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[MANGA/ANIME] Prince Of Tennis


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This sports manga takes place in Tokyo. Ryoma Echizen, who is a prodigy in tennis, goes to a school called Seishun Academy Middle School (Seishun Gakuen), or Seigaku in short, a school famous for its strong tennis club and talented players. Because of his cool and apathetic attitude, upperclassmen challenge him to play tennis. However, Ryoma had won the American junior tennis championship tournaments four times in a row, and easily defeated the upperclassmen. Making new friends and learning new tennis tactics, Ryoma and the Seigaku tennis club strive to win the All-Japan junior high tennis team championship tournament.

Episodes can be obtained by bittorrent at this site.
http://a.scarywater.net/ao/ *episodes have been taken down because it has been liscenced*

The anime series ended in Japan at episode 178 back in March '05. You can find mostly all of the episodes at animesuki (bittorrent). [A-O] (anime otakus)

The Ova is at 20 something episodes currently, up to the 2nd round of nationals finals.

Preview pic of ova http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v76/Ra1n1/higa4ol.jpg

The manga has also been finished. But a NEW continuing series has just started...(like going from Dragonball to DBZ)

You can find the latest manga chapters at manga helpers (you need to create an account there)

and http://www.onemanga.com/New_Prince_of_Tennis/1/00/

The anime movie "Prince of Tennis - Futari no Samurai" has already been subbed and can be found on at animesuki.

The live action movie has breleased on DVD.

Preview pic of movie - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v76/Ra1n1/cinepuri5ko.jpg

Short Movie Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17_tzxAssdg...ennis%20trailer

There is also a Prince of Tennis live action Musical and I remember that part 1 and 2 were subbed. They can also be found on animesuki.

There is also a Chinese drama based on PoT.
Feel free to discuss anything concerning the anime or manga in this topic.

Volumes: 42 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=27

Anime: 178 Episodes + 4 OVA





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Guest Eddokun

I love the anime until the end lol ^^;;.... but i really want to read the manga I just cant find any scantlations of it -_- i will look for it eventually hopefully ^-^ I love the characters in the series i think it was one of my all time favorites ^-^

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Guest Eddokun

^SlashRain I did read your post actually... -_- I can find the latest ones out in raw versions and I can't find the old ones is what I meant... well I am pretty sure if I ask the mod or sumthing at the websites maybe I can get it but that is quite troublesome... since I didn't read the earlier ones finding the new raw ones I don't really want to skip all those chapters ^^;; sorry for not clarifying i guess...

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Guest remorse_angel

I got into tennis after reading this Manga. My friend is currently burning PoT into the disk for me. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE ANIME...I am currently desperate. Ryoma....and the whole group of Regulars. DX! They're all so tall for 12-14 year olds! Hahah. At first I thought they were in high school DX!

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Guest Hiatus

im still at like 160 lol I need to download the rest but i was so sprung on download k-dramas -___-" I loveeee ehh I forgot his name.. the super ncie guy with the wind trick thing in Seigaku... Fuji yeah yeah Fujii ^_^

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Guest SpicyTOFU

love...love...absolute love...even though the story doesn't really have a plot...=_=

it's inspired me to play tennis <333

-a live action movie

omg, live action movie =OOO

episodes 154-157 have been subbed by w-dreamers but the quality and grammer isn't as great as A-O but still good if you're desperate for the episodes....

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Guest x SaRaNg HaE x

The Seigaku boys are hot mang. xP

Watching the anime made me want to play tennis. lol

Still waiting for the movie to be subbed though.

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Guest JudY-JudY

I should really start reading this again, just looking through what everyone says it's making me wish I keep up with the manga!

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Guest kRaZiExLaDiE

i want to start reading this .. but i`m a bit busy .. heard it was really good though. my friend (a big P.O.T fan) told me it was .. erms (what`s his name ..) abuki ? atouku(ki?) birthday the other day .. sorry i don`t know his name .. but he had really pretty eyes. ~.~

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