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  1. I'm curious about this too. It wasn't really explain and I'm sure Suibian isn't the only sword with a soul. Suibian is one bad richard simmons sword if it refuse to let anyone use it. For one thing even Wei Ying himself was shock.
  2. I shed so many tears watching the drama. Even when I go back and rewatch it 3000x I still cry and weep. Many touching scene but then again just seeing WangXian in tears or if they get hurt Im already in tears. I can rewatch this drama over and over again!
  3. Wah....i cant wait to see Happy Camp!!! It looks fun!!!!
  4. If I remember correctly Guardian airred and upload from June 2018 to July 2018?? But was taken down. I don't remember why it was removed. Howerver they later on re upload it. When I was in china I cant even stream off youtube. Actually alot of the apps are block. Thank goodness I use Wechat and have friends that live in Shanghai.
  5. I remember they took Guardian away and that wasn't as bad at Addicted. Going back to rewatch on Tencent youtube to give them more count plus I can't get enough of them. I heard their rating right now is 7.1.
  6. Xiao Zhan can cook and knit. It's funny that Weiying can't cook in the drama but I wanna see him cook for Lan Zhan!i remember seeing a video of him cooking but i can't find it now. I found the knitting one. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0V8_GalKoD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. @VeryBerry Back to the present episode are airring while I'm on a cruise man.... I will have to try to enjoy my vacation!!!
  8. Own page 10! God ep32 got me in Turmoil!!!!!! Damn those people! It's a rollercoaster ride. I just have to cheer myself and think about all the drunk scene of Lan Zhan and Weiying to keep my nerves calm. *it's okay it's okay" that must be one tiring scene to act out both Physically and Mentally. Thank Goodness we get to see the boys on Day Day up show or else the long wait will kill me alive. Man I thought 10 miles of peach blossom was an emotional rollercoaster! Then again Guardian is not that far behind either! I'll go listen to their flute and zither duet to calm myself.
  9. Dont forget Yibo is afraid of bugs too. They are definitely Tom and Jerry. Even though they dissed each other but somehow it just sound so adorable and loving in our ears..... They really stare and have eye contact like its natural...no shyness. I can't even hold eye contact with my close friends! I think Yibo really likes Xiao Zhan smile. Its contagious...you always will see a smiling Yibo if Xiao Zhan is around him. I cant wait for some sweet scene. I wanna see how they will play out the drunk scene.
  10. I cant wait to see this and this Monday episode. I got the tissue ready!
  11. Here is eng sub on the cast fan meeting Link to watch Raw https://maplestage.com/show/陳情令
  12. Im glad they change it!!! I can't wait for when they switch back to the present time line. ^^ I'll just go re-read the novel while I wait for Monday to come back again. Wangxian\Bozhan
  13. Im enjoying their offcreen chemistry too. You can't but just smile while watching these two kid play. I don't see Wang Yibo hitting others as much as he hits Xiao Zhan. Also I enjoy Xiao Zhan constantly calling out Wang Yibo's name. I think just as many or more than Wei Ying calling out Lan Zhan's name. Can't wait for their Happy Camp and all their other interviews!
  14. only 4 episode left!!! The script is a bit different from the novel. Xiao Ge does lose his memory but it shouldn't happen here. They pull in a lot of things that is suppose to happen later in the timeline into this Season. Sigh I still want to watch Book 4.
  15. I dunno who i like more WangXian or Bozhan!! I adore both! the onscreen and offscreen chemistry is very entertaining to watch.
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