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[drama 2007] Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle '메리 대구 &#

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Lee HaNa, Ji HyunWoo, Lee MinWoo, Wang BitNa

Date of airing: 16th of May

MBC: Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle '메리 대구 공방전'

Actors/Actresses: Wang Bit Na, Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ha Na


story: 3322.jpg Ji Hyun Woo basically comes out as 'Kang Dae Gu' a chivalry novelist who writes stories about martial arts, but he's in fact jobless. And before he became like this, he was a law student. But while he was preparing for his bar exam, he witnessed his lawyer friend commit suicide. After that incident, he threw away his hopes and dreams and became a writer.

3321.jpg Lee Ha Na plays 'Hwang Me Ri' who is a snack vendor who dreams of becoming an actress. Although she is unable to be successful in her auditions, Me Ri still remain an optimistic person like her nickname "Merry" as she was born on Christmas day. She's the type of person always repays the 'kindness' that others give to her. One day, her world began to start crumbling down when she encounters 'Kang Dae Gu' the chivalry novelist who is younger than her by a year. Since then, both of them are always bickering whenever they meet which leave their same neighborhood neighbors in constant headaches.

3324.jpg Wang Bit Na plays 'Lee So Ran'. She is known as the plastic beauty, or in other words "Plastic Paris Hilton". She's snobby and totally fixed her face with plastic surgery, though it turned out very natural. She lives her life similar to Paris Hilton. She has a unique taste in men. One day, she meets a nameless novelist named Kang Dae Gu (Ji Hyun Woo) and falls in love with him. Thus, she begins to make plans to make Dae Gu all hers.

3325.jpg Lee Min Woo plays 'Seon Do Jin' who works as a middle school teacher. He's also Me Ri's first love/ classmate in elementary school and Dae Gu's school senior. He begins to 'stick' around Me Ri's side to help her out as he pities the situation that she's in.

The main filming background for this drama will be the Nam Sam area. The colourful embedded imaginations of martial arts and musical will be added throughout the drama to make the viewing more unique and enjoyable.

credit Sandy @ Purpletiger86

Official site - http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/merrydaegu/index.html

Interview clips





Subbing group - D-Fansubs http://fansub.d-addicts.com/D-Fansubs

* Thread rules *

1. No asking for subs

The subs will be posted and announced of their release when they are ready. If you want to check on their progress, click on the subbing group's thread above. (Never ask me about them as I'm not from D-Fansubs.)

2. No asking for vid links

When they are out, they are out. If you are unable to download from them, go to the resource thread or pm the original poster for it instead of spamming requests in this thread.

3. No rating will given or put up here

Reason : I believe people have different views about things that they see or like. So why let ratings get in your way of watching a hidden gem?

* Download links *

* OST * - credit koreanwind


01. 메리대구 공방전 梅麗大邱攻防戰 Title Music

02. One & One / 지현우 池賢宇

03. 그대 혼자일 때 你一個人的時候/ 이하나 李荷娜

04. 내 맘대로 想像的那樣/ 승훈 Seung Hoon

05. Remember (Drama Ver. ) / The Melody (더 멜로디)

06. Sweet (Drama Ver. ) / Fanny Fink

07. 돌아오라 소렌토로 無法歸來的Sorrento / 이영하 李瑩河

08. 백수별곡 無業遊民曲

09. Habanera Variation

10. 골목길 胡同

11. 서커스 馬戲

12. 풍운 도사 風雲道士

13. Welcome To Merry's House

14. 돌아오라 소렌토로 無法歸來的Sorrento Variation















* English sub links on d-addicts *


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Guest yeohweping

The working Schedule

here's the brief schedule:

3/30-3/31: They casting has been confirmed (?), they have scripts up to the 3rd episode, they have all their filming supplies and staff members.

4/1-Storyboard conference.

4/3-Cast meeting and practice.

4/7-test filming...I think the cast will have their individual filming/photos done.

4/10-Set inspection. Completion of theme/intro.

4/13-hand out episode 4 script

4/15-start filming on set

4/17-finish filming episode 1-4

4/19-circus rehearsal

4/25-musical filming

5/1-helicopter filming

5/6-hand out 5,6 scripts


5/8-filming completion for episode 1-4


5/15- episode 1,2 aired


Credit Sandy@ Purpletiger86 for translations

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Guest vannessave

The LEE MINWOO is the ACTOR who was in Pure 19.

Ji Hyun Woo!!

Can't wait, after OVER THE RAINBOW I was like :]

That's great to know. I am looking forward to seeing that Lee Min Woo in something new. He was one of my favorites from Pure 19

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Guest C51236

Thanks for the working Schedule yeohweping

I'm wanting to know whose the lead, i hope it's JHW

i think the lead is JHW since he is closer to wang bit na's age... i think LMW is almost 33 years old or something... way too old for the lead....

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