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[MANGA/ANIME] Prince Of Tennis


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....that was just a joke sub by DB... hard to believe anyone thought that was serious

I never believed it but I remember my friends watched it and they were actually serious and they thought he really did kill himself. As weeks go by I decided to ask on some other forum and told them and they didnt believe me at first lmao. Abd recently my other friend actaully fell for it lol!

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Guest SaRaNg HaE *M_M_S


almost all my friends fell for it...

seriously... like... 15 of them decided to burn it..... so they could watch it on the tv??? i dont knoe HOW they did that... BUT.... they called me and some were literally crying..... i was like... wtheck.... and they told me... and i never knew something like anime could make me laugh that hard.....

i "researched" for them... cause they kept denying that it might have been a joke... and i had to read the explanation.. like... ten times... and send them the explanation through AIM and EMAIL...

gullible people these days... ::shakes head::

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rofl... at first... i was just like..... wat the heck... cause my friends are POT obsessed... they have the regular jackets... ryoma's hat... you name it.. and at least ONE of my friends have it... -____-^

WoW cool, i like to have one too, i think there regular jacket is nice tho and really cool too lol, do u know where i can get it? hehe

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Guest Em3r4ld

YAY!! GO PoT!! I'm a 100% Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Syusuke Fan!! HOI HOI!!!

I finished the entire series of the anime...and wanna read the manga..which i will.when i have more spare time on my hands. Anyways i saw the first 2 musicals...and how should i put this nicely..it was NOT what i expected...no offence...buh really 2D characters look better. But gotta love Kimeru as Fuji in the first musical...hehe...PoT OSTs are good...rite??

last epi of PoT was very very disappointing...so's the PoT movie...which came out in January...anyone seen it yet?? it was kind of a disappointment...but oh well! still good...


by the way...someone should start a thread about favorite characters in PoT ^_^

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Guest SaRaNg HaE *M_M_S


you like them too <3

they're so cute/charismatic.....

i keep visiting this thread... over... and over again... :x

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Current manga spoilers, 3rd round of Nationals.

If your gonna reply to this, please try to hide in spoilers by putting it in a quote and making the text white. I dont want to spoil the non manga readers

Recap: The playing order of nationals is now Singles 3, Doubles 2, Singles 2, Doubles 1, Singles 1. In the first round Seigaku had a bye, and didnt have to play anyone.

The Second Round game was vs Higa, the team that crushed Rokkaku in the first round. Singles 3 was Ryoma vs Tanashi (really big dude). Tanshi had a super powerful serve, so both kept service game until the end. Ryoma uses "Drive C" and "Cool Drive" to win the match7-6. Doubles #2 was Fuji/Kawamura vs Rin/Chinnen, Fuji uses the new fourth counter "Kagerou Zutsumi"(Dragonfly Illision) to start the momentum for their comeback win. Singles 2 is is Eiji vs Kai. Eiji wins with his newly acquired stamina and by using his speical step (multiply thing) to play doubles on his side. Since this was Seigaku's first game in nationals, all 5 matches were to be played. Inui/Kaidoh was doubles 1, and easily defeated their opponents. Singles 1 was a newly returned Tezuka vs Kite. Tezuka goes down 5-0, but then uses his new move "Hyaku Ren Jitoku No Kiwami" to easily win 7-5.

Only 8 teams reamain now, the remaining bracket is now...

Fudomine vs Sh!tenhouji

Seigaku vs Hyotei

Nagoya Seitoku vs Kuroshio (both unknown)

Kabuto (unknown) vs Rikkaidai

-Yamabuki lost in the previous round to Nagoya, but Sengoku was able to beat their "ace" player

-On Sh!tenhouji is Tachibabna's friend Chitose (the best player from Kyuushuu) and a a freakishly strong

freshman player.

Now for the rematch, Hyotei vs Seigaku. Singles 3 was Momoshiro vs Osh!tari (glasses dude). Close game with both showing new tricks, but ends when Momoshiro dunk smash breaks Osh!tari's racket, but the ball still gets returned giving Osh!tari the 6-4 win. Doubles 2 was Inui/Kaidoh vs Gakuto/Hiyoshi. The Hyotei pair go all out offensive trying to end the game as quickly as possible to avoid running out of stamina and getting data'd by Inui. They get to 5-0, match point, but by then Inui had the data, and the Hyotei guys were totally out of stamina. It ends at 7-5 win for Seigaku. Singles 2 was Tezuka vs Kabaji... very unexpected. Kabaji copies the Tezuka zone on the first point, so they get stuck in a really long rally while Tezuka has a flashback. After that, Kabaji also copies Tezuka's drop shot and then also copies Tezuka's new move. It starts to rain, somehow causing Kabaji to hit alot of balls out. Tezuka wins 7-5.

Doubles 1 comes up this week, but we dont know whos playing yet. Since Oishi is injured again, its going to be Fuji/Eiji or Fuji/Kawamura vs Shishido/Ootori. (the same Hyotei doubles 1 from last time)

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hi, can i request here!!

hehe anyone here hav POT EP.106-109 ??? thanks direct link or clubbox is shuld be fine :) thanks and POT movie, the short one too ehehe thanks

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Guest tsukitsu

A lot of people don't like Prince of Tennis much, but I really liked it. I esp. loved teh chibi episodes. I was sorta unhappy with the ending since the entire series was pretty much about getting to the nationals, and they did but they didn't cover it. SO, if the OVA of that comes out, then I shall be happy happy. :D

But I missed like 4-5 episodes in total around the 70's and towards the end. The episodes were completely messed up. :[

And I didn't see that other OVa.. where they went on the cruise or something? Boh~

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finally!! it's been what?? 3? 4? months since the last episode they subbed??

really? It feels like forever since they last relased a new subbed episode. What's the last episode? I think I heard it was 170 something.

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