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[Taiwanese Drama 2007] They Kiss Again 惡作劇之吻2


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Guest leszolie

wasn't there something about how they're going to film in hawaii for the honeymoon scene?? i hope they're there for a while because i'll be going soon. ^_^ can anyone confirm / verify?

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OMG!!! This is sweet news :D!

I've been dying for season 2 to start ^^!

So filming starts tomorrow? Techniquely it's today though since Taiwan is a day ahead of the US.

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Guest lamehead

so excited for iswak2.<3[: sweet drama.

i loved iswak.<3 i finished it in three days over thanksgiving break. :D

favorite taiwanese so far. xD ariel&joe have the best chemistry that i have seen so far. ;]

however, i prefer jiro over joe anyday. haha. i can't wait to see who he will end up with in iswak2.

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Zun & Selina to guest star as a couple in ISWAK II, (Mar 12, 07)



translations bu xbunnylicious

thanks to chun english forum

After the good ratings of It Started With a Kiss last year, the sequel has finally been planned. Yesterday an executive from GTV expressed that other than Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng has the golden cards, Jiro Wang's pay has also increased three times.

It is reported that it is arranged for Wu Zun and Selina to guest star as a couple. Beauty queen Annie Yi is chosen as Ariel's mother.

It Started With a Kiss was adapted from a Japanese manga, focusing on Ariel's acquaintance and crush on Joe. It Started With a Kiss 2 will start from their honeymoon. The cast might be going to Guam or Hawaii to film an outdoor scene.

After Wu Zun and Jiro, who wasn't popular last year, were promoted by GTV through dramas, they are now two of the most popular stars. GTV indicated about Jiro's pay for ISWAK II, "Jiro is a very outstanding artist so it is appropriate to increase his pay for the sequel."

Executive Lai Cong Bi acknowledged that he was asked about the drama when he went to promote Hana Kimi in Hong Kong with Wu Zun and Danson Tang. Because Wu Zun also has another drama in his hands, it is still undecided whether he can guest star in a few episodes. That means Wu Zun will be "loving" Ella and "loving" Selina at the same time. The other Fahrenheit members joked that Wu Zun should just join S.H.E to form 4P.

When Wu Zun visited Hong Kong for promotion activities, many fans came to support him. There were 9 Hong Kong aunties that flew to Taiwan for stand by a day before. Then followed Wu Zun to fly back to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong TVB said that other than the Jewel in the Palace promotion, this is the only event that attracted so many people in these two years, similar to Meteor Garden with F4 years ago

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Guest Stacy

Wu Zun gets two girls. LOL

I've seen Jiro's drawings, and they're so amazing!! Makes me think he's 100000x more wonderful than before. :blush:

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Guest Narda

Anyone know how long the episodes will be for this sequel?

I heard too that they're changing Joe's lil bro in here?

Darn im gonna miss that small bro of his, he was so cute acting all shy with the girl he likes. :D

ooooh, starting to film tomorrow. EXCITED!!

The first taiwanese drama i've watched and my FAVORITE so far.

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Guest tengteng

Yes!!! They finally started filming...

Jiro hogs the screen....hahaha, I love him!!!

I hope the info SHUTUPiLUVUxD gave is correct and confirmed...I like Rainie too!

But it would be best if Xiao Gui could guest star in it!

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Guest tamahome

oh great.. we can finally see what will happen after their marriage .. waiting for other pics and information.

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Guest sweet_treats1812

i hope they don't ruin the story with this sequel (bad experience with meteor garden :sweatingbullets: )~ although i found the first one draggy, im still gonna watch out for this...hope it's way better!!! :lol:

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Guest saranghae<3

;o FINALLY =D I really cant wait for a sequelllll~~~~~~~

i love it when Zhi Shu is nice to Xiang Qing ^____^v

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Guest Yvonne

Nothing is confirmed regarding Wu Chun and Selina, and the honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

I personally don't think Wu Chun is fit to play that role of the husband...because in the comic, that husband is a coward-type...a bit nerdy. Therefore, we all know Wu Chun is none of that!

However, Selina is pretty good to play the wife... :D

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Guest trinity1418

Yeah I CANNOT wait either to see some pics and videos...well anything really associating with ISWAK 2!!! They're still my favorite couple who I think has the best chemistry, I just LOVE them together!

I agree with Yvonne about Wu Zun not quite fitting the part. I love Wu Zun but he doesn't look like a push over, if they were going to pick anyone from Fahreinhet, I think Calvin looks more like the part, lol. He's the boyish cute type that looks like hes just too nice to say no. Selina would fit the part, although I'm quite indifferent to her anyways. I can see Wu Zun playing the other guy though, the guy who is in school with Ariel...that character would be fine for Wu Zun I think!

I'm also very interested to watch Jiro in this because he was just way too freakin hilarious in Hana Kimi, so I'm anticipating his acting in this sequel as well. I didn't think he was all too funny in the first ISWAK but still adorable, so it will be interesting to see what he does here. From the manga storyline...I hope Julia from Hana Kimi will be in this sequel for those of you who know what I'm talking about. That is probably just wishful thinking on my part, haha.

Anyway....thanks for starting the thread Yvonne...quite appropriate for you to begin it too!!!

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