Many thanks and many apologies... We will try our best and continue to try our best.




Ooh. What is this in context of? Drama ratings? :o



Just read your reply in the other thread. I'm surprised by the ratings tbh, and perhaps there was a lot of expectations coming in after Fated and Mr. Back? Its quite ironic that her best dramas imo are directly proportional with the ratings. DDD: 

Thank you for sharing as always. :)

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seems no one been subbing the CEO show that I can find that I can watch in my country anyway

there is


have no idea if it subbed or just for Korean that happen to live in USA or even if it paid to view. There are way of hiding where you are from in the world just as there are ways to pretend to come from certain countries, but not sure I want to step into somewhat murky ground like that. I do wonder when she found time to appear, even if the show only need a half day to record, I am guessing as it the same network in  MBC it is linked to promoting One More Happy Ending. Still rather hard on JN, but I guess as the biggest name on the drama she is expected to also work the hardest.

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  • gm4queen changed the title to Jang Nara ♥ 장나라 ♥ チャンナラ| Drama 2021 : Sell Your Haunted House, 대박부동산

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