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[Taiwanese Drama 2007] They Kiss Again 惡作劇之吻2


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Details:Title: 惡劇之吻2 Èzuòjù zhī wěn er
English title: They Kiss Again
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20Director: Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧)Broadcast Period:  December 16, 2007 – April 27, 2008Broadcast Days: SundaysPredecessor: It Started With A Kiss 惡劇之吻
Cast:Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin (袁湘琴)Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu (江直樹) Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng (aka Ah Jin) (金元豐)Chang Yung Cheng as Jiang Wan Li (aka Ah Li) (江萬利) - Zhi Shu's fatherCyndi Chaw as Jiang Zhao Zi (aka Ah Li's wife) (阿利嫂) - Zhi Shu's motherTang Tsung Sheng as Yuan Cai (Ah Cai) (袁有才) - Xiang Qin's fatherZhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu (江裕樹) - Zhi Shu's brotherPetty Yang as Lin Chun Mei (林純美) - Xiang Qin's best friendCandice Liu as Liu Ya Nong (劉雅儂) - Xiang Qin's best friendTiffany Hsu as Pei Zi Yu (裴子瑜) - Zhi Shu's friendJason Wang as Wang Hao Qian (王皓謙) - Zhi Shu's college friendAaron Yan as Ah Bu (阿布) - Chun Mei's boyfriend
Synopsis:It Started With a Kiss ended with odd couple Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) and Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) getting married in characteristically comical fashion, and the sequel picks up the story with their honeymoon and married life. Xiang Qin is as ham-fisted as ever, creating many funny situations as she learns the ropes of being a wife and tries hard to become a good nurse and work alongside her genius husband. Aspiring doctor Zhi Shu meets some obstacles at school when he encounters both academic and romantic rivals who are determined to over-rule him.
As Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin struggle with their professional ambitions, they also struggle with their personal relationship. Many times, Zhi Shu's coldness and harshness drives Xiang Qin to tears and she tries to run away. Zhi Shu learns to understand and deal with his jealousy when Xiang Qin's nursing fellow student Yang Qi Tai (Figaro Ceng) becomes too close. He also tries to push Xiang Qin to higher ambition and independence. Zhi Shu soon learns to love Xiang Qin and forgive her bumbling ways, and Xiang Qin tries harder to become a better wife and nurse for her husband.
Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are not the only ones having problems with their relationship. Xiang Qin's childhood friend Ah Jin (Jiro Wang) deals with the unwelcome affections of Christine (Larisa Bakurova), an English exchange student who latches onto him against his will. Xiang Qin's friend, Chun Mei (Petty Yang), gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Ah Bu (Aaron Yan), but his wealthy, highbrow mother is desperate to keep them apart. Zhi Shu's younger brother Yu Shu (Zhang Bo Han) deals with his own first love and their story remarkably resembles that of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin.
Mavis Fan - Happiness Cooperative

Ariel Lin - You

Joe Cheng - Loyal Flavor

Chun Biao Yan - Be Your Superman 

Cyndi Chaw - The Secrets Hidden In The Smile

Hsie He-hsian - You Once Made Me Feel Touched

Cai Han Cen and Cai Yi Zhen - Heaven

Additional Links:
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Guest sixth.

i can't wait till this comes out.

ISWAK was definitely one of the best dramas i watched during the summer break =p

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YAY!!! Thanks for starting this thread. I'm really looking forward to ISWAK2, I really liked the first one, it was after watching the first one that I started to like Ariel Lin.

I've read the summaries for the 2nd half of the manga, and it seems really interesting, hopefully this drama will give the fans the ending we've all be waiting for.

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LOL! I finished watching ISWAK like....a week ago >_>

And I was looking for a thread for ISWAK 2 and I'm like "Huh?! It hasn't been created yet?!"

But I never took the initiative to start it =)

SEems like the first post always needs too much maintainence XP

Anyways can't wait to see it =)

I thought the first one was SOOOOOOOOOO boring until the last few eps =O=



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Guest yourfinestwine

*squeals* that means they're starting to film it TOMORROW!!!!!!!

*confetti and kazoos* IM SO EXCITED!!!! I am SUCH a huge fan

of this show I absolutely love it! I can't wait until they start airing

it (:


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Guest bichittybich

yay they are going to start filming soon!!! i cant wait to watch the second one when it comes out. i hope it will be equally as good as the first. but that also means i have to go and watch the first one over again so everything is fresh in my memory.

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