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Guest deNain

I love her...Just finished watching her movie..It's totally great!!

She's very pretty..Hope to see her soon in her new project..

By the way, just random question..did she and actress Kim Hyun Joo(she's in Miss Kim Million Dolar Quest & Marrying a Millionaire) related?

Because in some angle I can see their face look alike.

I just think that she's maybe her sister or something..Anyone?

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AJ got her nail done, look at those 2 cute Shiba dogs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She often got her nail done at this nail parlor. 2018 is a year of dog. It's also AJ chinese zodiac year.

Dr Noh Hyeong Seop, an expert psychic (of 21 years) read some celebrities fortune in 2018, one of them is AJ.   (rough translation): Kim AJoong "marriage".   It is advisable t

last night episode was totally funny,AJ audition team won in an unexpected way,AJ even said thank you to Ho Dong team through the phone I hope to see her more on variety show,our girl is indeed th

Guest dada_princess

Just watching twice movie "200 pound beauty" but actress Kim Ah Joong impressed me much. I like her singing the song "Maria". She's so amazing and pretty cute^_^ a mega star, that's is???

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Guest ummjoey

i am absolutely fascinated with this beauty after watching 200 pounds of beauty.

please post current new about her. new projects? i want to see more from this lady.

i also found this website


but i cant view the fan photos. when i click on them a box shows up with korean letters and i can only click ok. i can view the freestyle and career photos but not the fan photos. please help

thanks in advance

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Guest bubblieri

kim ah joong should be acknowledged more!!! i didn't think she was going to be able to pull of this movie very well, but wow is all i got to say. she's got some really good acting skills!!! and if that was her real voice, i love it!!! :) i just commented in the 미녀는 괴로워 thread but her acting as the sweet innocent girl really is sweet and innocent. you can't help but fall in love with her character!!! hahahah but i'm looking forward to seeing more of her stuff!!! i usually get annoyed when the sweet/innocent/optimistic girl isn't really all like that....but kaj didn't get on my nerves and she played her character well....seriously good movie!!! :D i didn't feel like she was acting at all....like acting fake and all but yes!!! great actress!!! :D

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After watching "200 Pound Beauty".. Kim Ah Joong amazed me with her great singing ability, beautiful face and talented acting skills... she made me feel for Hanna on a level that is unexplainable.. I felt sadness, I felt sorry, I felt bewildered at the reality of our social acceptance of those termed over-weight and not beautiful enough... beauty is to be admired and determined by the individual... let's look past what we see as the so-called norm and accept the person as they are... (my wishful thinking). Upon completion of the movie I realized that... Sang-Jun (Joo Jin Mo's character) admired Hanna's talent.. for her singing ability and friendship... not likely for her looks... however, as Hanna became Jenny.. he had feeling for her on a level that was more real.. and continued to feel that way.. upon realizing who she was... a sad reality.. men are SHALLOW !!!

The chemistry between Joo Jin Mo and Kim Ah Joong was awesome... my favorite movie couple.. I felt that Hanna had a very pretty face.. she would have looked fine.. if given the right excercise and diet.. the full body plastic surgery was too extreme.. thus, the moral of the movie can be interpret in many ways, dependent upon the viewer. A lot of factors contributes to our sense of happiness... happiness is not easily felt or achieved.. no matter how beautiful a person look ...it does, however... contributes to the individual's confidence and give them a sense of security within themselves and the opposite sex... In Hanna's case her look was just one factor... her self worth was lacking.. Hope to see more future work from this wonderful and charming actress. :D

p.s. Joo Jin Mo... was HOT!!!! (no wonder Hanna fell in love with Sang-Jun) :sweatingbullets:

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Guest love<3changmin

i only recently watched 200 pounds beauty

came here only to check she was not a former singer or anything?

im appalled! O_O

she should be a singer!! her voice really rocksss!

it lingers in my head~ mariaaa

her voice is really strong n her acting is really really good

her puppy in the movie is so cute i wana huggggg it!

but it leaves me wondering if she really did surgery? teehee

it doesnt matter anyway

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This thread seems to be not that popular. But everytime I switched my remote control to MBC channel I see her CF most of the time. She endorse a lot of products.

Congrats to Kim Ah Joong for winning the award at PIFF.

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Guest meyyale

Yes,she is so pretty and cute..I first saw her in Haeshin/Emperor of the Sea.She was so sweet with Kim Heung Soo.

Hajin (KAJ) was such a good warior in the drama.








My friend made these signatures:):)


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Guest yukumushio

Wow, just saw the movie and I love her! , but didn't know there was a thread about her!

Nothing useful in this post...just sayin that she's awesome! What do you guys want to see her in next? Another big movie? I want to see her in a drama, action.

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  • Cherryblossom18 changed the title to Official Kim Ah Joong 김아중

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