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AJ got her nail done, look at those 2 cute Shiba dogs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She often got her nail done at this nail parlor. 2018 is a year of dog. It's also AJ chinese zodiac year.

Dr Noh Hyeong Seop, an expert psychic (of 21 years) read some celebrities fortune in 2018, one of them is AJ.   (rough translation): Kim AJoong "marriage".   It is advisable t

last night episode was totally funny,AJ audition team won in an unexpected way,AJ even said thank you to Ho Dong team through the phone I hope to see her more on variety show,our girl is indeed th

Guest apple-snapple-YUM

ever since i saw 200 pound beauty i've gotten more interested in her work! she's such a good singer and actress~~and i didnt know she was that tall

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thank you for posting the pictures, do you know how long is kim ah joong staying in HKG? How come the lead actor not joinging her to promote the movie?

She is still new to HKG ppl, wishing the movie is a great success in HKG same as in Korea.

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She's just perfect for her Hanna role in 200 pounds of Beauty <3

Saw her first when she came out in "Rules of Love"/"our stance towards separation" with Kim Min Jong oppa.. :)

she was soooo pretty in there too ^^

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here's some news about her..

Kim A-jung in Secret Hong Kong Movie Meeting

Korean actress Kim A-jung had a closed-door meeting with Hong Kong filmmakers while in the territory to promote her latest film "200 Pound Beauty."

Kim has been in the spotlight during her five-day stay in Hong Kong, conducting interviews with over 150 news outlets.

She reportedly had the secret meeting with the movie makers to discuss a joint Korea-Hong Kong film and possible acting opportunities there.

Local movie insiders praised Kim's attractive appearance and said they believe she has the potential to trigger another Korean wave as an all-around entertainer. "It'd be an honor to work with her in some movies," they said.

"Several Hong Kong movie makers offered parts," said an executive with her management company, Yedang Entertainment Company. "Kim will choose her next film after her promotional tour."

credits: english.chosun.com

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Kim Ah-joong Dazzles HK


Hong Kong has recognized the fast rising star power of actress Kim Ah-joong,

who has been receiving first class celebrity treatment there since arriving Saturday

to promote her hit film '200 Pound Beauty.'

A huge crowd of fans greeted her at the airport upon her arrival.

An official at her management agency quoted local media as predicting Kim would

surpass the fame of Jeon Ji-Hyeon, the heroine of 'Sassy Girl,'

which topped box office records in Hong Kong.

200 Pound Beauty has held four previews in Hong Kong, and interest in the Korean actress is rising.

Kim has held numerous interviews with some 150 media outlets and met with

Hong Kong film officials on possible roles in a Chinese film or a joint Korean-Chinese production.

200 Pound Beauty will open in some 20 Hong Kong theaters May 17.

---KBS Global Entertainment

i'm so happy that she's getting the attention that she deserves :)

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I've Just Watched 200 Pounds Beauty And She Was AMAZING!

So Pretty And Talented!!!

I Didn't Know She Could Sing As Well! I Was So Surprised When I Read This Here!

She Definetely Has To Release An Album!

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Guest minhbui

Anyone know any new about her. Like what's her next project or drama or something. I'm really look forward for this lady. She's really talent for both singing and acting. Plus a pretty face and nice body. She'll be famous for sure.

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Guest puppyiz

O Hui CF


Thanks ppl for the updates on this dainty lady. :wub:

I like the Wind blowing thru her hair .. that sweet yet captivating smile ... :rolleyes: she can be sultry, cute or funny.

Just loved everything about her !

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Guest mariella

^ ^ ^

i pretty sure the only thing that she did was do her nose. just higher thepart of the bridge part.

other wise she looks exactly the same.

You can't be "pretty sure" unless you are a plastic surgeon.. even then it's hard to be "pretty sure". We all don't know.. what we do know is that she was always pretty even at a younger age. There is a possibility she's hasn't done anything too.

there was a FAKE high school picture of her that spread rampantly on the internet. It was a fat, ugly girl that sort of resembled her. But it was on the news bc the REAL girl of that picture came forward and said it's her.. NOT Kim Ah Joong. But even before that.. Kim Ah Joong's High school.. (not to mention her High School classmates) denied that was her. It wasn't even the same high school uniform. But of course that correction wasn't seen by most people.. So most people still regard that false picture as Kim Ah Joong. That's how rumors are.. It's easy to be an Anti-Fanatic.. not much work and it converts most people's thoughts instantly.

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I really liked her in 200 pounds!!!


She has an amazing smile! sometimes she looks fresh and natural, sometimes her makeup makes her look really mature and sexy.

Cant wait to see more of her upcoming shows!! ^___^

It doesnt matter to me if she did any part of her face.... I just know she's really gorgeous, has such wonderful fair skin and a killer bod. ^^

She's skinny but still looks good...!!

Kim Ah-joong HWAITING!!!! <3<3

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Guest puppyiz

I am a little bit off track on Kim Ah Joong.

Looks like KAJ was in Hanoi Vietnam on 30th May 2007 during her promotional tour - can anyone pls help concerning this news ??

기자회견하는 김아중과 박찬욱 2007년 05월 30일

하노이(베트남)=뉴시스】다이나믹 코리아 필름페스티벌을 하루 앞 둔 30일 베트남 하노이 대우 호텔에서 많은 기자들이 몰린 가운데 열린 기자회견에서 영화배우 김아중이 현지 언론의 관심을 받고 있다. /서울신문 정연호기자

Press conference captures :





news links :



captures credit : newsis

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Guest ^G^Y^_^

ohh love her in 200 pounds of beauty.

her acting is very convincing, my eyes go teary each time she cried.

and yea great voice she has there.

love the song maria

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Guest bubblieri

i just saw the trailer for 200 Pound Beauty and now i really wanna see it :) i didn't really like her at first...when i saw pictures...but just goes to prove that i shouldn't judge by pictures :P i'm looking forward to watching her movie :) if the info at the front of this thread is correct...her weight is really really light?? for her height

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Guest puppyiz

OMO !! Is that Kim Ah Joong @ 44th Dae Joong Awards ??

( Anyone pls help on the translations ?? )

She sure looks stunningly beautiful in those 2 dresses !!

김아중,대종상 여우주연상 수상 감격의 '눈물'





Kim Ah Joong & Yoo Jeong Hyeon [ 유정현 ] as MC's at the recent DaeJong Awards Festival









Kim Ah Joong with Lee Bum Soo (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) :





Captures credit original sources

news source: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...060823310651794

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  • Guest changed the title to Kim Ah Joong 김아중

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